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Why Club Penguin Island is Unnecessary

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – Everyone knows the old saying, “all good things must come to an end” but did it have to end in the most unintellectual way anyone could think of?

Club Penguin Island, as everyone already knows, is an upcoming reboot of the Club Penguin franchise through mobile. One could understand why they chose mobile, but this was a decision that was unneeded.

Many might argue that Club Penguin was going to die as a result of outdated programming at a given time in the future; however, if Shockwave Flash was going to end up becoming obsolete or shut down, then Club Penguin could have gone with what appears to be a simple solution: rewire every single line of code to work with a new language, or if something has to be deleted, then add something to compensate.

They could have just gone with HTML5, which is a close relative of Shockwave Flash, as a matter of fact, HTML5 can be used as a complete replacement. Just like SWF, HTML5 is a markup language that can be used to play audio and video within a web page and play browser games, and Vector graphics can also be put at it’s full potential.

For the geeks out there in the community reading this, Vector graphics involve the use of polygons to represent an image in computer graphics, which works more efficiently than Bitmap.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.20.12 PM

7x magnification of a blatantly mislabeled beverage. That’s obviously liquid, why is it called ice cream? Is this a new form of ice cream that I’m not aware of?! Image courtesy of Wikipedia

There will always be that one person on Club Penguin’s team that will just say that HTML5 probably wouldn’t work as well, but it will. Sure, aspects of the game might be different and have a different format, but is it really too complicated to reformat sound files, image files, video platforms, the entire website, and many other labyrinthine aspects of the programming?

All right, so it’s most likely too complicated in many aspects of rewiring the game, but at least if Shockwave Flash ends up dying out, they’d be safe using an alternative programming language.

All right, so programming fallacies are mainly out of the way; however, people argue that the economy is aiming towards a more mobile direction, and that is understandable with the rise in mobile capabilities with many websites that were only accessed by desk/laptop devices. For example, anyone can send a quick tweet from the Twitter app, or take a quick selfie and post it to Facebook, or I could’ve been sitting in a coffee shop and typed this entire philosophy post from my small phone.

Then again, I type faster with a keyboard.

Disney has the delusion that if they switched their game to a mobile platform, they’d increase in revenue (that, with a possible $5 per month for membership) and player traffic; however, the exact opposite might occur.

Not every child’s family in the United States can afford a smart device exclusively for him/her personally, and there will always be parents that monitor screen time for the very small children. Club Penguin went from a game that allowed people of all ages to explore their imaginations into a game that was directly aimed for small children. Even Lance Priebe once said that Club Penguin was never meant for young children exclusively, but for people that love to explore imagination and their creativity.

The game then went towards an age range to 6-14 once Disney bought the game, and stayed the same for years until the target audience became younger and younger, and now there’s children as young as three playing this game.

Not only will screen time will most likely be monitored more strictly for the younger children and lack of affordability for the child’s own smart device, but health problems could also potentially arise from small children using smartphones to play Club Penguin Island.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.56.52 PM.png

Pictures for emphasis on phone screen height to width measurements.

Many will try to contemplate why these iPhones have been put into this post. The purpose of placing these devices here is for emphasizing on height, width, and length of a smartphone. As a result many smartphones use the relatively same proportions, Apple will be used for this example.

The iPhone 6+ has a 5.5-inch display with 6.22 inches in overall height and is 3.06 inches in overall width. Even for those dimensions, that’s still small, and young children are more likely to get so absorbed into these small devices that their developing eyes might become damaged if they’re exposed to looking so closely at smaller screens for an extended period of time. Many children can’t even read text, so they have no choice but to squint or look so closely into the screen.

So, not only does Disney think they’ll get more traffic, but they think they can get away with making children blind with their small text and unneeded integration into mobile. It doesn’t matter how educational the game appears to be, if it’s going to harm the sight of small children, then Disney needs to rethink its business model.

Finally, there’s the delusion of actually getting more money out of its membership sales.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.07.05 PM

These are going to get expensive too quick.

