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Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Preliminary Round Predictions


The seeding, battles and information have all been released and now armies are planning how to be the winner of the final CP-based tournament hosted by CPA Central. The glory associated with winning this particular tournament will surely even outweigh the success of winning the first Legends Cup, with this title being taken by the Nachos in 2010. As with every tournament, we will provide our predictions on who we will think will advance to the next round, to provide you with a point for discussion and debate to speculate who will advance to the next round.

To remind you all on how the tournament works, we start with 12 armies in the Preliminary rounds. These armies are split into four battles of three armies, with the top two armies from each battle advancing to the Quarter-Finals. On both the left and right hand side of the tournament map below, the army that wins the top battle will face the army that is runner-up in the bottom battle, and vica versa with the army that wins the bottom battle facing the army that finishes second in the top battle.



Doritos vs Army of CP vs Army Republic

Three of the most historic and successful armies of our history will face eachother in what could be an incredible battle. While none of these armies have previously won the Legends Cup, a record that particularly haunts the ACP, they have all had history in this tournament and played a huge part over the years. Realistically, this battle should not be too difficult for the Doritos. In the most recent Top Ten the DCP overtook the Light Troops to take the top spot, while the AR and ACP completed the list finishing 9th and 10th respectively.

The DCP in an event last week

Based on this, it should be a direct fight for the second qualification spot between ACP and AR and this could be a very close fight. Both armies have the capacity to do well in this battle and the tournament as a whole, but it is difficult to judge. From my own personal judgement, I think that the Army of CP have the greater ability to get a result in this battle.

Winner: Doritos

Runner-Up: Army of CP

Eliminated: Army Republic


TPAF vs Ice Warriors vs Nachos

This battle includes two of the three most successful armies in the history of the Legends Cup, with the Nachos and Ice Warriors sharing four trophies. They have faced eachother twice in a Legends Cup Final, in 2010 and 2015, with one victory for each army in these two battles. It is therefore needless to say that these two armies have history and it is incredible that this is the first time that these two armies are drawn together in the very first round.

The Ice Warriors won the Legends Cup V Final in 2014, to get their revenge for Legends Cup I defeat against the very same army.

It will be a tough task for The Penguin Army Force, associated as a branch of the Spanish Army the Wild Ninjas, to get anything from this battle. It is impossible that they could upset the Nachos to get into second spot, but it seems that the Ice Warriors and Nachos should easily progress into the next round. It is a question of which army will come first during this battle, but the IW have shown recently that they are one of the most superior armies around at the moment and they should come out of the battle with victory.

Winner: Ice Warriors

Runner-Up: Nachos

Eliminated: The Penguin Army Force


RPF vs Wild Ninjas vs IAE

All three of these armies have had history in the Legends Cup, but none more than the Rebel Penguin Federation. They became the first army to win back-to-back titles in 2015 and 2016, beating the Water Vikings on both occasions. These two triumphs, added to their victory in 2013, put them level with the Ice Warriors on three Legends Cup wins. Coupled with their recent strong performances, it is hard to see past them for this battle.


RPF comfortably beat the Water Vikings seven months ago to win the Legends Cup VII

The Wild Ninjas can certainly provide a strong test for RPF in this round, with the Spanish Army being the surprise army of the tournament last year making it to the Quarter-Finals. The Imperial Argonauts Empire have previously been in this tournament as well, but with recent performances not even giving them a spot on the Top Ten this week, it is hard to see them get anything from this battle. It will be a close fight for victory in this battle, with WN outranking RPF in the recent top ten, but I feel that the RPF will be able to greatly improve to take victory.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Runner-Up: Wild Ninjas

Eliminated: Imperial Argonauts Empire


Thugs vs Hippos vs LT

The fourth and final battle of the preliminary rounds is certainly an interesting one. None of these armies have much particular history in the tournament, and only the LT would count as very historic army. The Light Troops are one of the top performing armies in the community this month and will be a hard force to stop, and it is hard to see how either the Thugs or Hippos will deal with such a big force.

LT came second in the most recent top ten.

The Thugs have improved drastically over the past few weeks and found themselves in the top five a few days ago, signalling their reach for power. They have the capability to cause an upset here, but will probably be tipped to victory by the Light Troops. The Hippos are an unknown force, but based on recent performances the Thugs are strong favourites to take that second spot.

Winner: Light Troops

Runner-Up: Thugs

Eliminated: Hippos


 The first battles are quickly approaching and anticipation is rising to see who will win the final Legends Cup tournament. Will the RPF make it three in a row, will the Ice Warriors or Nachos add another trophy to their collection, or will a new army take the title? Comment YOUR predictions and opinions for the Legends Cup VIII.


CPA Central CEO


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  4. RPF will slay every army. Let’s start buy diapers and wipes.
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