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AR Website Defaced

Update: 6:54 PM – I got a hold of Toysoldier, NW Leader to get his share of the conflict

Update: 6:35 PM – Drake, NW Leader has confirmed Flen deleted 20 posts on AR website.

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TOBOGGAN, Army Republic HQ – Approximately at 1:52 AM Tuesday a deface of the Army Republic site took place. The Army Republic currently remain 3rd on the Top Ten could this deface effect the army in coming weeks?

Updates are imminent. Stay tuned.


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Night Warriors Wage War Against Army Republic

Little Rock, Arkansas, AR Territory – In what has seemed like weeks since the last war among any major armies took place, the #1 ranked Night Warriors will face off against the #3 Army Republic.

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Tensions Rise Between RPF And LT; War Ensues

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – What started out as just a simple raid by the Light Troops, has escalated into a huge conflict between the two, with both sides waging war, and one battle already in the books.

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Water Vikings End War with ACP

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – After two invasions, a raid, but no battling, the Water Vikings have decided to end their war against the Army of Club Penguin.  Continue reading

Trouble Brewing between ACP and Nachos

BREEZE, ACP Capital – The Army of Club Penguin and Nachos, an age-old rivalry in CP armies, were on the brink of war this weekend, but have backed down for the time being.  Continue reading

Tensions Rise Between Doritos And Underground Mafias Army

SUMMIT, Doritos Capitol – After shutting down the DCP army just 8 days ago, Mustapha1ox has decided to start some tensions with the newly recreated UMA army.  Continue reading

Tensions Spark Between RPF and AR|| AR Allegedly Conquer Tuxedo

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – After taking a plunge down to SMAC and seeing the leaves of an excessive amount of RPF Leaders. The Army Republic had decided to take action and invade their former server, Tuxedo from the Rebel Penguin Federation sparking tensions with the Rebel Penguin Federation. What does this mean for the Rebel Penguin Federation? Continue reading

Army Republic Declares War on Water Vikings

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Capital – After both armies being part of the Aerate Alliance, we see that the Army of the Republic has recently declared war on the Water Vikings.
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UMA Returns || Releases Ultimatum To SWAT

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, UMA Empire – After being recreated by Bam117 on September, many former UMA leaders and legends have united to recreate the legendary army and get it to unseen heights since 2014. UMA also offered an ultimatum to SWAT, and if SWAT does not meet up the demands, war will be declared by the Underground Mafias Army.
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The Dark Warriors Issue a Declaration War on the Army of the Republic

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Just after ending a war with the Redemption Force, the Dark Warriors have issued another declaration of war, this time on the Army of the Republic. Along with rehiring former leaders and legends Toysoldier and Freezie, the war seems promising.

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