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Top Ten Armies [1/26/20]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- With armies coming in and out of the community, a new army takes the top spot.

1. Help Force [+1] [90.5]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [86.99]

3. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [38]

4. Poke Warriors Army [+3] [15.25]

5. Club Penguin Navy [NEW!] [15]

6. Piongainí na hÉireann [NEW!] [11.5]

7. PETASWATCP [-2] [-21]

1. Help Force

Help Force maxed 35 at an AUSIA coffee-themed event to kick off the week. They held a training event with a max of 38. On Monday, they held an unscheduled stamp event, maxing 27. They held three events on Tuesday: a pizza-themed AUSIA, maxing 26; a stamp event, maxing 36; and a Drill the Berg event, maxing 34. The next day, they held a blue-themed event that maxed 32, a training event that maxed 33, and a pizza-themed event that maxed 38. On Thursday, HF maxed 27 at an environmental event. They also held a special ops event with a max of 28 and a training event maxing 36. They ended the day with an apron-themed event, maxing 34. On Friday, they maxed 31 at a jetpack event, 26 at an unscheduled stamp session, 41 at another jetpack event, and 36 at a drilling event. Saturday, they maxed 42 at a practice battle with RPF, 39 at a pizza party mob, and 37 at a special operations event.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation

RPF held two hide and seek events on Sunday to start the week, where they maxed 30 and 51. They held a Box Critters event on Monday, reaching a max of 38. On Tuesday, RPF’s AUSIA maxed 19 at a miner event. RPFSF started their week with a training event with a max of 20. To end the day, they held a Mother of All Bombs event, where they maxed 44. RPF maxed 38 at a formation event on Wednesday and RPFSF maxed 26 at a training event. The next day, they maxed 37 at an igloo raid event. RPFSF also maxed 25 at a training event. On Friday, RPF held an unscheduled jetpack event, maxing 26. Afterward, their AUSIA maxed 21 at a robot-themed event. RPFSF maxed 22 at a voice chat training, and RPF ended the day with a max of 43 at a flash mob event. To finish off the week, RPF maxed 47 at their practice battle with Help Force.

3. Army of Club Penguin

On Sunday, ACP rebranded to ABC, Army of Box Critters, in an event maxing 25.

4. Poke Warriors Army

PWA held a training event on Wednesday with a max of 7. The next day, they maxed 9 at an environmental event.

5. Club Penguin Navy

CPN made their debut in the community this week with one event, maxing 7.

6. Piongainí na hÉireann

PNH joined the community this week with one event where they maxed 5.


PETASWATCP held a reverse event with a max of -12 on Saturday.


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