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What is the Club Penguin Army Map?

The Club Penguin Army Map is a collaborative effort to provide a visual for server ownership across all Club Penguin Private Servers. The map was founded to bring a new added realism to the community, and prides itself on being an accurate representation of which armies own which servers.


What is the Top Ten?

One of the most well known segments on CPA, the top ten provides a weekly ranking for every army in the community.  The top ten is created using a mathematical formula that takes into account a wide range of criteria, from number of events, to event sizes, and tactics completion.  The formula is designed to reward the armies who demonstrate all the skills of an army.  However, the top ten is completely arbitrary; really only providing bragging rights for those who reach the pole position.


How do I get my army on the Top Ten and the Server Map?

To have your army be eligible for a position on the top ten, please comment below with the following:
  • Army Name:
  • Army Discord (permanent invite):
  • Army Website:
  • Army Leaders:
  • Army Uniform:
  • Primary Color
  • Army Acronym:
  • Army Uniform Names (with IDs):
  • CPATG Nameglow (hex):
  • CPATG Namecolor (hex):
  • Recent event picture of 5+ (will not be accepted until you’ve had an event):

One Response

  1. Army leaders: Isthislove1 and Jelly 3530
    Army name: The Red Band
    Army Website: In the making
    Army discord:
    Primary CPPS: CPR
    Primary color: Red
    Unable to insert picture here but we’re able to email it to you.

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