Invasion Results

Why do I have to post results here?

In today’s era of Club Penguin Armies, many armies are able to centralize all their affairs on Discord.  While this is convenient for army leaders, it makes things a bit harder on the staff of CPA.  Posting invasion results here ensure that the map will be updated quickly and correctly.

How do I post my results?

The only army that has to post their results is the attacking army.  If you are defending, do NOT post results here.  Invading armies will comment with the following:

What is your army?
What server did your army attempt to invade?
Was your army successful in their attempt to invade?
Please provide a photo of both army leaders agreeing to the outcome of the battle.
Please provide a photo of your army invading the server.

*You can take photos by downloading Lightshot, a free screenshot taking program for all computers.*


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