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Olimad Appointed ACP Leader – Promises to Raid Only Straight Armies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central, Bam’s Trailer – With the end of Club Penguin coming closer and closer – Today ACP and worthless administration mad a drastic move to appoint well known bot raider and total noob, Olimad into power as ACP’s newest leader. This comes as a shock as just nearly a day and half ago Olimad promised to “rad” tons of armies.

With all the tensions that have been flaring up with Olimad at the helm of it all – to his constant bot raiding scandals to his victory of noob of the year this past winter awards, he has stood firm. Perhaps it is all paying off now with well- known ACP God, Mchappy, appointing Olimad as ACP’s newest leader and DRACP President. A short excerpt from Mchappy’s post can be seen below.

After long and studious talks with the other Gods and the entire administration of ACP, I’ve decided it would be best for the Army of Club Penguin to be lead by someone much grander than myself or Noka. Olimad is a fitting position to fill in as one of our much needed leaders for the end of days. After he confirmed his homosexuality and him identifying himself as a Autistic Walrus – I’ve decided it would be best for ACP to expand its horizon along with its personality. Olimad has promised to only bot the completely straight forward armies from this point on – so this should mean good things for ACP along with other armies such as Kings and AR, Though I can’t speak for others such as DCP, Nachos, IW and Thugs ….


I, Myhappy, ACP Administrative P.O.G. advisor – Hereby appointed Olimad as ACP’s next Leader and Commander in Chief of the DRACP Nation. Together all of ACP along with his bot script  can truly annihilate all the  non gay armies – all to ensure ever lasting peace of course.

~ Mchappy

ACP Legend

Mchappy makes his post quick and detailed, throwing out shocking statements such as he and Olimad’s “Total Straight Termination” policy along with his hopes for Olimad and his incredible bot raiding scripts. He seems to be putting all of his faith into Olimad as he hands over ACP with this exciting news. He also went into detail about Olimad coming out of the closet as a homosexual autistic walrus.

Its well known to the community that Mchappy is a gay activist along with his participation in the Anti-Straight group “F.A.G.S.” (Free All Gays of Straight). This sudden change in power could be related to Olimad and Mchappy’s recent hook up – which could possibly be some sort of sex scandal, something that not even Zing King To would be interesting in seeing.

While he has progressed over the years from a lovable nooby troop to an atrocious bot raiding scum bag, Olimad’s most recent events he’s led have been quite good. Here is a photo of the last event Olimad led:

Olimads latest army leadership

While some may claim that this is fake and attempt to undermine Olimad’s amazing leadership skills, its undeniable to even think his armies aren’t Godly based. Under his most recent leadership, he attacked the Nachos and Kings, beating them easily, performing tactics and formations in nearly seconds. It only made sense that Olimad would go after the Nachos, seeing that they’re one of the only straight armies left. While you can throw shame at him and his crazy techniques, you can certainly agree that Olimad’s army of gay robots are nearly unbeatable and even Mchappy has taken note of this – It truly could mean the next push in ACP’s era.

Last known picture of Olimad

While these reports aren’t all clear, its safe to say that ACP could possibly be the next huge enemy in terms of power, ego, and botting, all of which make a top notch army unstoppable. I recommend any straight army or perhaps any straight troops left in ACP to go into hiding immediately as your total annihilation is imminent. All other armies should arise at this time to protect the last remaining good people left. Someone has to protect Club Penguin – the time is now.

Personally, I think Olimad will make ACP fall into much worse circumstances, but maybe with Mchappy’s guidance and gay control over him, perhaps ACP will somehow find stability and Mch tag teaming Edwin and Mondo constantly. But who knows – with this sudden change in armies only time will truly tell how exactly this will effect our community.

///====|||==== INTERVIEW WITH OLIMAD====|||====\


RED = Olimad

Bam: How do you think ACP will do under your guidance as its new supreme overlord?


Bam: Fascinating. And what do you think about Mchappy’s proposal to destroy all straight armies left? 


Bam: Thank you !


What do YOU think?


What do you think about Olimad becoming ACP Leader? What do you think about the Anti Straight Alliance? What do you think Olimad does in his free time when he isn’t pointlessly raiding Club Penguin Army events?

///====|||==== |||====|||====\


CPAC Demoted Reporter guy that is literally better than King Funks and Sammie combined



9 Responses

  1. Note*** I have nothing against gay people, but watch out for Olimad he may hit you with the script mannnnn

  2. Mission accomplished.

  3. Love this post Bam <3.
    We must admit that the most influential noob of 2016-17 is certainly Olimad.I wonder who brought this '' god of noobs'' in CPA. Even Dr. Flen(World Record holder for Army Hopping) ran away from CPA after hearing about Great Olimad.

  4. Gay is a sin

  5. He was willing to pay me 650 xats for 30 accounts to raid with (Wary)

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