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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? SWAT’s Generation Count

Mammoth, SWAT Capital – Badboy, SWAT Legend, has officially announced the shut down of the SWAT army. Will one of the most recent Top Ten contenders these past few years finally end, and how will this shut down affect other armies?

After having an admirable generation this past year, and consist.ent Top Ten positions, yet experiencing signs of turbulence. Badboy decided to shut down SWAT forever

On a post titled “The End of The Line”, Badboy explains why he shut down the army, and even went into its deep history along with his experience over the years in the army. You may see a passage of the long post below, or click HERE to read the full post.

For years we would say we had unfinished business, and I’m proud to say that our business was finished. Ganger Taco, and I made a promise back in 2012, and that was to get SWAT back to 1st on CPAC. And this year, we did just that. We were robbed of participating in this year’s Christmas Chaos because of biased CPAC staff and haters around the community jealous of our success. Through all the false claims of us cheating, we stuck together, and as a family, we grew, and we stayed a world power for three months straight, won multiple wars, and unleashed hell. This final generation of SWAT, and arguably its best, will never be forgotten.

I, myself, can’t explain how extraordinary this army has been. We have always been the underdog in this community and we have never faltered. I am so lucky to have grown here and have learned from Ganger, and I am so honored to be a part of SWAT history. He has truly made me into the leader I am today. And no matter what CPAC or anyone says, Ganger is a CP Army Legend and will never be forgotten.

With rumors heard earlier this week about internal leadership problems, Badboy goes into detail describing the army’s current situation and pushes out the hard work and effort he and his fellow leaders put in for the army. He then goes on to address just how much of a legend Ganger90, SWAT Creator, truly is. Afterwards he names off the “True Legends” of every SWAT generation putting out further history for this historic army.

SWAT in its prime

While a return is highly unlikely by other former leaders or by Badboy himself, who has just recently rejoined Ice Warriors, this could truly mean the end of Special Weapons and Tactics of Club Penguin. With a truly legendary Top Ten contender, who have shown their strength time and time again – and have rocked this community with scandals and wars, we are bound to see changes in the top tens to come.

\ === || EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW || === //

I managed to grab and interview with SWAT Legend, Badboy, who assured me of SWAT’s current state and gladly answered any further questions I had.

Bam: Are there any other reasons why you shut down SWAT?


Bam: Do you have anymore future after armies? Perhaps something to do with Somalia


Bam: Any last second messages to the community for now?


\ === || =================== || === //

WOW WHAT A INCREDIBLE INTERVIEW! That is what I’ll say once its completed and posted over the blank responses. Regardless I think we’ll see some changes in next weeks Top Ten lineup due to the death of SWAT. I’m a bit sad to see such a scandalous member of the CPA Community leave so soon considering the few weeks of Club Penguin we have left, but never the less, only time can tell how this will all end up.



What do YOU think? What do you think about SWAT shutting down? What do you think Ganger and Badboy will do when they can’t revive SWAT anymore? What do you think about my extreme sex appeal? What do you think Ice Warriors are going to coup Bad for next week?



CP Army Central Demoted Reporter Guy

Guy who’s literally the best at his job

(Slaying Bodies)

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  1. Still not as good as Thugs history

  2. Your GFX is awesome Bam 🙂 , I feel jealous of your skills :p

  3. The guy who succeeds in counting the number of SWAT generations should automatically be inducted as a legend

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