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BREAKING: Cosmic Gains 27 Servers as Four Armies Leave CPA

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Headquarters –  In spite of the games sometimes played with server transfers, they are very serious between armies. In this case, especially, they’re no joke. On January 16th, the leaders of Pizza Federation (PZF), Pretzels of Club Penguin (PCP), Penguin Army Force (PAF), and Os Mascarados (OMA) transferred all of their CPA servers to one army: Cosmic. All four armies have since ceded from the CPA League.

The current leader of Cosmic is Flamingofan200891, with Langly, Snipershan, and SiC acting as Second in Commands. Although Cosmic has not held an event since September 2019 without it being canceled, the army has been registered in the CPA server a few times since then by a variety of people. When the army does have events, they tend to max within a range of 5-10. After Cosmic gained these servers, they declared their capital Migrator on Free Penguin. In addition, they attempted to defend a server against Help Force, maxing 3.

As shown, Cosmic has a reputation for being a small-scale army with below-average activity. Although 31 servers in total were transferred, four of these servers went to the Rebel Penguin Federation, Help Force, and the Army of Club Penguin as a result of scheduled invasions. The rest were given to Cosmic. The decision to transfer a whopping 27 servers total to them was no accident. With these servers left to an inactive group, the remaining armies in the CPA league are no doubt preparing to invade the space. The confusion from these transfers and the lack of reasoning behind them leaves a lot of questions to be asked. To shed some light on the situation, we interviewed R3TRO, leader of PZF and received a statement from Jeremito of PAF!


R3TRO, PZF Leader

Cassie: Hello R3TRO, thanks for agreeing to an interview! How are you tonight?

R3TRO: Pretty good, how about you?

Cassie: Same here! I’ll get right to it — what made PZF decide to transfer their nation to Cosmic?

R3TRO: Mainly the recent coordinated raid on PCP.

Cassie: PCP raid? Can you give some details about that?

R3TRO: HF, ACP, and RPF all planned to invade PCP’s servers.

Cassie: Wow. When was that supposed to happen?

R3TRO: The 18th to 19th.

Cassie: So you guys made the move right before that. What league is PZF moving to?

R3TRO: Club Penguin Warfare.

Cassie: I see. What are PZF’s plans during this move?

R3TRO: Mainly to grow, PZF has been growing a lot lately and I plan to continue that.

Cassie: Good for you and good luck! Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap up the interview?

R3TRO: I wish CPA good luck.

Cassie: Nice. Thank you for your time and good luck again with your move!

R3TRO: Thank you.



Jeremito, PAF Leader

Jeremito: Hi. I’m just going to say that the CPW Admins care less about “technically legal” and more about “this is common sense trolling” with this situation. ACP we welcome. RPF we would put to a leader vote. And Kailey remains banned forever. We don’t care if she hasn’t done anything here yet. We kind of think CPA has been f*cking up with “technically legal” loopholes and we want to be better and more common sense intelligent. Again, we welcome our enemies. Help Force is welcome too. Etc.


With PZF, PCP, PAF, and OMA out of CPA, there’s no telling what’s next for the remaining armies. Cosmic could rise with their newly acquired servers or have them raided by the surviving armies. Since they appeared to defend one of their servers, they could be trying for a comeback. CPW appears on the rise with these new armies transferring to their league but CPA still stands strong. Only time will tell what’s going to happen! Stay tuned.


Club Penguin Armies Reporter

Club Penguin Armies Editor


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