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Holiday Championship: Invitations & Preliminaries Registry

MAMMOTH, Club Penguin Armies Tournament Grounds- As the bulk of the holiday season approaches, the next CPA major comes into focus; the Holiday Championship.


The Holiday Championship will be an eight team double elimination tournament.  A double elimination tournament means that an army has to lose twice to be eliminated from competition.  When an army loses for the first time, they will enter the lower bracket.

For example, if army A lost to army B in the first round, army A would go down to the lower bracket and await the loser of the battle between army C and army D.  This continues until there are 2 armies left; the army that is undefeated, and the army that only has one loss.  Those two armies will fight in the final stage.


For the Holiday Championship, CPA will invite the best armies in the community.  The armies that have not wavered in the yearly fall Depression.  This year, those armies are as follows:

Army of Club Penguin

Elite Guardians

Lime Green Army

Pretzels of Club Penguin

Pizza Federation

Rebel Penguin Federation



Leaders, if your army is invited, please comment saying that you accept the invite.


To make the tournament more exciting, the administration has decided to make the final spot obtainable via a preliminary tournament.  The preliminary tournament will be single elimination: if an army loses, they’re out of the tournament.  Any army that is not already invited can register for the tournament.  Leaders can registered by commenting on this post with the following:

Army Name:

Army Leader(s):

Preferred Event Time:

The preliminaries will start on the 15th of December.  The plan is to finish them that weekend.  The second stage of the Holiday Championship aims to commence on the 22nd of December.  CPA looks forward to a wonderful holiday season with the best community around.


Club Penguin Armies Administrator


2 Responses

  1. pretzels are too small to compete

  2. For the Preliminaries:
    Army Name : Help Force
    Leaders : Ayan, Spotty, Elpiojo, Lottie, Tistle
    Preferred Event Time: Saturday – 4 45 PM UK

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