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Top Ten Armies [1/19/20]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- One major army takes a tumble this week, causing quite the shakeup within the top three.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [81.11]

2. Help Force [+1] [74.82]

3. Army of Club Penguin [-2] [73.16]

4. Elite Guardians [+0] [27.50]

5. PETASWATCP [NEW!] [22.00]

6. Pizza Federation [+1] [19.25]

7. Poke Warriors Army [NEW!] [16.5]

8. Os Mascarados [+0] [15.5]

9. Cosmic Army [+0] [8.00]

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

RPF began their week with a joint branch battle with ACP, maxing 41. They held an unscheduled igloo raid event with a max of 20 on Monday. For their Tuesday events, they held an AUSIA costume event and a US safechat event, maxing 23 and 45 respectively. RPF’s mods led an EU event on Wednesday with a max of 42. The next day, they maxed 38 at a costume event. Afterward, RPFSF maxed 25 at a training event. On Friday, RPF maxed 25 at an AUSIA red scarf event. RPFSF held another training event with a max of 19. The same day, they maxed 55 at a US stamp collecting event. To conclude the week, RPFSF maxed 28 at both the successful invasion of Rainbow and at the successful invasion of Sled. RPF’s AUSIA held a puffle-themed event where they maxed 32. Finally, they held a “Duel of the Fates” branch battle with a max of 51 to finish off Saturday.

2. Help Force

Help Force started their week with an AUSIA miner event, where they maxed 41. They also held a Sunday US training with a max of 33. On Tuesday, they threw an AUSIA dance party, maxing 17, and successfully invaded Flurry, maxing 25. HF held an EU drill event with a max of 34 on Wednesday. The same day, they held a training event where they maxed 23. Thursday’s events included a successful invasion of Glacier, maxing 16; an unscheduled event, maxing 24; a Rescue Squad event, maxing 42; and a red-themed event, maxing 26. HF maxed 21 at a training event on Friday. They also held a pizza party, maxing 27. To finish the week, HF maxed 33 at the successful invasion of Ice Bank. They also maxed 35 at an igloo raid event and 32 at a victory celebration.

3. Army of Club Penguin

ACP began their week with a tuba event maxing 16 on Sunday. The next day, their AUSIA had an event maxing 15, a UK pizza event maxing 33, and a mining event maxing 31. With Tuesday cam another mining event and “Tuba Tuesday” maxing 32 and 28. On Wednesday, they had a joint practice battle with RPF maxing 24, unscheduled training maxing 16, and a parade maxing 35. On Thursday ACP had a sled racing tournament maxing 18. The next day, ACP held Hide and Seek maxing 18 and a Card Jitsu Tournament maxing 15. They ended their week with a Ketchup vs Mustard practice battle maxing 20 and a box critters event maxing 25.

4. Elite Guardians

EGCP had three events this week. A U-Lead maxing 12, game day maxing 10, and a meme event maxing 11.


PETASWATCP had one event this week. They held a uniformed event on Sunday, maxing 11.

6. Pizza Federation

PZF’s recent spike in recruiting is showing results with training maxing 9 on Sunday.

7. Poke Warriors Army

PWA rejoined the community this week at an event where they maxed 8.

8. Os Mascarados

OMA had 2 events this week; a recruitment session and a surprise event, both maxing 6.

9. Cosmic Army

This week Cosmic had one event, a defense of Ice Bank maxing 3 on Saturday.


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