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Club Penguin Armies

Last updated by DrFlen.

Note – * indicates an army has won the CPAC Legends Cup

Army of Club Penguin



The ACP was created on September 29, 2006 on the Miniclip Forums by Oagalthorp. Here, they became the first army established with a centralized leader and organization. The ACP grew fast and became one of the biggest armies on the forums. They battled their way through WWII fighting off Romans, Vikings, and many other clans. Eventually, the ACP moved to WordPress. It wasn’t too long until the ACP found themselves involved in another world war; this time they fought the massive Underground Mafias Army. Despite being greatly outnumbered at each battle by the UMA, the Army of Club Penguin were able to pull off a huge upset under Oagalthorp’s command.

After Oagalthorp’s reign, they went through a series of leaders until reaching a legendary leader in Boomer 20. Boomer took over the ACP in one of their lowest points in history after recently losing to “The Great Alliance” in World War IV and just avoiding a civil war. However, he soon led the ACP out of their drought to reach another Golden Age for the ACP. The ACP reached extraordinary sizes during this era and continued their dominance with many victories and achievements.

Since then, the ACP have been able to continue their success with only a few bumps in the road here and there. They have been able to remain one of the most powerful armies until Summer 2012, when they took a plunge. For quite some time ACP was more often seen on SMAC, instead of CPAC. In the summer of 2013 though ACP began to rise again under new leaderships and throughout the fall and winter of 2013/2014 ACP held a steady Top 3 spot.




The Nachos were originally created by Jamesbond1 in the Summer of 2006. However, it wasn’t until February of 2007 that a website was created by the Nachos’ 3rd leader Tom Wolf. Before establishing their headquarters on a website, the Nachos fought as a semi-rogue army under Jamesbond1′s command and later Jm2000′s as well. Tom Wolf led the Nachos for about a year as he led them through WWIII along with many other difficult situations.

Later, Zippy500 took over as Nacho leader with Shadow2446 at his side. These two are some of the most well-known Nachos ever and both are considered warfare legends. During this era, the Nachos were able take on the Army of Club Penguin several times as well creating the largest empire at the time with their Invasion of Canada. Shadow2446 was able to enforce many new tactics in the Nachos which helped them win many battles and wars.

The Nachos reached their highest point under the command of Person1233. Averaging nearly 50 troops a battle, he led the Nachos to their true golden age. Person led the Nachos through WWIV and was a key leader in the The Great Alliance against the ACP. Soon after WWIV, Club Penguin announced the return of the Winter Fiesta which meant the return of the sombrero for the Nachos. The Nachos took full advantage of this. At midnight of the release of the Fiesta, Person along with a few other Nachos logged on Mammoth and began recruiting; soon an estimated 150 Nachos came and were recruited that night. Along with leading the Nachos to tremendous sizes, he also introduced many new tactics. The Nachos became one of the most powerful armies ever with their size and strong performance in tactics. Person was later forced to retire after a hacking group named IATW sabotaged Club Penguin Armies. After his retirement, the hacking group left.

After the Golden Age, the Nachos went on slow decline. When AkaBob22 and Jayson23 were leaders, the Nachos became upset with their lack of success as well as how their leaders were leading the army. A rebellion was soon formed and led by VideoGamer57 and Tomb147 called the Patriots. With the support of many soldiers, legends, and even other armies, they were successful in their rebellion. The Nachos then went on to continue as a consistent force in Club Penguin.

Since then, the Nachos still have remained one of the most powerful armies in Club Penguin. They have been struggling to get back to their former size, but with will and determination, they have the power.

Ice Warriors*



The Ice Warriors have been around since June of 2007. They were created by Iceyfeet1234 who remained the leader of IW for five years. Under Icey’s reign, the Ice Warriors were very successful. Throughout their existence, many have always regarded them as one of the top five armies in Club Penguin. The Ice Warriors have risen to the very top many times reaching enormous sizes at times of 80+ soldiers. One of their most recent successes was winning the Legends Cup II tournament hosted by CPAC.

Today, the Ice Warriors are still a dominant force in Club Penguin Armies. Innumerable amount of times have IW shown they are one of the top recruiters in the community.  Iceyfeet1234 has officially retired from the Ice Warriors leaving Albert147 to be his successor. After Albert’s retirement in 2013 he left Bearsboy10 to lead IW on. In January 2014 Bears announced his plan to retire and also announced that he planned for Tes7 and Surferboyc to replace him, which would make it the first duo leadership in IW.

Underground Mafias Army



The Underground Mafias Army was created on January 8, 2007 by Pink Mafias, famed for his Club Penguin Cheats blog and Club Penguin Hacking tutorials. While the content of the original site has long been deleted, an archive of the original post allows us to take a look back, which you can see HERE. The army grew quickly, fueled by a site with, and began attacking ACP daily on the server Mammoth. Oagalthorp, upon discovering that Pink’s site advertised the hacking of Club Penguin, threatened war. The response: “Bring it on.” From The ACP Saga:

I decided to search the web for these so-called UMAs. I came upon a website run by a penguin named Pink Mafias, and found that he had created an army called the Underground Mafias Army. I was fine with that, but then I realized two things. First of all, I knew that he was attacking the ACP and vice versa. But secondly, and more importantly, his massive website was used for hacking several aspects of Club Penguin, including rare clothes and coins. This seemed despicable. Attacking the Army was one thing, but deliberately screwing with the content of CP was another. It was even illegal.

