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Jack Confesses to Bot Raiding Legends Cup

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Kingdom – Just hours removed from finding out that Zuke, an Ice Warriors owner was still threatening to raid armies taking part in the Legends Cup tournament, yet another Ice Warriors owner has been involved in the raiding scandal, this time the newest owner, Jack.

Recently, Zuke was removed from the Ice Warriors army after he made threats to Bot Raid the Shadow Troops, an army that was competing in the final CPA Central tournament, the Legends Cup. Badboy deownered him several times, not wanting to be associated with bot raiding. Unfortunately, Zuke’s actions were supported by Ice Warriors Leader, Spy who chose to rehire him. This eventually led to the Ice Warriors creator, Iceyfeet1234 coming to remove Zuke from the ownership in heroic fashion.

With this is mind, yet another owner has now confessed to also taking part in the bot raids of the Legend Cup. This time, it’s the newest Ice Warriors Owner and former Water Vikings owner, Jack who PC’d the CPA Central Chief Executive Officer, Zing King To in order to confess, in an act of nobility to try and save his friend Zuke.


As of right now, the only proof that Jack bot raided is the above confession in which he stated that he was the one botting. I confirmed with him exactly what he was saying, and he admitted once again that he botted the Legends Cup. While this may or may not be true, the fact is – this isn’t the behaviour that should be exhibited by an Ice Warrior owner, and Badboy agreed firing Jack and replacing him with Antonio instead.

Weirdly enough, RPF Leader, Chip has said now for months that the true identity of Sharktank is that of a Water Viking Leader. While Commander Jack was known to bot in the Water Vikings, Chip has said it wasn’t him. Bearing in mind that Commander Jack and this Jack are two different people, but both in Water Vikings, could it be that this Jack is indeed the person that Chip has been alluding to for the last few months? Could Jack be Sharktank?

As this is a developing news story, we still have got several things going on. There are now reports that this isn’t actually Water Vikings Jack, despite using the same XAT custom avatar as the Water Vikings Jack did. There are also reports that Jack is attempting to defend his actions by saying “he took the blame for Zuke.”  CPA Central will of course do our best to cover this to the best of our ability and keep you updated.

What do YOU think? Who is the current Jack online Ice Warriors chat? Will Zuke ever stop bot raiding events?

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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