Top Ten Armies [1/5/2020]

Last updated on January 11th, 2020 at 09:39 pm

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The start of 2020 brings a new top ten, with the competition for first place more intense than ever.

1. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [90.38]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [85.17]

3. Help Force [+0] [80.06]

4. Pretzels of Club Penguin [+1] [63.27]

5. Elite Guardians [+2] [39.33]

6. Penguin Army Force [NEW!] [39.27]

7. Pizza Federation [+2] [28.14]

8. PETASWAT [NEW!] [23.75]

9. Os Mascarados [-1] [16.00]

10. Light Green Army [NEW!] [12.50]

1. Army of Club Penguin

ACP began their week with successful invasions of Ice Palace and Yeti, maxing 19 and 14 each. That same day, they defended their server Below Zero maxing 26 and celebrated winning their war against the Templars with a max of 35. On Monday, they had an unscheduled event maxing 24, a Box Critters event maxing 18, and a successful invasion of Ice Cube maxing 35. The next day they invaded Snowball and Blizzard (PW) with maxes of 20 and 14. Afterwards, they had a tree event maxing 45 and a practice battle against the Light Green Army maxing 20. Wednesday their UK division held training with a max of 19. Their US division also held training maxing 24 on Thursday. Also on Thursday was an AUSIA recruiting event maxing 28, a hockey event maxing 40, and Skibblio maxing 10. On Friday ACP had a mining event maxing 32 and a pizza operation maxing 50. ACP ended their week on a high note by winning the Holiday Championship Semi-finals against Help Force with a max of 48 on Saturday.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation started out their week by continuing to celebrate the holidays with some thick events! They maxed 45 at their AUSIA gingerbread costume event and 101 at their EU/US Holiday Hundred costume event! RPF continued their week by maxing 45 with an event on box critters on Monday for US. They took a break for New Years and returned on Thursday, maxing 50 at an EU ornament costume event. RPF’s Strike Force held a US training the same day, maxing 22. Rebel Penguin Federation picked it up with AUSIA on Friday morning by having a meme themed event that maxed 36. RPFSF continued with an EU training that maxed 21. RPF finished Friday off with a US U-lead event that maxed 45. They ended the week with an AUSIA training that ended 21 and finally, an EU/US event in remembrance of LGA that maxed 62. Another solid, thick week in our list of Top Tens.

3. Help Force

Help Force started out the week, Sunday morning, with a solid AUSIA dress up event in ornamented costume, maxing 23. They followed it up the same day with a US Pizza themed event that maxed 43. Tuesday, they held an AUSIA mining event maxing 24 as well as New Years Party event in uniform that maxed 52. They rang in the New Year with a 46 max EU event in gift costume and continued to with a US training where they maxed 31. The next day, they continued their solid AUSIA streak with a combo training event/Find Four tournament where they maxed 28 and wrapped up the day with another training event at US times that maxed 38. On Friday, Help Force maxed 34 in their coffee aprons for EU. Overall, a solid, thick week for our army of helpers!

4. Pretzels of Club Penguin

Pretzels of Club Penguin started out their week with a solid EU invasion of LGA, maxing 19. They maxed 9 the same day with a bonding event. They finished off their war the next day with a victory rally where they maxed 20 and celebrated some more with an EU U-Lead where they maxed 17. Afterwards, they held a recruitment event where they maxed 13. On Tuesday, they invaded a freeland server dropped from the now disbanded LGA for EU and maxed 23. Pretzels successfully invaded Covfefe for EU and maxed 21 the next day. They held a 22 max US Card Jitsu Tournament the same day. Later, they held a recruitment that maxed 9. Thursday, PCP maxed 24 at an EU Gingerbread Raid. On Friday, they maxed 22 at an EU training event and later had a US Find Four tournament where they maxed 17. On Saturday, they maxed 17 in a Practice Battle against the RFCP army from CPW. A nice week of events, bonding and games for the salty pretzels!

5. Elite Guardians

EGCP started their week with a training event that maxed 12. Then, they held a New Year’s Eve celebration, and maxed 13. For their first event of 2020, they held a formation training, maxing 20. To end their week, they held Operation: Igloo, while maxing 15.

6. Penguin Army Force

PAF joined the community this week with their opening event, maxing 21. After this, they held a training session and maxed 15. The next day, they held another training session, this time maxing 16. To end off their week, they held their opening event for their Viking division, and maxed 9.

7. Pizza Federation

PZF started their week with a tree hunting event, maxing 9. The next day, they held a recruiting session and maxed 10. On Tuesday, they invaded a freeland server, Nevasca while maxing 5. After this, they had an unscheduled training and maxed 7. On Wednesday, they invaded another freeland server, King Arthur, and maxed 6. They also held a training and maxed 9. To end off their week, they invaded Freeo, and maxed 5.


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Special Weapons and Tactics of Club Penguin entered the community this week with a very ethical inauguration event. That same day, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Special Weapons and Tactics of Club Penguin had a practice battle against PG Family Friendly Disney Initiated Cuddle Kittens reenactors with a max of 11. It is said the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Special Weapons and Tactics of Club Penguin won the battle, but the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Special Weapons and Tactics have not confirmed this.

9. Os Mascarados

The Os Mascarados lose a spot due to having just one event this week: a training session, where they maxed 7.

10. Light Green Army 

The Light Green Army snag the final spot on the top ten in their debut.  Their first event saw a max of 5, and their next even had a max of 3 in a battle against ACP.


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  1. As a former member of the Night Warriors, seeing ACP STILL AT THE TOP after twelve years is so sad.

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