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Top Ten Armies [12/8/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- For the second week in a row a different army maintains the top spot. Things are getting close with only two points separating the top two armies.

1. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [78.71]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [76.87]

3. Elite Guardians [+1] [41.70]

4. Templars [+1] [37.76]

5. Lime Green Army [+1] [31.08]

6. Pretzels of Club Penguin [-3] [26.79]

7. Greater Red Alliance Secret Service [NEW!] [25.50]

8. Poke Warriors Army [+3] [21.33]

9. Pizza Federation [-2] [20.61]

10. Cosmic Army [NEW!] [7.00]

Click HERE for full calculations.

1. Army of Club Penguin

The Army of Club Penguin ranks first for their second consecutive week, having a total of 15 events. They began their week with an AUSIA practice battle maxing 11, an operational event maxing 17, and a recruiting session maxing 23. The next day they started with an AUSIA training maxing 11, a UK training session maxing 22, a US recruiting session maxing 36, and an ACPTR drill session maxing 15. On Tuesday, they held a AUSIA recruiting maxing 15, a UK pizza apron event maxing 48, and a ACPTR style training maxing 24. To follow this up, they held a UK mining session maxing 46 and a birthday event maxing 24. Thursday they held an AUSIA training session maxing 17 and a tree costume event maxing 65. To start their Friday, they had an AUSIA training maxing 21 followed by a UK tree costume event maxing 42. To conclude their very busy week, ACP had an AUSIA maxing 21 and an ACPTR practice battle against LGA maxing 15.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation

Rebel Penguin Federation’s title contention fell short this week, mainly due to their lack of events compared to their ranking rival in ACP.  Their first event, ironically, was a win over ACP in an AUS battle, maxing 31.  They then maxed 39 in a costume event.  On Tuesday, the army hosted another costume event, maxing 24.  This was followed up with a training session, where they maxed 31.  The EU division went on to max 33 in a hockey themed event.  They continued their string of events with a max of 37 for their own training session.  The Rebel Penguin Federation held two more costume events on Friday, maxing 26 and 42, respectively.  On Saturday, the army hosted another bundle of events, this time maxing 24 and 44 instead.

3. Elite Guardians

The Elite Guardians return to the top three after an uneventful week for most of the community.  They first held a meme event, maxing 15.  Their special division, FEE, then maxed 11 in a training.  Their next event was a find four competition, where they maxed 16.  On Wednesday, they maxed 18 in a successful recruiting session.  EGCP then successfully defended Oasis from the Templars, with another max of 16.

4. Templars

The Templars had a more consistent week this time around, slotting in at 4th.  Their first event was a speed training session, maxing 15.  The next day, they maxed 15 again in a special operation.  The army went on to lose their invasion of Oasis to EGCP, maxing 14.  Templars’ sizes dipped on Friday, maxing just 6 in their first EU event.  They then maxed 12 in a US event.  To conclude their week, they maxed 17 in another special operation.

5. Lime Green Army 

LGA started their week with an EU Stamp Hunting event and maxed 15. Then, they held a Sled Racing Tournament, maxing 11. To end off their short week, they had a Practice Battle vs. ACPTR and maxed 8.

6. Pretzels of Club Penguin

PCP started their week with an EU Hide and Seek event, while maxing 14. The next day, they had an EU training session and maxed 7. To end off their week, they held a Yellow vs. Red Practice Battle, and maxed 11.


7. Greater Red Alliance Secret Service 

Greater Red Alliance Secret Service (a.k.a GRASS) entered the community this week with their opening event maxing 12.


8. Poke Warriors Army 

PWA started off their week with a training event, maxing 6. Next, they had an AUSIA training event and maxed 6. They held another training event and maxed 10. After this, they went on to successfully invade Sled (Pegasus), maxing 5.

9. Pizza Federation

PZF focused heavily on recruiting this week with four recruiting events. One on Monday maxing 11, one on Tuesday maxing 8, one on Thursday maxing 6, and one on Friday maxing 5.

10. Cosmic Army

Cosmic reentered the community this week with an opening event maxing 6.

Doctor Mine Turtle

Club Penguin Armies Top Ten Maker


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