As usual, I did not hesitate to take action. Immediately, I commented on Pink’s site, stating that he must stop advertising hacks, and stop attacking Mammoth, otherwise the ACP would declare war. One of his top soldiers, Michael427, responded with the words “Bring it on.”

The UMA had accepted war. I expected that, after a battle or two, we would be done with this army and move on. I was wrong. In January of 2007, I set up a raiding party to intercept a UMA attack on the Snow Forts. We were greeting by a group twice our size, who attacked us relentlessly. I knew we could not win this battle, so we regrouped at the Plaza. After this defeat, I decided to reconsider the Army’s tactics for this war. At the time, we had no hope of winning a battle in open, face-to-face combat. I decided to adopt a new form of warfare.

Thus began arguably the greatest war in Club Penguin Army history, World War III. Before and during WWIII, the UMA were at their largest and best in their entire history. However, towards the end of WWIII Pink Mafias’ penguin got banned forever on Club Penguin. UMA began to weaken, and soon Pink Mafias decided to quit playing Club Penguin and Club Penguin Armies. UMA had lost, and since then they have never been able to reach the size they had in WWIII.

Even after Pink Mafias left UMA forever, the UMA still remained a strong force in Club Penguin Armies for years; often regarded as at least a top five army in Club Penguin. In the recent years, the UMA have been struggling and have gone through many leaders since their creation. Recently, the UMA are attempting to make a come back often rising into the top ten armies and always remaining at least a medium army.

The UMA is infamous for their rebellions (like the Blue UMA versus the Red UMA) and overthrows of multiple leaders. As shown through their massive leader list. Few leaders in UMA have proven that their tactics work, and lead them to a great top ten number. Forever UMA will be an army who have played a major influence on our community’s history.

 Doritos of Club Penguin



DCP was created February 8th, 2010 by Wwebestfan. Within their first few days, they grew to a size of over 40 ranked troops. They had some discrepancies with their name, as there were a few other small armies with the abbreviation DCP, even another army specifically named Doritos, but they beat the other armies for the name. They had problems with GT for a while, but after a few weeks these were settled. For a while, they were unable to climb farther up the Top 10, until they hit a growth during the Summer of 2010, and launched up to 3rd, earning themselves a World Power spot.

Soon after, they started to receive waves of hack after hack after hack, weakening them. Drama would circulate DCP for being known for taken bribes. As they were repairing, they went through wars with the UMA to gain their independence after they had become a colony of the UMA. They were now back up in a strong spot in the Top 10. However, DCP would soon begin to fall, eventually out of the Top Ten. They were hacked many times which kept them from their full potential, and finally, in mid-March, 2011, after having lost their creator just a few weeks before, the Doritos of Club Penguin merged into the Fire Warriors, bringing a final end to the DCP story.

However, the Doritos came back and were a powerful army that had a legacy, they even were number 1 on the top ten for a week. At this time, they had been consistent in remaining a top ten army even top five army at points. Participating in almost every war and leaving their mark as a strong, willed army.

Today, they are still recovering from their creator’s retirement (Wwebestfan). His retirement in the summer of 2012 played a huge effect on the life of the army. It is still unknown today if they will ever be able to march forward without support from him.

*due to change

Army Republic



AR was made August 18th, 2007. 122344a was leader from then and later became leader with Bluejays1236 in late 2007. 122344a retired in early 2008 and Bluejay1236 retired in mid-2008 and Mooha15 took over as leader, this is when AR began falling. Mooha was then overthrown and 12234a became leader again in later 2008. Rouges of AR were still around and were then gather to try and remake AR. The last remnants vanished in 2010. AR was then brought back again by 122344a in August 2010. Bartsimp52 became leader with Juliansk8. Bartsimp was later overthrown by Buritodaily and then Burito along with Austin and Grant42 became leaders. AR died once again in February of 2011.  Then again in mid-2011 AR was brought back by 122344a with Vinny and Burito, but this time it only last till October 2011. The current generation was brought back in mid-2012.

AR were first brought to attention by invading ACP. Obviously, they lost because at this point they were a small army. Over the years though they’ve managed to rise and become one of the biggest armies to date. Ironically, even befriending ACP.


Dark Warriors



The Dark Warriors are a very old army that have been around for quite a long time. It was created by Ambrosha in September of 2007, and since then they have had their rises and falls. At one point they changed not only their name, but the entire army, to become the legendary Golds army. This worked out for a while, as they became one of the strongest CP armies. As time went by, the Golds leaders started to miss the Dark Warriors legacy, so they decided to go back to the DW again, which was a complete success as they became even larger and stronger. With time, the leaders started to retire, and the DW started to die off. This generation will always be remembered by some great troops such as Ambrosha, Elite 910, Hammerzboy, 123 Antonov and more.

Later on, in 2010, the DW came back with some legendary soldiers becoming their new leaders, such as Feephill, Donut6780, Circa, Khimo and more, and the DW once again broke through their own limits and started to rival the number one army at the time, the ACP. They stayed in the top 3 for quite some time, but again, as the leaders retired, the DW started to once again die off, and officially was dead.

Time went by, and the DW was forgotten. It was not until the return of Khimo and Circa to Club Penguin Armies that the DW once again held power in their hands. Under their leadership, the DW became strong enough to finally beat the ACP, thus becoming the best army at that time. The DW has frankly had more falls than rises, but they constantly seem to rise from the dead to shock other CP armies and the CP army community.

Today, the DW is one of the top dogs of armies. They have proven, yet again, that their recruiting skills are not at fault and their fearlessness is not to be tested. DW is the leader of armies, being the deciding factors of wars or creating them on their own. Another legendary army carving the way for others.