Oh, memberships, memberships, memberships. As a fervent player of Club Penguin, yours truly has had the joy of acquiring Club Penguin memberships on holidays, Christmas, or just when the membership expires. I’ve compared the prices of the memberships on the original game to the Club Penguin Island prices, and the membership is horrid.

On the desktop game, memberships cost $7.95 USD per month, and in Club Penguin Island, it’ll be $6.99 USD per month. Some may argue that this isn’t such a bad deal, but nobody wants to shill that much money per month on a membership when players could easily go to the store, buy a thin card that contained a membership code, and have their membership for three, six, or twelve months at a time without worrying to renew in that membership period!

Now, a lot more money is about to go down the drain as a result of this outrageous pricing system which is going to get too expensive too quickly for anyone’s tastes. Not to mention the fact that if one lacks a membership, then all they can do is walk, collect coins, and access three rooms, and that’s it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.18.00 PM.png

95% of the audience reading this post.

To recap, Disney is completely delusional. They believe SWF is dying so they must move when they could easily switch to HTML5, they believe that they’ll get more traffic when they’re really sifting away their players this late in the game, they believe they’ll get more revenue when people will just cancel their memberships due to their pricy nature, and they believe it’ll really help the younger children when really it’s going to make them unable to see well later in life due to CPI being on a tiny screen.

I’ve been saying this for months, and I’ll say it one more time.

Club Penguin Island isn’t necessary

Club Penguin is killing themselves.

Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinions! Will you play Club Penguin Island? Do you believe membership in this reboot is a scam? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!



CP Army Central Philosopher/Historian


2 Responses

  1. Great Post
    But there’s one problem.

    I love Emily…

    I love Emily so much, and I have many reasons to, she is a very kind and beautiful girl, she once led the Nachos Army and she is active in the chat, even I don’t know how I love her so much.

    When I first saw Emily in the Nachos HQ chat, it didn’t take me long to realise just how great and legendary she was, she immediately impressed me when I talked to her. I don’t know why that stuff happened but all I want to say is that how I’m so glad I met her.

    Emily is often talked about in Nachos HQ chat, not just by me, but probably by many fans of Emily. It’s always great to see her come online, and feels great welcoming her back to this random Club Penguin Army world. A world I never thought I’d meet someone like Emily inside.

    I was previously married to Blueysib6, but as things were going, there always was something I felt about Emily, it wasn’t right, but Legofan Cy forced Blueysib6 to divorce me and although I was upset, I always knew something great would come out at the end.

    When I look at Emily the world seems like it’s going 2x slower or maybe more, or whether that’s to do with my autism or not, I seem to think Emily controls time. When I talk to her, time speeds up as if minutes turn into seconds, I cant explain how great it feels when Emily emerges into the Nachos Army chat. Something that I find hard to realise is that every time Emily is there, life gets better and better.

    When i was with my deer wife Blueysib6, we had amazing times and a great marriage, she is even very pregnant with my daughter! But I feel so fantastic when I see Emily, her smile and her eyes are just something I cannot miss, I fail to see all the bad that Emily might have, because I get overwhelmed about her good nature. Emily has brought only joy to my life since joining the Nachos Army, and if it wasn’t for me being busy last year, I would have came to the Nachos Army much sooner.

    Overall, Emily is the most perfect troop ever and if she were to join CW on the CPPS, she would be given leader because their simply isn’t a good enough rank for her. When I see Emily in Nachos HQ chat as a 3ic, it makes me happy that we ever got such a great girl in our army, Emily is very sweet, and possibly the best troop I noticed in the Nachos Army.

    There isn’t a day in chat when I don’t think about Emily, and there probably isn’t such thing as a life without her! I am not exaggerating. But really the life lived with Emily is the only life we have. In life great things happen, and we’re given choices. Making decisions is an important part of life, but for Emily, there is only one decision you can make.

    As you can see, there are many reasons why I love this girl, she is cute and pretty and someone who can’t know just how amazing they are. Hopefully one day I can make her my next deer wife. As I love Emily so much, I’ll give her those choices for herself!

    -Thomas83514 <3

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