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Security Hops From Kings of CP (2) to Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – After achieving the glorious achievement of a ‘Biggest Noob’ nomination following outlandish claims of being one of the best UK Leaders ever and multiple army hopping offences, Security has now decided to hop to yet another army, this time, the Ice Warriors.

For the last few days, Security has been part of the Kings of CP (2) army which has been having some identity issues as of late, unaware of what exactly it is they want to call themselves. With some in the army calling themselves Kings of CP, while others call them Kings Republic, with others calling them Republic of the Kings Army and so on, the army has been having a few issues as of late.

On top of this, the Kings of CP (2), or whatever they happen to be called today, have recently been entangled in a bitter feud with the Thugs Army with an illegal war recently declared against them. There are now rumours that Security simply could not handle the pressure he had been placed under by the Thugs Army.

I went to the Kings of CP, or Kings Republic, or Republic of the Kings, whatever they want to call themselves’ website to look for a post in regards to Security hopping. I was unable to find a dedicated post with only a short mention of Security in the updates post.


New Leaders

  1. Samsungy
  2. Ben

-All owners and troops are required to create a Kik account. The Royal Command Kik will have upcoming events and if events are happening we will call you on Kik. You are required to come.

-Security has stepped down as leader.

As you can see, no reasons were given as to why Security would be stepping down from the army but it was made clear later on during the day when he was added to the Ice Warriors ownership for the rank of Second-in-Command.

This lack of loyalty to an army comes as no surprise as Security has been in Cobra, RPF, Ice Warriors, DCP, Redemption Force, Kings of CP, Kings Republic and other armies in just a short period of time. There does not however seem to be any negative impact between Kings of CP (2) and Ice Warriors as of yet.

What do YOU think? How many more armies would Security have joined before the end of armies? Will the Kings of CP (2) eventually decide on a name?

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


15 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on Thugs Of CP and commented:

  2. There was a time when Security used to be the most loyal troop in Teutons. Now he is challenging Dunno, Flen, and Justin(The veterans of army hopping)

  3. “Will kings of cp(2) decide on a name?”
    Yea I heard they are naming themselves Gays of cp 😀

  4. no this is so gay omfg sec hmu on my new kik it’s speedqb.mason i need to talk to u and for all u niggaz who thought i died nope i’m here enjoying my life outside of cpa with paintball and shit and my gf but whatever u can’t just change the name of kings without my permission i am the creator now that king died last year not u ik i been gone for a while but wtf this is super gay omg talk to me rn if anyone said i said any shit this past of the whole 2017 that’s so not fucking true last i was NW 2ic and i decided to just disappear but i hope me and pose and the other friends in thugs are still cool i still respect them but after sec doing this shit to pose and my friends like jay i lost complete respect for sec TALK TO ME RN BITCH

  5. lets not embarrass him any further lol.its my responsibility to tell u anyways

  6. tbh u pose and me rose kings better than sec truly.

  7. he just took credit

  8. Lol yet this kid calls himself a legend.

  9. me or security?

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