Rebel Penguin Federation*



The Rebel Penguin Federation was formed when Commando717 led a rebellion against the Underground Mafias Army. The rebellion occurred at the start of WWIII which slowly weakened the UMA throughout the war. The rebellion turned out to be probably the most successful rebellions in Club Penguin Armies ever. The RPF formed a strong alliance with the ACP during WWIII, and they were able to defeat the UMA. After the war, the RPF continued to rise quickly becoming a world power and one of the largest armies in Club Penguin at the time. Commando717 was a great leader who influenced the whole community with his ideas. One of his ideas was that concept of having nations and owning territory on Club Penguin.

After Commando retired, the RPF began to slowly decline without their creator. The RPF still remained a strong army for many generations, but eventually started fall to the point where Commando decided to return as the leader of RPF again. Once again, the RPF grew and returned to a strong force. After his second retirement, the RPF began to slowly decline again. Today, the RPF is on their way to power once more under Qwerty, Step, and Huskers.


Water Vikings


The Water Vikings were created on December 28, 2010 by a merge from the Masked Vikings, led by Jed Pen, and the Water Troops, led by Zak. Their first event, their Invasion of Parka, they got 10+ in. But they weren’t recognized until their Defense of Oyster, where they got 15+, crumbling the Platinum Warriors. Tacos & WV created an alliance called the Blue Taco Alliance. They wanted both of them to get major. But an argument erupted during an invasion of Team Gold, in which Zak and Mount Rainy declared war on each other. Closely following the start of the WV-Taco War, WV died.

Following this, Soccer & Zak revived WV. This generation was viewed as the WV Golden Age, in which WV soared to 25-30 sizes. They reached the Major Top Ten, but soon began to crumble during a war with UMA. Both UMA and WV were taken down in sizes. The next couple months were spent just outside the Top Ten, and then, following Soccer’s retirement, WV changed their name to the Pirates. Pirates reached Major in a mere 5 days, and died a month later by merging into the Sun Troops. A 3rd Generation was brought up by Bepboy and Zak, in which WV yet again reached Major, but was not as big as the 2nd Generation. Later into the generation, the long-time WV Leader Zak retired, to focus on his career in Nachos. WV died soon after. And after a failed Resurrection generation, WV was brought back by Bepboy and Tylund.

They were a strong army force. They have held their position in the top ten, turning into one of the regulars. WV worked hard from coming from medium to major and have no plan on stopping.  WV began to start rising and got into the top 3. After the Federation, an army that was 6th in the top 10, merged into WV, they pushed ourselves up to 2nd. After war with the Dark Warriors we dropped down out of the top 3 but we stayed in the top 5.

Watex Warriors



The Watex Warriors were created by a famous Club Penguin cheats blogger named Watex also known as Fever in November 2007. Fever’s website had recently reached one million views, and he wanted to have a special party for all his fans for helping reach that milestone. He decided to host a two-day party inviting anyone who wanted to come. The party later turned into a battle when the Club Penguin Armies decided to attend. Fever welcomed the opportunity and provided basic battle tips and a uniform for his fans for the battle. The uniform consisted mostly of the color orange. Fever never gave his followers a name, but one soon caught on when the Armies started calling them Watex Warriors. When it finally came time to battle, the Watex Warriors completed covered the server Tundra fighting armies in almost every room.

The two-day war was a huge success, and all of Fever’s fans loved it. They even asked to have another one, so Fever promised another war when the website reached two million views. Although Fever never held another war, his followers continued to fight and defend Tundra in their orange uniform.

WW’s first true leader later came in Diagla80. He centralized the Watex Warriors and made them an official army website. During Diagla’s reign, the WW remained a fairly large army due to many of Fever’s fan still defending the server. During this age, they were still mainly concerned with defending Tundra from any invaders, such as the Black Bandits and the Fort Ghost Recon.

One of WW’s most successful generations was under the leadership of Wii Mountain, Spaceybirdy, and Lucario564. Here, WW was able to be regarded as a top five army many times. Since then, the WW have had their ups and downs and been, but still have always been considered a top ten army or very close to one.

Pirates of Club Penguin 



The Pirates were created some time in the spring of 2007 by Bid Now. During that time he was in the Ice Warriors and the UMA. He created the army and gathered around 4-5 troops. One of those troops, Whaleoil, was one of the most active and loyal soldiers a leader could ask for. When he became leader the army grew to new heights getting around 8-10 troops at wars. Then came Hussam. Hussam was incredibly loyal to the Pirates, always making graphics and looking for ways to improve our chat. Thus came the 3rd leader. The army stayed at a steady pace for a while until they dropped to 3-5 troops. One of those troops, Coolster114, worked as hard as he could and finally became a leader. Coolster grew the army to new heights. Sometimes hitting 13+, which at the time was impressive for a medium army. It even saw us defeat the Golds in a war. After a few weeks, Bid Now joined the Golds and Hussam/Coolster didn’t like that and started to get into arguments with Bid. In 2008, Bid left the army and defaced the site, causing the first generation to end.

After weeks of arguments, Coolster114 and Hussam apologized to Bidnow, and they made up with him. They were allowed to recreate the army. This happened in mid 2008. Hussan, however, decided to retire from all armies before this could happen, leaving Coolster to lead alongside Whaleoil. Together, they rebuilt the army, getting sizes of 7. Soon, though, Whale left, without handing over a replacement. Coolster also quit a while later, with the Pirates having a new string of leaders. These people, though, could not do anything to strengthen the army, and the CPPA soon died yet again.

