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News Digest: 03/05/17 – Influx of Armies, Bluesockwa2’s Return, UMA Targets DrMatt and More!

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Welcome to the News Digest in which we look at the smaller news stories within the community and to avoid spamming the main site, bring them all together in this daily newsletter to make things that much more easier for you to access the news!

Influx of New Armies

This week, the CPA Central Top Ten recorded a record number of new armies like the Hamburgers of Club Penguin. The new army managed to get the impressive twelfth place rank on our Top Ten – a rank that would have been the same as second place on the SM Army Press Top Ten! We’ve also seen several newly placed editions on the Top Ten from armies making a comeback towards the end of armies. These include the likes of the Hippos and the Ku Klux Klan.

Bluesockwa2 Returns to CPA Central

For the last few years, the Bluesockwa’s role within the community has drastically decreased in terms of what they do, getting to a point in which the Bluesockwa’s became largely nonexistent in the CPA Central community. With this in mind, one half of the chairmen for the CP Army World Media Board recently announced via the CPA Central exclusive staff site that he is on break from education and back with CPAC in order to talk about the next step for CPA Central. He’s promised to announce an update on both the Legends Reforms, as well as the future of CPA Central.

 DrMatt Becomes UMA Target?

Rumours have been swirling around XAT that former Blue Miners Army and Light Troops Leader, DrMatt has become a target of the friendship gang, Underground Mafia Army, which consists of the historical armies’ veterans. The rumours came following DrMatt announcing that the UMA had gone after him on the Ice Warriors chat, seemingly because of an interaction with Trader, current Ice Warriors owner and known associate with the Underground Mafia Army. The UMA have yet to release a statement in regards to the current situation involving DrMatt and Trader.

Hippos/Thugs Take Over Zings of CP

The Zings of CP is a newly formed army by Sh, in tribute to the great CPA Central Chief Executive Officer, Zing King To – a man who has earnt the title of CPA Central CEO, SM Army Legend and 2014 SM Army Leader of the Year. With that in mind, the Thugs and Hippos Armies have collectively taken over the army chat following SH leaking the password on the Main Chat. We are currently unsure if this leak was or was not accidental, but one thing is for sure – that the future prospects of the army seem unlikely.

Christohper1 Rejoins CPA Central

Following several inappropriate comments and inactivity, Christohper1 was fired from CPA Central, however following popular support and a series of promises being made, Christohper1 has been allowed back to CPA Central in the final days as the Main Philosopher for the community. While we currently await a post, several members of the community have continued to sit on the edge of their seats looking forward to whatever content, Christohper1 manages to publish.

Kingfunks4 Comments on CPPS Tournament Use

Following constant outcry from Armies to move the CPA Central tournament over to a Club Penguin Private Server, CPA Central CEO, Kingfunks4 has finally commented on the move. When asked about the potential for a move away from Club Penguin for the rest of the tournament, he announced that since we are CP Armies, we would not be moving to CPPS, this comes despite the fact that we do have a CPPS ready to accept our armies onto the site. This decision as far as we know, is final.

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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