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The New Format of CPA Central

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With less than a month of armies left, we’ve decided that we’ll be changing the format of CPA Central posts ever so slightly. These changes have been made to benefit the community and to ensure that you guys get the best standard of posts that you can from us.

For those of you who do not know, while Zakster and Mach were in charge of CPA Central, I ran the brother site of SM Army Press. SMAP often over took CPAC in terms of post quality and post quantity. The way in which we were able to improve our post quality was to bring in a column called the News Digest.

The News Digest served as a newsletter of sorts highlighting the smaller news stories in the community, such as minor retirements, minor news and new armies being opened. The post was extremely well received and had a number of authors running it. From tomorrow, this is a system that we will once again be running. This mini newsletter will report on the smaller news stories within the community such as new armies opening up in the final days, and the growth of tensions.

This post will come out daily at midnight in the United Kingdom, which is around five hours before the United States of America. So news will be posted on that basis, but rest assured, if a news story is missed on one day, it’ll just be added to the next days story.

This will allow us, the CPA Central staff the ability to do several things. First, we will be able to report the major news better being able to give it better quality attention. This will reduce the amount of more unimportant news stories getting their own post and instead increase the focus that we put into the major armies news.

CPA Central will still be posting philosophy and editorials as well as special posts such as the Most Influential Army Leaders countdown, Top Ten Armies and Legends Cup updates. With that being said, here is what you can expect in the new format of CPAC: News Digest.

What will CPA Central Post?

  • Top Ten Armies
  • Statements in Regards to Closure
  • Philosophy
  • Editorials
  • War Declarations
  • Major Army Leadership Changes (Top 5 Armies)
  • Major Army Closures.
  • Big Defaces/Scandals
  • Contests
  • Tournament News

What will News Digest feature?

  • New Armies Opening
  • Minor Leadership Changes
  • Battle-in-Reviews
  • Minor Army Closures
  • Smaller Defaces
  • Internal Army Squabbles
  • Minor War News
  • Gossip/Rumours

With that in mind, CPA Central has been looking to make our staff as good as we possibly can. With a lack of talented journalists currently existing in the community, CPA Central has managed to compile the following list of staff members to report the news.

  • Kingfunks4
  • Sammie
  • SH
  • Badboy
  • DrMatt
  • Verum
  • Zing King To
  • Onlooking Snow
  • Bam
  • Weather Boy
  • Benjamin
  • CSY
  • Epic Master
  • Gordy
  • Andy21441
  • Popcorny5555
  • Sonic

CPA Central also has several members of ‘Special Staff’ who are given ranks on the CPA Central site which allow them to be able to post without officially being ranked on the administration. The majority of these people are board members and include the following people.

  • Bluesockwa1
  • Bluesockwa2
  • Gobby
  • Supa Em
  • Jodie
  • Tax1
  • Albaro
  • Nick Cool
  • Boomer
  • Iceyfeet1234
  • Mchappy
  • Woton
  • Shab
  • Superoo

We are still awaiting the announcement as to what will become of CPA Central upon March 29th when Armies close down. The second list of people will be talking and discussing and have been for the last few days. With that being said, we look forward to spending the rest of the month with you all.

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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