Today, they are a strong consistent army being led by Pirate Legend Waterkid100. They are constantly in the Top Ten’s and are well known for strong British force, which is extremely useful when they’re at war. The Pirates are wanting a 5 year legacy before ending the army, and Waterkid wishes to lead the army until that time.

Hot Sauce Army



The Hot Sauce Army was founded by Lil Soulja and Hypermext (Later known as Glass) during the middle of 2010. HSA’s firsy appearance came during a small army tournament held by a small army news group at the time. HSA during this time was controlled by Hypermext and Dudex. HSA had only placed 2nd in most of these tournaments due to the recent uprising of Club Penguin Lightning led by PanthersBas. Although losing to the much bigger CPL, HSA was the only army out of all the small tournaments to make it into the Top Ten on Club Penguin Army Central.

During August of 2010, they had already become huge and were battling for the number 3 spot in the Top Ten. Their success came from their leaders. Everyone looked up to Dudex because of his outstanding kindaness and charisma. HSA lived on for a long while. Owner ranks changed constantly. 3rd in commands were fired almost weekly and new ones were brought in the same day. There was constant outrage in ranks. Battles in which the Hot Sauce Army took place in most of the time ended in argument. Small rebellions and “Civil Wars” took place inside the army itself. Although not growing too big, the leaders took note of this.

Moving into November of 2009, the army seemed to be at it’s peak. Holding the number 4 spot in the CPAC Top Ten. It wasn’t until a small uprising of mods wanted Hypermext fired. They had wanted their own creator taken out of his leader spot and a new leader to be in place. This rebellion succeeded and eventually Hypermext ended up quitting the Hot Sauce Army. The troops thought this was the most amazing thing they could ever do for the army. It ended up being a terrible mistake. Dudex couldn’t take care of the army by himself. The stress eventually built up and he left the Hot Sauce Army for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The army had seemed to almost disappear. Co-Leaders had stepped up to the plate ad tried their hand at leading the army. This only made it worse as troops wanted old leaders back and despised these new faces. The Hot Sauce Army had fallen out of the Top Ten.

They had gotten close to a spot with PanthersBas (Old CPL leader and rival) leading. Although his skills were great, he lacked the time, and patience to lead. Appointing Chuckisthe2 to leader, PanthersBas stepped down and let him lead. Chuckisthe2 brought Fallen onto the saddle. Together, they had brought together a small band of old HSA troops and brought HSA out of a tremendous slump. HSA had risen back into the Top Ten; taking the number 6 spot on the leaderboards. January of the new year came around with hopes for the Hot Sauce Army. Over Christmas break, troops just seemed to not care about the army anymore. Most had left, or just been lazy and didn’t attend any events. Dudex had showed up again for a short few weeks, trying to lead the Hot Sauce Army again. Sadly, this didn’t last very long. Dudex had vanished and never came back. Chuckisthe2 and Fallen didn’t know what to do. They ended the army for a short while. Early February was filled with new generations of HSA. Some old loyal troops had tried to restart the army many times with no success.  Currently lead by Dx and Bearsboy and a few other leaders, the HSA are on their way to glory and rising through the top 10.

Light Troops



The Light Troops were created on January 10th, 2010 by Ioioluk. The Light Troops have a couple experienced massive rises in their existence from not even being considered a top ten army to be the top army. They have had many wars with armies like the ACP, Nachos, and the Doritos. The LT have created a huge rivalry with the Army of Club Penguin recently. They have been able to give the ACP a tough challenge and defeat them multiple times. The LT and the ACP have had two major wars, but the ACP have been able to win due to internal struggles within the army. The Light Troops are known for the great chat recruiting skills which help contribute to their great size. The LT remain a powerful army reaching big sizes still today. The LT has even adopted the motto of, “Change”.




GOLDS army was created on May 10th 2007, 10:30 p.m EST. by a boy named Johanwillfir. Johanwillfir led with his friend Fly4Life, who took the GOLDS to what it was known for. Johanwillfir, Fly4Life, and other leaders of GOLDS built GOLDS from the ground and put it as a top contender for the #1 army in Club Penguin. Most of that changed when Fly4Life made a cynical decision in GOLDS history, hiring Dreamguitar. Dreamguitar and Johanwillfir butted heads, causing Johanwillfir to leave GOLDS for good in 2009. Soon after both Fly4Life and dreamguitar retired, leaving Ambrosha, Shaboomboom, and Orgulan with the throne. All of these leaders left, holding a stale and short legacy in GOLDS tender history. After they left, one of GOLDS, and CP armies, most important leader took the throne. Feephil started his first army with GOLDS, and he soon lead them. Feephil lead GOLDS to number one, then changed his name from Feephil to SaW. SaW also lead with LorenzoBean  Circa, and Andrew24. These four leaders were the best Big four to ever hit GOLDS history. GOLDS were unstoppable, that was, until the golds started getting ganged up on by three armies, so they decided they would change into the legendary Dark warriors army. The gold never returned. Until Circa, Andrew, and Luc returned in 2012. SaW also made a remarkable return to GOLDS, keeping them alive along with the other leaders and eventually merged back into the Dark Warriors. Ending Golds for a complete year. That is until September 27th, 2013, when GOLDS make their final comeback, lead by Andrew24, Donut67890, and Ana.

