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Pretzels: How’s the Salt Going?

Disclaimer: This post intends to bring awareness among the masses about Pretzels since their revival. The post may contain talks about inconsistency, glory and confidence. Here at CPA, we do not intend to offend anyone in any way. Our approach is to uncover and report the facts with truth & accuracy and answer the anticipated questions of the community, if any.

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Headquarters:- As the CP Armies community descends towards the holidays, we witness the arrival of many original Club Penguin Armies into the new generation. One such army is the Pretzels of Club Penguin. Let’s take a look at how the Pretzels have been doing in this new era of Warfare.

The arrival of Pretzels into this new CPPS-Era community was announced by its creator and former leader, Braveboy10. With a fairly short length post, he started a chain of events after which our community witnessed the reopening of many more former CP Armies. Braveboy10 announced the return of his army with the following words:

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that the Pretzels are back! Pretzels will be lead by multiple new leaders who I trust will get us to the top.

I will be overseeing the functions and making sure operations run smoothly.

We will be using CP Rewritten and we will be using Discord instead of Xat as well. I encourage everyone to check out our Discord and reconnect with other Pretzels.

Welcome to the new generation.

As we read, Brave announced the proud return of Pretzels. Further, he added that the army would be led by multiple leaders who Brave put his trust in, believing that they would be worthy of taking his army to the very top. Pretzels, as the post declares, would operate on Club Penguin Rewritten and would be using a Discord server instead of an old fashioned Xat Chat.

Since the return, the Pretzels have had various events in various divisions. To begin with, the army held a “Pretzels Return Event,” in which they managed to secure the size of 24 troops. The tactics were nearly perfect and the army leaders showed great confidence.


Pretzels going E+G Game Emote Tactic

The overall strength of Pretzels increased a fair amount as the former members and the new community became aware of its arrival. This is what the Pretzels Leader, Cena, had to say while declaring the results of the arrival event:

Hello, Pretzels!

Today we finally held our first event of the CPPS era of armies! We did great for our first event, maxing 24 and averaging 22. Our future is bright, PCP! Let’s shoot for the stars!

I, along with Snork, am honored to lead this generation of Pretzels to glory!


The most recent events of Pretzels were held on December 1, 2019 and December 2, 2019. They were termed as “EU Hide and Seek” and “EU Training Event,” respectively. In the return showcase event and the events that followed, Pretzels managed to gather great size; however, recent events have come as quite a twist in the tale for the army.

Previously witnessing a great rise, the army – in its recent events – has been falling short in size and hardly able to gather ten troops on the event held on the second day of this month. Below is a picture of Pretzels at this event.

“Cove’s Closed”, wold tactic by Pretzels Army (Event held on December 2, 2019)

While the tactics in this event were fairly good, the size was not at all pleasing to both troops and leaders. A few days earlier, Pretzels also entered into a war with the Templars army, which was termed as The War of “Gilded Salt.” The war ended with a compromise and the Pretzels stood victorious according to the Treaty of Detoxification. Throughout the war, Pretzels managed to maintain a decent size of around twenty two and above. You can read more about this war in my colleague’s post: The War of Gilded Salt (Click to View Post)

The Treaty of Detoxification (End of the War of Gilded Salt)

Since the return of Pretzels, the community has failed to understand whether they have been on a steady rise or a steep fall. At one moment, the army seems to be bland, whereas, in the next moment, Pretzels make the entire community taste their salt. To get answers to this question, I interviewed Cena, Pretzels Army Leader.

– Interview with Cena, Pretzels Leader –

CPA: Hey there Cena, thanks for agreeing to interview with us. The community has witnessed a fair rise among Pretzels. What do you think about the army’s strength?

Cena: I think PCP had an incredible first week that soared far beyond my expectations. I think the future is bright for the salt army.

CPA: The War of Gilded Salt was your army’s first ever win in this post CP era. Now, the big question among the community is what does the leadership have in mind for the army after such success?

Cena: There are no exact plans for our next move. We simply plan to continue to grow to great heights, and to restore the past glory of the Pretzels.

CPA: The community has noticed that Pretzels strength has gone down a little since its revival event. What do you have to say about that?

Cena: Oh, for sure. I’m not gonna say that we’re just as strong as we were during our first week. Many troops, including myself, are dedicating most of our time to preparing for upcoming semester finals. We’ll return to the great sizes we previously had soon.

CPA: As Braveboy10 said, and this is a quote, “Pretzels will be led by multiple new leaders who I trust will get us to the top.” Do you think the leadership holds the power to take Pretzels to the top, irrespective of the recent size fall?

Cena: Only time will tell. I personally believe when given enough time to do so, the leadership can boost PCP to incredible sizes.

CPA: Thanks for answering my questions, Cena. We wish to see more from your army in the future and we wish you and Pretzels best of luck!

Cena: Fear the salt! Hail Marshon.

As we can see from the above interview, Cena seems to be very confident about Pretzels’ current standing in the community. Answering my first question, he said that the army had a great first week which went beyond expectation. We learned that the leadership has no specific plans after the recent war, and their focus would be more on strength and size.

Further in the interview, Cena answered our most anticipated question. The Pretzels leader agrees that the army has gone down in size slightly, but that’s mainly because the troops are preparing for end of semester exams. He assures that the army will be back to its former glory as soon as troops are free from their studies. Cena is very confident about the leadership of the army itself and says that if enough time is provided, Pretzels will reach extraordinary troop sizes in future events.

What do you think? Where do the Pretzels stand? Are they rising or at the same spot since they started? We here at Club Penguin Armies website would like to know your opinion on this topic! Leave it in the comments below!


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