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Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Quarter Final Predictions


The next set of battles are just around the corner, where we will go from eight armies to four in what could be an interesting and competitive round. All eight armies hold strong hopes of reaching the Semi-Final of the last ever Legends Cup tournament, so a lot is at stake for the four battles that will take place over the next two days. As usual, CPA Central provides its predictions to give your insight, while also giving you a place to discuss what you think will happen in the Quarter-Final clashes.



Doritos vs. Ice Warriors

This is certainly the biggest battle of the round, with two of the most dominant armies in our community facing each other after the Ice Warriors’ defeat to the Nachos in the Preliminary Rounds. The Doritos dropped down four spots in the last top ten, but remained one of the largest armies by holding a top five spot for yet another week. They were outranked by the Ice Warriors in the latest top ten, as they took the top spot. The Ice Warriors are also known as one of the most prolific tournament armies, so they will take some beating in the Quarter-Finals.


DCP training in a recent event.

The absence of Andrew24 for the week could be pivitol in this battle and could cause the battle to swing in DCP’s favour. There is no doubt that, even without their influential leader, they can beat the Doritos. This could easily go either way, but for me the odds are slightly with the DCP to win this battle and advance to the Semi-Final.


Army Republic vs. Nachos 

Both of these armies arguably had unexpected results in the last round, with the Nachos beating the Ice Warriors to the top spot in their battle and the Army Republic edging the Army of CP out of the second qualification spot in their respective battle. In terms of recent performance, the Nachos have done much better in the past week or so by reaching the top two in the latest rankings, while the Army Republic dropped to 10th. This therefore places the Nachos, coupled with their tactical knowledge and tournament experience, as the firm favourites.

The Nachos won their Preliminary Round Battle against IW and TPAF

It would be a shock if the Nachos did not win this battle, but both have fluctuations in performances and it could be an upset to look out for from the Army Republic. The prediction is a Semi-Final battle between the Doritos and Nachos, but upsets are certainly possible on the left-hand side of the bracket.


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Thugs

The RPF easily took a top two qualification spot in their battle, with the Shadow Troops and Rebel Penguin Federation dominating over the Wild Ninjas – the RPF edged out the Shadow Troops to win the battle. The Thugs, on the other hand, struggled massively with a lack of preparation as they narrowly beat the Hippos to get into the next round. The two armies are ranked fairly close to eachother, with Thugs one spot behind the 2nd placed RPF. This, therefore, should be the largest battle in terms of Top Ten positions.


RPF beat the Shadow Troops and WN in Round One

The Rebel Penguin Federation should win this battle, with more tournament experience and backing, but the Thugs have the potential to win this one if they can up their performances.


Shadow Troops vs. Light Troops

The Shadow Troops were a late addition to the tournament, replacing IAE, and they did not disappoint with a good showing against RPF and WN, narrowly finishing below the RPF to take the second qualification spot. The Light Troops dominated their battle, easily brushing aside the Hippos and Thugs to cruise into the next round of the tournament. LT did drop down to 7th, but this is largely down to their focus on the tournament and use of CPPS outside of tournament battles. The Shadow Troops were not included in last weeks list, but showed that they can produce performances after sizes of 20+ in the Preliminary Round.

A recent LT event saw them have impressive sizes

The Shadow Troops have one of the toughest battles of the round, with the Light Troops one of the clear favourites to win the tournament. For this reason, I can only see a victory for the Light Troops, who should advance to face the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Semi-Finals.


These are, of course, only predictions and as seen before any armies can win battles in this tournament, so do not be surprised if there are multiple upsets in another weekend of the most historic and successful tournament. Who do YOU think will win, will the DCP, LT, RPF and Nachos advance to the next round, or will other armies manage to get victory? Comment YOUR opinions on the Legends Cup.


CPA Central CEO


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  2. Thugs is the greatest army.

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