Invasion Rules


Club Penguin Armies does not aim to be a dominating organization over the community.  A problem that often arises with media organizations in the army community is that they overstep their boundary.  Club Penguin Armies primary focus is being the best news outlet for the community.  However, with the map, come some general rules strictly for the fairness of the community.  Most of these rules have been “unspoken rules” in the community for years.

Club Penguin Armies Map Rules

  1. Invasions must be reported to the “Schedule Invasions” page to be sanctioned by the map.
  2. The attacking army must leave a comment on the Schedule Invasions page 24 hours in advance of the invasion.  It is also highly encouraged to notify the army you are invading of said invasion.
  3. If a server is successfully invaded, a 24 hour cool down is initiated, where no one can invade the aforementioned server.  For example, Army A invades Server 1 from Army B successfully.  No army can schedule an invasion for Server 1 until 24 hours have passed since the first invasion.
  4. Armies are allowed 3 invasions a day.  One US invasion, one EU invasion, and one AUSIA invasion.
  5. Club Penguin Armies’ Administration can decide the outcome of an invasion, but this is used as a last resort if the two armies cannot reach a decision.  Both armies must agree to consent to the choice that the Club Penguin Armies adjudicator decides on.  It is encouraged to agree on a tie before contacting a CPA administrator.
  6. If an invasion is scheduled, the defending army cannot schedule an invasion of their opponents server at the same time.  For example, Army A schedules an invasion of Server 1 on Army B at 7 PM EST.  Army B cannot schedule an invasion of Server 2 on Army A at 7 PM EST.
  7. Club Penguin Armies prohibits multilogging.  Any army caught multilogging will be suspended from map contention and other CPA sanctioned events, such as top tens and tournaments.
  8. An army’s capitol is considered more prestigious than the rest of their nation. Invading this server is more difficult, with a required max of 10 being required over the typical 5. This server can also not be invaded until the rest of that army’s nation on the specified CPPS is captured.
  9. Inactive rule: If an army goes without an event for an entire month, that army will be considered dead by CPA and removed from the active armies list.
  10. Invasions can only be deemed valid if the invading army maxes at least 5. Anything below this will be seen as invalid by CPA.
  11. If an army already has a battle scheduled at a certain time, you are not allowed to then schedule your own invasion on the army at the same time. A 30 minute cooldown between battles is required.
As a news site, Club Penguin Armies won’t tell you how to invade an army.  However, it is encouraged to use the communities standards that have been in place for years.

Invasion Standards:


  1. Invasions must last at least 30 minutes long.  Invasions should not last for more than an hour.
  2. The battle must span 3 rooms in the 30 minutes.  The onus is on the invading army to move rooms, and the defending army must follow.
  3. To have a battle in a room count towards the score, the battle in one room must be at least 10 minutes long.  This is to prevent the invading army from spamming room changes.
  4. The invading army is not allowed to stretch the battle in a clear losing effort.  If the invading army is clearly losing the event, they MUST log off after 30 minutes, as to not waste the defending armies time.  In the same way, if the defending army has clearly lost their server, they must get off after 30 minutes.
  5. Armies are not required to stay online for the full 30 minutes if their opponent fails to show up.
With the map, Club Penguin Armies strives to have a level playing field for every army in the community without overstepping our boundary as a news site.  If you think any of these rules are too extreme for a news site to put in place, please contact DMT (DMT#2752) on Discord with your complaint.  However, do keep in mind that the map is entirely optional for armies to participate in.

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