Thank you for your interest in applying for Club Penguin Armies!  As the leading source for Club Penguin army coverage, Club Penguin Armies requires a top of the line staff.


  1. Maintain a clean image: The staff members of Club Penguin Armies represent the website around the internet.  No matter where you are on the internet, may it be Discord or a private server, it is your duty to not tarnish your own reputation within the community.  A blemish on your record is the same as a blemish on ours.  We strive to keep a staff that is well regarded throughout the entire community.
  2. Remain active: In order to keep this site afloat, we need everyone who is apart of the staff to be up to date on the community.  We do not have a post quantity requirement; we simply ask that our staff members stay up to date on everything that goes on in the community.  It is not the job of the Site Managers to feed information and post topics.  Staff members must keep a keen eye out for developing stories within the community.
  3. Be cooperative: Being the leader in Club Penguin army coverage is a team effort.  Our staff must act as a unit; together.  You are encouraged to interact and make friendships with your fellow staff members.  In the same way, you are required to keep a professional attitude with your coworkers.  If a site manager requests you do something that may not be in your jurisdiction, follow through with the request and learn new skills along the way.  The greatest media giants all work together to achieve the common goal of providing excellent news coverage.

Current Openings

  • Editor
  • Reporter
  • Page Maintainer
Higher positions are rewarded to the best of the staff, and are not able to be applied to unless in certain scenarios where the applicant demonstrates great amounts of quality.

To apply for CPA staff, type /apply in our Discord server. We will review your application shortly after receiving it. Best of luck!


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  1. I couldn’t find an application online so these are the questions AppBot asked me. I’ve been told conflicting ways of how to apply so I am just going to send an application each way an admin told me. If you need any more information please let me know!

    Username: Kailey310 (Discord, WordPress, CPATG, ect.)

    Position applied for: Editor

    Experience in the Club Penguin Armies: I joined the CPA community on July 14th 2019. The Recon Federation of Club Penguin is my first army but I have proved to be reliable and dedicated to my work. I moved up through the ranks very quickly, becoming Colonel (high command) in exactly one month and General (third in command) in a little under two months. I am also a member of the RFCP’s special forces unit. I am active in not only my army’s Discord, but the CPA Discord as well. Currently, I am working on building relationships with members of the community.

    Other commitments: General in the RFCP, RFCP’s special forces unit, and college classes (MWF).

    Example of skills: I didn’t have any examples on hand so I decided to go ahead and edit Hexxer’s recent post “Duck Knight Army Cancels War on Winged Hussars and Declare war on Wild Ninjas Instead”. Even if you don’t chose me as editor, you may use the edits I have made. I can adjust my thoroughness to the needs of the CPA, although I decided to be as through as possible in this example.

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