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Jason promoted to RPF Leader

Parka, Rebel Penguin Federation Co-Capital – With Club Penguin armies expected to shut down in the not to distant future, RPF have promoted Jason, also known as Junie17125, to the position of Rebel Commander to lead alongside Elmikey.

On February 28th, Elmikey officially announced that long time serving RPF troop, Jason, would be getting a huge promotion to lead alongside him.This makes him the 110th person to lead RPF, joining a list of famous leaders such as Elitesof, Mr Waffle 45 and Kg 007. Jason has been in RPF for numerous years and officially he joined RPF on July 11th 2013. His loyalty is shown by the fact that he has never left RPF for a different army in the last 3 3/4 years, which is highly impressive. He has been regarded as one of the best owners in RPF for a while and thoroughly deserves this promotion for his outstanding loyalty and effort.

Elmikey announcing that Jason/Junie17125 has been promoted to Rebel Commander.

With RPF being at war with Nachos, Jason will be leading alongside Elmikey to help win the war in the small amount of time we have left. He has been proving himself by leading RPF to a victory in the invasion of Alaska whilst maxing a respectful 20 in one of his first battles as leader. With Jason’s work ethic being very high, it is safe to presume these sizes will increase over time and that his leadership skills will be enhanced by the influence of CPAC Legend Elmikey and RPF Advisor Silverburg.

Jason leading RPF to 20 in the recent invasion of Alaska.

To find out more about the 110th leader of RPF, I caught an interview with Shiny, RPF’s UK Leader.

Interview with Shiny, Rebel Penguin Federation’s UK Leader:

CPAC: How do you think the first week under Jason’s and Elmikey’s leadership has gone?

Shiny: It’s been good!

CPAC: Do you think Jason will have a sufficient amount of time to become one of RPF’s greatest ever leaders?

Shiny: Yes, he is a very good soldier and he will go very far.

CPAC: Do you think Jason will be able to lead RPF to victory in the war Vs Nachos?

Shiny: Yes.

CPAC: Any final comments?


From this interview, we can interpret that Shiny is optimistic about Jason’s reign as leader and that he is confident Jason will go on to be one of RPF’s greatest leaders. We can also understand that Shiny feels more confident about winning the RPF vs Nacho war with Jason as a key individual in it. You can stay updated with the progression of the RPF vs Nacho war right here on CPAC.

But what do YOU think? Will Jason be able to lead RPF to victory against Nachos? Will Jason become one of the greatest leaders in RPF History rivalling the great King Luis himself? Comment your thoughts below!


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