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CPA Central Winter Awards 2017

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – CPA Central recently hosted our ‘Winter Awards’ taking into account everything in the community from November 2016 to February 2017. The community voted for a number of days on who they thought should be the winner of several exclusive categories including Largest Army and Best Leader. This is how you voted.

Largest Army

Size matters. This award goes to the army that has proven they have the strength in numbers to do great things and they’ve done great things in the process. The Largest Army award takes into account the army that has the biggest sizes on Club Penguin and have used their sizes to do great things. The nominees for this award were the Nacho Army, who have seen several first place rankings recently. The Rebel Penguin Federation, who found themselves in the finals of the Christmas Chaos. The Doritos, who managed to successfully win their first ever tournament. Army of Club Penguin who have recently been attempting to rebuild following a crushing Pain War. Night Rebels and Night Warriors who battled for position on the Top Ten and the recent returning Ice Warriors and Light Troops.

1. Nacho Army

2. Doritos Army | Rebel Penguin Federation

Best Leader

It takes a lot of skill, determination and hard work to be able to lead an army. The nominees for this award have managed to obtain vital skills in order to lead their troops into battles. Here are the nominees: Nacho Army Leaders, Verum and Dan101 who have been responsible for changing up the Nacho Army following the Ryan/Qarv scandal. Representing the Rebel Penguin Federation is the four man team of Chip, Elmikey, Lord Pain and Silverburg who recently proved to be exceptionally dominant again the Army of Club Penguin. We then have a now former DCP leader, 13yearoldnoob up for the award, as well as Super Edwin and King Mondo representing the ACP, and Night Rebels leader, Kyle.

1. Verum

2. Lord Pain

3. 13yearoldn00b

Most Controversial Event 

It’s an extremely well known saying that controversy creates cash, and the nominations for this award have been nothing short of controversial, being subject to debate on more than one occassion. The nominees include the now infamous ‘Christmas Chaos’ finals with Sammie ‘the herb’ Dean. The return of Nachonnia and everything that followed with it. Ryan’s confession of being Qarv as well as the backlash that it caused. The exposure of the Whale Republic, completed by Zing King To. Tax1 oddly receiving both CEO and Legend in the same twenty-four-hour period. Mustapha being removed from the DCP with Badboy and 13yearoldn00b taking over and Zing becoming the CEO of CPA Central.

1. The ‘Christmas Chaos’ Finals

2. Ryan Admits to Being Qarv || Mustapha Removed From DCP

Best Chief Executive Officer

The CPA Central Chief Executive Officer acts as the figurehead of the media within the community. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the site and each attempts to do something to leave their mark. The nominations for this list include Jodie, who oversaw the SMAC merger to the CPA Central site. Kingfunks4 who is known for experience in working with CPA Central. Tax1 who was met with an unfortunate spout of inactivity and Zing King To, who is currently actively keeping the site active and building up the pages as a memorial to armies future.

1. Zing King To

2. Jodie | Kingfunks4

Best Staff Member

CPA Central would be nothing without its staff as it most likely would not be able to go on. During the Zakster and Mach era, the role of Primary Content Producer often fell to other staff members, something that has changed with the introduction of nominee Zing King To, as the CEO is once again the primary content producer, as should be the case. Other nominees include Sammie, Zoomey, Devan, DrFlen, Badboy and Verum.

1. Zing King To

2. Sammie | Verum

Best War

The Best War title goes to the war that kept the community interested for the majority time, it is an award of how good a war was whether that because of how hiliarious a one sided affair war was, such as the RPF vs. ACP war, or how bitter and hard thought it was, this is the recognition. The first war is Cobra vs. Thugs, The Pain Wars, The Grinch Wars, RPF vs. AR/ACP and Nachos vs. Army Republic

1. ‘The Pain Wars’ RPF vs. ACP/AR/Nachos

2. Nachos vs. Army Republic || RPF vs. Doritos Army

Most Dramatic Fall

For one army to rise to a spot, another must fall from a spot. This was the case with the following armies. Please note, that just because an army is here, it does not exclude them from the Largest Army category as this takes into account a four month period, an example of this is nominees, Night Warriors and Night Rebels. This category also includes the Thugs of CP, Takis Army, Wild Ninjas and Penguin Army Force.

1. Night Warriors

2. Night Rebels

3. Takis Army

Biggest Noob

Most like Olimad award is for… oh wait, I mean the Biggest Noob award. This award is for the more challenged members of the community, acting as a sort of CPA Central make a wish foundation. This award, acknowledges the stupidity of our most challenged individuals and give them the opportunity to feel rewarded for their efforts. The special members in our community include Devan, Zuke, Olimad, DrFlen, Security, Greecy, Elsa and Ireadbooks.

1. Olimad

2. Devan/Garrett101/Gar101

3. Security || Zuke

Most Achieved

This award goes to the person who has claimed the most accolades of recognition during the Winter months for their contributions to the CP Army Community. The nominees for this award include two people who managed to receive the rank of CEO in the form of Tax1 and Zing King To. It also includes Iceyfeet who has returned to help the Ice Warriors rise as well as the ACP conqueror, Lord Pain. Person of the Year 2016, Badboy also makes the nominations as well as UK Leader and Virtual Penguin sharehold_er, Waterkid101. Trader and Mustapha are also on the list for their roles in armies. We put Bam on too as we were running low on people.

1. Waterkid101

2. Zing King To

3. Lord Pain

Trophies will be added soon, apologies that they are late, this is due to unforeseen issues with the Graphics Department.

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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  2. biased towards nachos and zing but w/e security on top 3 noobs is spot on

    • …Of course it’s bias. It’s an Award Show on Popular Opinion… Opinion… the definition of an awards show with voting is bias.

      You say this like it’s a shocking thing?

    • How can awards based on viewer’s votes be biased?

  3. Love how all 4 on Biggest Noobs Zing has recently declared his enemy and has been targetting.

  4. Badboy and I took over, not just Badboy.

  5. The Shadow Troops are back…

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