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Top Ten Armies [12/22/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- In the final week of school for most people, the top ten sees very little change among the top.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [86.13]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [79.70]

3. Help Force [+0] [60.17]

4. Templars [+0] [40.09]

5. Elite Guardians [+0] [35.38]

6. Lime Green Army [+0] [33.92]

7. Pizza Federation [+1] [28.50]

8. Eden Anti Trooper Super Hellenic Intelligence Team [NEW!] [20.00]

9. Wild Ninjas [-2] [20.50]

10. Cosmic Army [NEW!] [8.00]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation 

This week, the Rebel Penguin Federation hosted their Winter Olympics.  Learning from their Summer Olympics, they did tactics this time around, enabling them to keep their first place spot.  However, they began the week with a regular U-Lead, maxing 25.  At the opening of their Olympics, they maxed 52.  Day one saw the army max 41 and 15.  Day two brought sizes of 44 and 39.  Day three had maxes of 38 and 39.  On day four, the army maxed 42 and 38.  For day five, the army obtained sizes of 19, 33, and 42.  On the 6th, and final day of this week, RPF maxed 30 and 33.

2. Army of Club Penguin

ACP held 17 events this week. They started with an AUSIA training, maxing 13, and an EU/US war training event, maxing 22. On Monday, they held an AUSIA war training, maxing 20, their EU division successfully invaded Outback, maxing 27, and their US division held an Operation: Snowflake event, maxing 38. On Tuesday, their AUSIA, EU, and US divisions held Victory marches, maxing 20, 31, and 26, respectively. On Wednesday, AUSIA held an Operation: Crumbs Up event, maxing 14, EU held Operation: Jam Session, maxing 24, and US held a U-Lead event, maxing 17. On Thursday, AUSIA held a Pizza party, maxing 31, and EU held a training, while maxing 18. On Friday, they held two Spec Op events; a PB vs. HF, maxing 25, and a recruiting session, maxing 20. To close off their week, they held an Alpha vs. Echo battle, maxing 28, and a Spec Ops event, maxing 18.

3. Help Force 

Help Force started out their week by reviving their AUSIA division, maxing 20. Tuesday was a fun day with trivia maxing 16 and an Iceberg tipping event maxing 30. On Thursday, HF had army training maxing 16 and a snowflake raid maxing 28. They ended their week with three events on Saturday; an unscheduled practice battle with ACP maxing 17, a stamp collecting event maxing 20, and battle training maxing 32.

4. Templars 

Templars maintain a strong hold on their fifth spot with a total of 8 events and the completion of a successful war against LGA this week. They started off with a successful invasion on Sunday that maxed 18. They followed it up the next day with an unscheduled event that maxed 9. They continued their war on Tuesday with a 22 max invasion. On Wednesday, they maxed 13 at another successful invasion. Thursday, they continued this streak with a successful invasion that maxed 13 and did it again later that evening, maxing 15. On Friday, they finished off the war with invasions that maxed 18 and 16.

5. Elite Guardians 

The Elite Guardians remain in the top five with an efficient week.  They began with sizes of just 12 for a special operation.  Their sizes then rose to 19 in their next event, a special tactics training.  Their third event, which was dedicated to mocking Pedrox, saw sizes of 16.  To conclude their week, EGCP maxed 30 at their army-wide awards show.

6. Lime Green Army

LGA had a hectic week with battles left an right. Starting on Sunday, they lost their in their defense of Ice Palace with a max of 12. On Tuesday however, they won it back with a successful invasion maxing 9. That same day, they lost in their defense of Husky maxing 10. On Wednesday they had another losing of Alaska defense maxing 10. The next day they won Husky back maxing 6 and invaded Beanie maxing 9. On Friday the had a failing defense of Blizzard maxing 8. They ended their week on a victory, regaining Alaska with a max of 6.

7. Pizza Federation

PZF focused on recruiting this week. They held their first recruiting session on Tuesday, while maxing 7. They held another recruiting session on Sunday, maxing 10.

8. Eden Anti Trooper Super Hellenic Intelligence Team 

Eden Anti Trooper Super Hellenic Intelligence Team joined the community this week with their opening event, maxing 12.

9. Wild Ninjas 

Wild Ninjas enjoyed two victories this week with a successful defense of Zero Grau maxing 3 and a successful invasion of Ice Cube (Reimagined) maxing 7.

10. Cosmic Army 

Cosmic rejoined the community this week with an event maxing 6 on Saturday.


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