Lighting Strikers



Walf formed the Lighting Strikers in the summer of June 2011. Little did he know that LS will be a large army someday, Walf went on tracker chats and recruited day and night. He met a friend called Mkll. Walf and Mkll both lead together getting sizes of 8+. Since then LS has had its ups and downs.  It’s first death was in 2012 after a hacking. It was later recreated and it’s greatest success so far has been in the fall of 2013 where they have become a notably large army and have been in the CPAC Top 10.

Water Ninjas



An army based off of Club Penguin’s water type ninjas and created by Jayden1092. They have mostly been a medium/large army and occasionally began being in the upper Top 10 of CPAC near the fall and winter of 2013.



The Elites were believed to be created by 77ninja77 in late 2007/ early 2008 on Summit. 77ninja77 lead the Elites to great power, rivaling with the strongest armies in its time: ACP, Nachos, RPF and more. Like all great leaders one day, 77ninja77 retired, and left the Elites in the hands of Agent55882, which soon led to the end of the 1G.

Several months later, Lordcody56 created the 2nd Generation. It was not very successful unfortunately. The 3rd Generation was created by Supperz1, and it managed to conquer the bottom half of the top 10 in its time, but as every army experiences this, there was a major fall of the army when summer ended, and the Elites 3G was claimed dead.

Since then there have been many unsuccessful attempts to bring the Elites back to what they once were, until the 6G, created by Khimo/Yoshi123241. It switched in and out of the top 10, until they slightly fell, and weren’t in the top 10 in months. Then, after being reconstructed, in a matter of 2 weeks, the Elites hit world power status, achieving(if not surpassing) the Elites 1st Generation. Eventually, as has happened many times before, the Elites died again.  They were recreated by Khimo, Tempahh, and Firemanhq, but that generation died after great success, just as many other generations of Elites before. Recently, Elites have been recreated, and are working their way up to the Top Ten. Elites are known for thier many leaders and their many, many generations.

Special Tactics And Weapons



The SWAT was originally created by Godplayer123 when he decided to change the name of the Dark Warriors to SWAT. Later, the name was switched back to the Dark Warriors where the DW later died out. Recently, the SWAT name has been resurrected by Ganger90. He gathered a strong core of leaders and soldiers, and the army grew quickly to be considered one of the top five armies. When they rose to be regarded as the number one army, they began to received many acts of war from the ACP, Nachos, Light Troops, and the Doritos in all the same time frame. Today, the SWAT still remain a strong and top army.

SWAT have proven themselves to be a legendary army. However, on occasion, with an absence of Ganger90, the army falls to medium sizes. As with the case of Doritos, Ganger90 seems to be holding the army together. Known for their multiple hacked sites, chats, and leaders, SWAT still seems to carry on strong. The leaders have built up the army with numerous owners.


Shadow Troops


The Shadow Troops were discovered upon the server of Parka by Commando993. Commando had gotten the idea of creating the Shadow Troops from being admired by the battles that had been spurt in the Mammoth Dojo. At the time, it was much easier to communicate over Club Penguin because the filter wasn’t as strict as today. Dragongrl111, Unoaustin42, Mr Larry2 and Johnhancoff were the first encounters of the Shadow Troops on August 3, 2008. They had been named the Commanding officers under Commando993 and took great honor for the recognition of the Shadow Troops.

As weeks had gone by, the Shadow Troops were becoming much larger. We had gained publicity throughout the crowds of Parka and Tundra, making them both our home servers. It was time for a whole new revolution. A time of creating a website to communicate battle plans throughout the Shadow Troops Empire. Many soldiers showed a brighter future. Yet the tale lives on forever, they will remain forgotten, yet the Shadow Troops name is the only thing many will remember.

They’ve survived many deaths in their lifetime.  ST known for their infamous amount of generations. One of their biggest successes is their war against ACP in 2012. They have proven to be a powerful enemy, conquering many of ACP’s valuable servers. This would be known as their last known push in armies as they try to climb up to the top ten armies today.

Global Defenders


The Global Defenders are a fairly new army, founded on February 5th, 2011 as the Penguin Militia Army by Pungy1234. The Penguin Militia Army, however, was filtered on Club Penguin, and the Penguin Militia changed their name to the Global Defenders on February 13th, 2011. The Global Defenders were slow to start out. Recruits came in slowly and went inactive in a matter of days. Nothing truly happened, and it seemed that the Global Defenders had hit a dead end. That was to change with the recruitment of Redd Kool. Arguably one of the most influential people in GD history, Redd Kool got GD rolling and eventually landed them a “hang-on” 12th spot in the CPAE Small Army Top Ten. This was a major milestone for GD, as it showed them that they can achieve things. Eventually, GD grew and rose through the Small Top Ten, and into the Medium, followed by being recognized as a Major army.

It was perhaps in the Medium Top Ten that the Global Defenders achieved the most. They achieved some of their best sizes of that time and won their first war against the CP Flyers. After hard work and perseverance, the Global Defenders were “stuck” in first place of the Medium Top Ten. They were good enough for first in the Medium Top Ten, but still didn’t qualify for CPAC’s Top Ten Armies.

Since then, the Global Defenders have been able to remain a strong medium army. At times, they are able to rise to be regarded as one of the top ten armies in Club Penguin. More importantly, they have proven countless of times that democracy truly works in armies.




