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War Review: The War of Gilded Salt

Klondike, Club Penguin Armies’ Office – On November 24th, the Pretzels of Club Penguin (PCP) boldly entered the community and followed up their first event with a declaration of war. The declaration was planned in order to combat toxicity in the CPA community, attempting to create a statement right off the bat. However, the Templars caught wind of the smell of the plan and instead declared war themselves. This surprised PCP leader, Cena, who was mid-typing his own invasions in the CPA Discord.

PCP’s first event maxed 24; a promising number to kick off their return. Within the very same day of their return, the Templars declared war on PCP and the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin (EGCP) with some very odd terms. Templars’ leader, Xing, stipulated that allies were allowed. However, shortly after posting his scheduled invasion, he set limits on both opposing armies stating that they couldn’t use allies. Referring back to the “War of Crimson Night” between ACP and PICCP, he determined this was allowed; however, after a quick discussion with CPA admin, DMT, this declaration was determined invalid. After settling this, Cena decided to draft his own war declaration, a post that can be found here, that details much of the events leading up to it.

With Templars’ original invasions now deemed invalid, PCP kicked off two invasions scheduled a few days in advance. EGCP followed suit the next day with two invasions and declaration post of their own. Within the next couple days, PCP and EGCP scheduled invasions on all the Templars’ territory and continued to successfully invade each one. On the 26th, PCP scheduled an invasion of the Templars’ capital, Ice Box, only to be deemed valid if all invasions against the Templars were successful by that time. Nearing the war’s end, I managed to get a word with Xing. His interview can be found below:

Xing, Templars Leader

Emcee: Hiya Xing, thanks for agreeing to an interview! How are you?

Xing: I’m good.

Emcee: Good to hear! So my first question… Templars have just recently rejoined the army community. What brought that about?

Xing: CPO got boring, so we moved here.

Emcee: Do you mind me asking what you mean by boring?

Xing: No competition. We were on top. We threw it all away, because why not?

Emcee: I see! So, after rejoining so soon, you and your army declared war on PCP pretty quickly. Is there a reason for that?

Xing: We were testing out the waters, seeing what warfare was like here. Got a good idea of it.

Emcee: What do you think of EGCP joining in and declaring war on you as well?

Xing: I don’t think much of it.

Emcee: Do you have a strategy for the war?

Xing: Not sure.

Emcee: Anything else you’d like to add before we close out?

Xing: No.

Emcee: Awesome, thanks for your time! Good luck with your war!

Xing: Thank you.

With only invasions Glacier and Rocky Road left, Xing approached Cena to negotiate peace, leading to the Treaty of Detoxification. This treaty detailed all currently scheduled invasions would be forfeited to the army invading it, either EGCP or PCP. In addition, Templars would keep their capital, Ice Box, and PCP would be declared the winner. Also under this treaty, neither army would be able to invade the other until the end of the year. Xing accepted the terms on the behalf of the Templars. PCP’s post on their victory contains further details on the war and treaty, which you can read here! Soon after the war’s end, I asked Cena some questions on the topic. His interview can be found below:

Cena, Pretzels of Club Penguin Leader

Emcee: Congratulations on your recent victory! How are you and the Pretzels?

Cena: We’re great! The troops are all excited about our victory and can’t wait to move forward. Things will only go up from here for the Pretzels.

Emcee: That’s great to hear! Just so we can go back a bit to when the war first started, what did you initially think of the Templars declaring war on PCP?

Cena: It’s something I expected. He knew very well I was about to declare war on Templars anyways, to combat the toxic behavior they’ve shown lots of people in this community. Although the terms he originally tried to put into play were very unfair, we managed to get those thrown in the trash. It was always gonna be a Pretzels victory, no matter the circumstances.

Emcee: Was EGCP always going to be involved? How did they come into the picture?

Cena: It just sorta happened to be honest with you. There was never a discussion with EGCP leaders where we were like “Okay, declare war on Templars and schedule invasions at these times.” Like I said, it just happened. We both had a strong dislike for Xing based on his arrogance and toxicity.

Emcee: PCP’s battles turned out very successful during this war. What were your overall strategies as well as battle specific ones that you would say made it so successful?

Cena: Our EU division mopped the floor with Templars. They no showed every EU invasion that was scheduled, it was truly the key to our victory. In terms of actual battle strategies, quick formations, speedy tactics.

Emcee: How did the war end up coming to it’s current resolution?

Cena: After a damn good battle for Rainbow, which resulted in a PCP victory, Xing approached me wanting peace. I offered him the Treaty of Detoxification and here we are.

Emcee: Is there anything you’d like to add or say about what is now known as The War of Gilded Salt?

Cena: I couldn’t have done it without my fellow leader, Snork, my team of hicom, and all of my wonderful troops! This was only the beginning for Pretzels in the CPPS generation of armies. We will become one of the top dogs. Fear the salt!

Emcee: I’ll end on that positive, yet salty note! I wish the Pretzels best of luck as they grow. Congratulations once more!

Cena: Thank you! :pretzel~2:

Thus ended The War of Gilded Salt. Yet EGCP, maybe due to the outspoken hatred of Templars that Cena noted, declared an invasion of Templars’ capital soon after the resolution of the war. It has since been invaded and Templar territory on the map has been completely wiped out because of this. This concludes my coverage on the War of Gilded Salt. We look forward to watching Pretzels continue to grow and to seeing the Templars’ next moves!

Emcee 🌙
Club Penguin Armies Reporter


Club Penguin Armies Editor


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