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Templars Declare War on LGA; ACP Declare War on Templars

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Headquarters: As the year progressed, we have seen plenty of conflicts and spats between armies. However, the recent conflict with the Templars, Lime Green Army, and Army of Club Penguin happens to be one of the most bizarre we’ve seen. With multiple parties involved, smoke and mirrors, and a couple no-shows, this is shaping up to be one for the ages.

This war began with the Templars (TCP) scheduling an invasion of the Lime Green Army’s (LGA) server, Ice Palace, shocking the LGA as the Templars were an allied army. Tensions then rose with another army, the Army of Club Penguin (ACP), after a TCP leader posted a picture of ACP Commander Koloway being executed by members of TCP high command. The tensions came to a head as LGA defended their land against TCP this past Sunday, ultimately ending in defeat. Meanwhile, ACP declared war on TCP, invading the TCP server Outback successfully. The war with ACP would end in defeat for the Templars, while it still rages on at the LGA front.

Templars successfully invade Ice Palace from LGA

The Templars found themselves in a sticky situation this week. Declaring war on their allies for a land grab, effectively having war declared on them for other actions. The ACP decided that Templar transgressions were hostile and unwarranted, which would lead to them taking action. Further aggravated by inappropriate pictures posted in ACP’s discord and verbal abuse from the Templars, would result in ACP declaring “war” on their ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation, to disguise their true intentions. On the LGA side of the fence, they would unsuccessfully defend their server Ice Palace. War was declared by ACP on the Templars as the guise of war with RPF dropped. Following this was a successful invasion spearheaded by the ACP, resulting in a Templar no show. The war with ACP would conclude, while the LGA would successfully invade their server back with another no show by the Templars.

ACP successfully invades Outback, Templars no-show

Though Lime Green Army has lost an ally, they retained all land that was taken from them as well as bringing in a new leader Moshi. The Templars would lose another ally and two territories bringing their victory count to 0-2 after surrendering. The ACP would come out as victorious during their war with a victory count of 3-0. However, they would not come away from this conflict with any land as the server Outback was returned to the Pizza Federation. Will the Templars maintain their fight or will the LGA and their new leader end this on a successful note?

LGA successfully reclaims Ice Palace, Templars no-show

With the war raging on, we wanted to hear what the leaders from both sides had to say. We provided each of them the opportunity for an interview. Catch them down below!

Blazes, Templars Leader

Manu: How are you today?

Blazes: Grand.

Manu: What made the Templars want to declare war on LGA?

Blazes: We declared war because we want land and war isn’t boring for us.

Manu: Did you believe anyone would get involved in the war when you declared?

Blazes: I didn’t even think of ACP joining in but not surprised that they did because there very close allies.

Manu: Do you plan on continuing the war with LGA?

Blazes: Yes we plan to, unless there is a treaty in our favor.

Manu: Alright that’ll conclude our interview thanks for your time!

Blazes: Thank you.

All in all, the Templars have gotten themselves into another bind. LGA is entangled in another war where their AUSIA skills are heavily relied on, and the ACP have walked away from another war victorious. Will the Templars succeed in this war? Will the LGA come out on top as they have in many other underdog situations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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