The Romans began as a clan, simply a group of rogue penguins wreaking havoc on the server of Mammoth.  Stories tell of an early war between the Romans and two other strong clans, the Vikings and the Agents.  The Romans were the strongest of the three and their influence was widespread, however they lacked basic organization and did not have any single leader.  It wasn’t until a penguin named Explorer7777 founded the first organized group of Romans on the Miniclip Forums in the fall of 2006 that the clan could be recognized as an army.  Unfortunately (possibly due to a moderator named RFS, who shut down ACP’s original thread), all of the old Club Penguin threads on the Miniclip Forums were deleted, so no records of these early threads exist.  After this occurred, armies were forced to move to the new Club Penguin Miniclip Forums, which eventually banned army activity anyway.

Building on their success on Club Penguin with their new-found leadership and center on the Forums, the Romans grew fast, soon overtaking another army founded around the same in size, the Army of Club Penguin.  The Romans, feeling threatened by ACP’s growing size, declared war.

“Within a few days, he [Explorer] had assembled an army that outnumbered us 4:3. The power got to his head, and he threatened the ACP, saying he’d ‘grind us into dust’ if we did not surrender.”

~Taken from The ACP Saga

On October 13, 2006, the Romans met the ACP for battle, marking the beginning of WWII.  After three hours of fighting, ACP defeated the Romans in The Battle of the Igloo, a video of which can be seen below.  Famous ACP legends like Oagalthorp, Koolaidman7, David Shawn, and Gorond can be seen in the clip.

WWII continued into December of 2006.  During this war, more modern tactics were developed, as Oagalthorp, Leader of ACP, broke the trend of stationary warfare in order to more effectively attack the often larger Roman army.  Hit and run tactics were employed, as ACP moved from room to room to recruit, regroup, and strike again, as well as using the first instances of organized charges.  The Romans were defeated, their organization began to fall apart.  Many clans still existed with some strength on Club Penguin however.  They can be seen here [Pic 1] [Pic 2] in a battle with CPR, CPAF, and UMA dating back to March 11, 2007.  In Pic 2, you can see Angel G8i, a future leader of UMA, as well as ALI, the beta, in Roman uniform.  Despite their presence on Club Penguin, they lacked a solid central leadership.  The Romans once again existed only in rogue clans.  That is, until one soldier decided to move them to a website.

On June 11, 2007, after over 6 months of disorganization, a soldier named Djgtjvgyhxgy (shown HERE with his army in January 2008) created the first Romans website.  The first post can be seen HERE.  Despite their past history as enemies, the Romans chose to ally with ACP during WWIII to fight UMA.  After the war, they returned to former loyalties, allying with UMA and RPF, with ACP as an enemy.  During most of their history after this point, the Romans, under consistent leadership from Dj, as well as others like Nickpooch and Smiley 40, were usually in the medium army range, occasionally growing to larger sizes, though never achieving true major army status.  At one of their strongest points, the Romans went to war with SSACP, the spy agency belonging to ACP, over territory in the U.K.  ACP came to SSACP’s aid, defeating the Romans during their invasion of Mittens on January 27, 2008 [Pictures HERE].  Oagalthorp posted about the battleHERE, and Mazachster, the SSACP Leader, posted his own summary HERE.  Some famous soldiers from both sides can be seen in the picture, including ACP legends Oagalthorp, Fort57, Mazachster, Cooltiger413, and Lucario98765.  Nachos legend Shadow2446 and future UMA Leader Batista1822 can also be seen in ACP uniform, as well as Djgtjvgyhxgy, Smiley 40, Penguin23800094, and Ice Warriors Leader Iceyfeet1234 in Romans uniform.  The Romans fell somewhat after this defeat, and through merges with the Spartans and a brief stint as TWA, or The Warriors Army, the Romans have hung around as a medium-sized army for over 3 years.  After being hacked and suffering a loss of a significant number of posts from their original site, the Romans moved to their new site, Roman Central.

Now in February of 2014 Cassius Brutus and Spi101 attempt yet again to resurrect the legendary Romans Army. It is yet to be seen what will become of this former powerful army.

Picture 23

Metal Warriors


The Metal Warriors were originally known as the Croatian Army. They were created by 1mali, but it wasn’t an actual army; it was more like a group of people who were meeting on Club Penguin to have fun. In June 2010, 1mali retired from Club Penguin and the Croatian Army died.

Later, two members from the original group named Lenco and Pahi8 had an idea to create a real army. On July 22nd, 2010, the Metal Warrior were officially created. For several months, MW wasn’t acting like a real army because Lenco wasn’t active and Pahi8 was the main leader. However, Lenco made a comeback in March of 2011. He led the Metal Warriors into their Golden Age as they reached the CPAC Top Ten. The Metal Warriors fought in many of CPAC’s tournaments, but they have not won any yet. They have won two SMAC tournaments and 1 CPAE tournament. Today, Pahi8 and Ivjak are now helping Lenco in leading Metal Warriors as their positions of 2ic. Currently, Metal Warriors continue to make appearances in the Top Ten, with places like 6th, 7th, and 8th. The MW are known for their nationality, Croatian, as they are the only Croatian army in Club Penguin Armies and only foreign army that has risen to large and gained popularity.

They have put a lot of work to show that they are not some one hit wonder. Recently, they’ve been featured in the top ten armies for weeks. MW have always been a popular contender. They have dominated SMAC tournaments, CPAC tournaments, and any other tournament you can think of. This army holds a legacy of being the first (and possibly only) non-English speaking army to do anything worth while.




The Pretzels were created in late 2009, and rose in sizes in 2010, until the death of their first generation. Then, the 2nd generation of Pretzels began, and they reached number 3 in the Club Penguin Medium Army Central Top Ten. Since then, the Pretzels have been rising and rising, and are now steady in the bottom of the CPAC Top Ten, around 9th and 10th. The Pretzels are known for their unique name.

