Welcome to Club Penguin Armies Website [2020]

Club Penguin Armies was an organization based on centralizing the community and it’s separated powers. Originally founded as a news site on the 29th of April, 2019, Club Penguin Armies had gone on to transform into a governing body that hosts events such as legends inductions, community awards, and community summits.

Since it’s reform, Club Penguin Armies has operated with a close-knit staff.  Each community has its own representatives that contribute to this website.  These contributions are supervised by the Club Penguin Armies Chairman.  The chairman does not have any power over any of the communities.  Club Penguin Armies solely operates on the basis of willingness to participate in each community.

We’re proud to bring you CP Armies Website 2020. The very structure of CPA Website has been changed. We have shifted our focus onto becoming a historical website where everyone can find the History of Club Penguin Private Server Armies.

As for the previous version of the website, it can be found at https://archived.clubpenguinarmies.com/



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