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Schedule Invasions

An invasion log will be posted weekly on the Club Penguin Armies site to recap the invasions scheduled.  The map itself is updated daily.

Although it is not necessary, CPA requests that armies participating in CPA sanctioned events have a website where they can post their event results.


Why do I have to schedule invasions here?

For too long, armies have been plagued by not having a proper bulletin board for upcoming invasions.  By centralizing an invasions schedule in the comments section, the community can use this page to verify everything about an invasion, such as the 24 hour rule and the time of the invasion.  Additionally, it makes life much easier for the map maintainers!

How do I schedule invasions?

You can schedule an invasion by filling out this form and commenting it below.
What is your army?
What army are you invading (put “Free land” if unclaimed)?
What is your army’s website (so we can check the results)?
What server are you invading?
What CPPS does this server belong to?
What day is the invasion?
What time is the invasion scheduled for?
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