Infamous for their evil leader, Lord Pain, they have worked themselves to be a top dog in the medium army world. Due to WW’s death, the soldier moved to Pretzels as a somewhat orange army pride. From this Pretzels numbers have risen to be one of the current biggest orange armies.


Impossible Mission Army Force


The Impossible Mission Army Force, abbreviated I.M.A.F, where created by Flipmoo (Slimball2007) on December 31st of 2007, and perished to the army graveyards on June 7th, 2012. The IMAF was once the 5th largest army in ClubPenguin, but was usually somewhere between 7th to 9th place. IMAF’s capital was Ice Palace, and they used to occupy that server for quite a long time. Ice Palace was a precious server to the IMAF nation and their history roots are from that server. In the beginning, the IMAF were close allies with the Club Penguin Air Force until they vanished after the troops got too old for the game. IMAF started to grow up to medium and formed a strong alliance with the Shadow Troops and Roman Fire Warriors which also boosted IMAF’s popularity. The IMAF remained medium for a while until CAMO merged in, which literally doubled their size and made them extremely powerful. Their peek was around August of 2008 when they reached 25+ on an invasion against the Black Bandits. The IMAF had a tight bond between each other and most of the soldiers were extremely loyal. IMAF was around when the Nachos and ACP were at their golden age (when Person1233 was leading the Nachos and Boomer20 leading the ACP), and they also witnessed the creation of the CPAC. The IMAF also created their own original tactic called the Lightning Charge, though it has been forgotten ever since IMAF vanished.

The IMAF started to fall right after their founder, Flipmoo, retired somewhere around 2010. The Underground Mafias Army invaded Ice Palace immediately after he retired, and IMAF’s homeland was taken. IMAF tried to deal with UMA without their founder, but to make things worse, the Night Warriors (which were lead by Vendetta at the time) decided to join in the fight. UMA and NW were both after Ice Palace, and even though IMAF tried their best, they were unable to protect their server. Both UMA and NW were waiting to strike until IMAF’s founder would retire so that IMAF would be extremely vulnerable with their new unexperienced leader. After they lost the war, the IMAF site was hacked the IMAF fell to medium. All of their history were gone, and only a few posts and pages were restored.

The IMAF continued to fall slowly and even though one of the last leaders (XRD-Blade) and troops of the IMAF tried to restore the IMAF back to it’s original position they could not.

Only a few know about the IMAF nowadays and are gradually being forgotten, but the IMAF legacy will still remain somewhere around the ClubPenguin Warfare community.

Team Gold


Team Gold was created on May 7th of 2009. Their first real battle was a PB against the Nachos which they obviously lost. For a while after that, they fought smaller, less known armies as they continued to try to grow in size. They were first recognized as a large army during a battle with ACP, where they maxed out at 16. After that, they became a pretty well-known army. A lot of people thought of them for a while as a “noob army”, but more recently they have really shown their true colors when it comes to size, eventually having a final surge and beating the Nachos in a PB, and earning them a high spot in the Top 10, and in the respect of the army community. Now, they have fallen into the lower Top Ten as of late. Team Gold is known for being discriminated by many and for their strong will.

Sun Troops


The first CPST were originally created by Hampton4Life and Sklooperis. They didn’t reach the same extreme size this generation has reached, but they did see some time in the Top 10. Eventually, they merged with GW to form GT, which became a World Power. Eventually, an old leader of CPST, Wenny, teamed back up with Skloop and Wwebestfan to recreate the CPST. This generation has reached sizes in the 40′s at a few events, and at times have almost reached World Power status, making it into the Top 5. They have since fallen out of the Top Ten, but are still very much alive. The Sun Troops are known for the will to fight and drive.

Ice Vikings


The Ice Vikings were created in May 2008 by Bobcatboy10 and Bottlefanta. They worked hard and got many recruits, and did well until Summer 2009. Then IV slowly began to fall. Then, recently, Generation 2 of the IV was started. They quickly regained many of their old soldiers and were competing for a spot in the lower Top Ten when they entered the Winter Smackdown 2010. In a fantastic upset, an army not even in the Top Ten defeated many top armies, making it to the finals against the ACP, earning them a Top 5 spot in the Top 10. In one of the greatest upsets in CP Army history, the IV were a Major Army. Now, they have fallen, and are out of the Top 10. The IV are known for their surprising strength and their nonstop vigilance.  May the IV legacy stay with us forever.

Night Warriors


The Night Warriors were formed when the original Night Warriors, and Rouge Rangers merged. The Night Warriors were founded back in July 2009 by a person known as Cowboysfan13 (he is also the current leader of NW today), but they were rarely known during that time. During 2010 and early 2011, they had an amazing rise in troops and became a world power army under the reign of Tomb147 and Vendetta. At this time, the NW constantly challenged the ACP for their spot as the number one army in Club Penguin.

The Night Warriors also played a key role in World War V where they later were defeated by the ACP. Read more about WWV HERE. After the retirements of Tomb and Vendetta, the NW went on a slow decline from their top position. Today, they are trying to rebuild and return to their former glory.

Golden Troops


GT was an army mainly consisted of merges. At first, GW, CPSS and CPF merged to make GW. GW lived on their own, and rocketed into the Top 10 as a large army. They were pretty successful there, and they were always in the Top 5 for every week, consistently. Then, CPST, an army made by Sklooperis and Hampton4Life, was dying, even though they were once in the Top 10. The leaders of both armies had a meeting and decided to have a trial merge. They merged together, and found that they were so successful that there was no point in even considering canceling the merge. The merge was very successful for a while, but eventually the GT fell very low, merging with the TG. Not too long ago, they were re-created, and  skyrocketed straight back to the Top. Today, they are fighting to get back to their recent success. The GT are known for their activeness and their strong pride.

Along with GD, GT is known for their mass improvement with democracy. The army was thought to be dead in 2012 after their war with ACP, in which Mchappy made a post containing proof Riotors doxing. The army disbanded quickly and was left to ruin. Recently, they’ve been brought back for one last chance. They rose quickly thanks to their dedicated leaders.




The RFW was formed by a consecutive string of merges. Originally it was 7 small armies; the 1st Tacos, CPIB, RW, WCP, MCP, GPR, BW. Those armies later formed to make the 1st generation of FW, and MRW. MRW and FW merged to make a mega-army called RFW (Roman Fire Warriors). The RFW went up and down as a temporary world power and down to lower ranks. Eventually, Woton, Trickster, and Pringle agreed to merge in the Nachos.

A month later, Pringle rebuilt the FW, and then the Blaze Warriors merged in. Eventually, he changed the name back to RFW and the League of Lightning army merged in, making it a massive force once again. Their untrustworthy owner Coolkid deleted all their pages and posts, but after some recruiting, the RFW climbed back up again. Eventually, the RFW changed back to their original name of just the Fire Warriors, removing the Roman completely. In mid-March 2011, DCP merged into them, thus bringing an end to DCP. The FW are known for their many merges, kindness, and everlasting will to fight.

Soon, when the FW fell to the very bottom Pochoma and Pringle decided the name “Fire Warriors” didn’t work at all. So, they decided to make the Ninjas. They got to the top 5 after one event and then maxed 35 in the Legends Cup 2 the next week.

Today, the Ninjas are hold one of the biggest falls in Club Penguin, considering they were always regarded as one of the top ten armies. Their numerous change in leaders since Pochoma’s retirement has not been helpful to the growth of the army.  Fortunately, with the new trio, we will see a new rise to the Ninjas.

Sky Troops


The Sky Troops were originally founded as the CPED, or Club Penguin Elite Defenders, by Alex Cone and Roxas89, with helpful inspiration from Deepy2. Deepy never found the site, though, so he was never considered a leader or founder.

After creation, the CPED went through a single war before having to change names due to the filters on Club Penguin. Only one soldier voted on the name change, and the CPED ended up becoming the Sky Troops.

Almost immediately after the name change, the Sky Troops went to war, allying with their enemy in their former war. Since the beginning, most of the wars Sky Troops have entered have ended in alliances. The Sky Troops have reached heights in the top 5 twice in their history. At other times, they have been in the top 10, but have never been able to keep a spot for a full month at a time. They have been known to be a “rollercoaster” army, and have suffered many falls to go with their short rises. They have been known to never give up, and have lived from October 2010 to the present without dying.



Tacos were created in April of 2009 by the Club Penguin “celebrity” Riffy8888. He led them for a good period of time through power into the Top 10 for almost an entire year. After he left the Tacos unexpectedly, that was when their downfall began. Several leaders tried to lead them, but they came no where as close to the success Riffy has brought the Tacos too. Some of the leaders were, Houndy, Albaro, Rainy, Nintendo, Red Turtle and a few more. At some point the Tacos again entered the Top 10 of CPAC, but it was normally for a short period of time and they were normally near the worse ranks, like number 10 or 9 or 8. Eventually they died out in 2011.

One of the first armies to be lead by a famous CP blogger. The Tacos left a path for many following generations to attempt the big sizes they once had. All, but one (lead by Np3000), have failed. In the time of their most successful generation they were getting huge numbers of up to 30. The Tacos have once again been revived and are on their way back to the seat of power under

CP Clones


The CP Clones is probably one of the most relevant medium sizes army to grace Club Penguin Armies. They were created shortly after ACP by what many would consider a medium army legend, Blueswill. They started with a big war that was known as “The Great Parka War” and was a war between Shadow Troops and CP Clones for Parka. With help from armies like ACP the Shadow Troops at this point were nearly destroyed. Some months later RBAA, the Red Blue Allianceship Army claimed Parka for the Nachos who were currently being led under person123. CP Clones realized what happened and went back to secure their server and a troop from RBAA named Xgthrecgtejm noticed. He later went to person and notified him of what he had witness, but instead of going to war with them person took a friendly approach and became allies with them.

After this some amount of time passed when CPC stood as a decently strong medium army with it occasionally rising to Top 10. The first Civil War for CPC occurred in 2009 when at the time the leadership was Dan 9765, Xg Albaro Lord, who was at this time still decently new to armies even though he later became a pretty respected figure. It was more so just a power strike and disagreements between good leaders on how the army should be led. In the end of this civil was Albaro was temporarily exiled and he went to get a noteworthy rank with Golden Warriors and then Golden Troops.

After this CPC started dying and occasionally resurrected by people like Zack once and for the last time, Albaro. Albaro was a notable recruiter and managed to get CPC to the height of its power in the summer of 2011 when during the Legends Cup they made it easily past Round 1 and then suprisingly defeating DCP in Round 2 and maxing 30+. After their defeat by NW in Round 3 CPC began to decline and was dead within a few weeks. In the later years CPC was revived a few more short times, but none of these lasted or made much of an impact.