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CPAC ‘End of an Era’ Story Contest


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With our community on the verge of death and about to die, we are proud to present the CPAC ‘End of an Era’ Story Contest. This contest will run until the 4th March 2017.

Think you can write the best story about the closure of the Army Community? Publish your story in the CPAC comments section and it will be read by a panel of judges and the best story will be chosen to receive adspace and an XAT prize from CPA Central.

About The Story!

The story should centre around the news that the community is closing. You have just found out that Club Penguin is closing, this is now your time to get creative. Maybe you choose to go down the path of trying to keep the community open, maybe armies attempt to buy Club Penguin – it’s your choice. These are Club Penguin Army stories however so use Club Penguin rooms on the map. You can also use any igloo that you want, as well as former party rooms.

The characters of your story should be in some way, shape or form involved in the Club Penguin Army Community. They can be past or present community members, it doesn’t matter which. You may have as many characters as you want in the story – but make sure it revolves around the CP Army Community.

Rules of Entry

A winner of this contest will be chosen on the 4th March. Due to this, all entries are to be handed in by 5pm UK time on the 3rd March. Entries after this time will not be accepted and read on the 3rd. We will then announce the winning story, and the winner of the xat and adspace prize on 4th.

Remember to make sure that your story is based around the Club Penguin Army Community after the announcement in regards to the end of armies! Use characters from CP Armies, while you can also reference and invent characters, just make sure there are some players from CP Armies.

The stories shouldn’t be longer than 2000 words. If you have to go over, don’t worry too much but aim to stick to the 2000 or less word goal. This is just to help the judges as there will be plenty of entries to read.

How Is It Judged?

There will be a three person judging panel assembled to read the stories. Each judge will then be asked to mark the story in accordance to several factors. These marks will then be added up and who ever receives the most total marks will receive the prize. We will be marking the story on the following criteria.

  • Originality
  • Plot
  • Characters/Character Development
  • Grammar

Good luck to everyone participating!

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


21 Responses

  1. Here is what my story is based off of
    SpongeBob, this is the final straw. I am going to move so far away, that I will be able to brag about it. I would- [he is hit on the head with a rock] I would rather tear out my brain stem, carry it into the middle of the nearest four-way intersection, and skip rope with it, than go on living where I do now.
    Now here is the actual story
    Zing, this is the final straw. I am going to find something more fun than cp armies, that I will be able to get 70 people in my armies. I would- [gets hit on the head with a rock] I would rather tear out my brain stem, carry it into the middle of the nearest four-membered army chat and skip rope with it, than go on being in this online club penguin community that im in now

  2. grammar ? originality ? looks like I’ve already lost

  3. k so like im probably gonna be the only one to make an entry cause no one cares and im just doing this for the lols so like listen up and read this:

    so like elmikey got drunk and then he went home and he had sex with his husband silverburg and then he went to sleep and shit and then he woke up and logged onto his computer cumming all over it as he started to tab all the autotypers, so like the day was chill and stuff until his boyfriend jason (elm likes to cheat on silver every once in a while) links on rpf chat (literally the only place he goes to, the gay faggot) the post about the closure of cp

    immediately elmikey screamed and threw himself out the window where he rolled out onto the streets of tuxedo and all the brainwashed rpf subjects bowed down to him but then the nachos appeared and they started beating him up in front of the citizens of tuxedo and he screamed like a pussy, and they chopped his balls off until dcp came and they yelled ”allah akbar” and toy, elm’s ex-husband came to save him and started making out with elm and everyone looked away in horror until ar and the spics (WN) came and they both started beating up rpf cause they hated them and stuff for reasons and then swat came but bad shut them down cus why not and they disappeared from existence, then ice warriors came to freeze everyone but they accidentally freezed themselves and died, acp came and started beating up the rpf on steroids, and lt came but then waterkid decided to turn them back cause they had large ass pimples on their faces from their allergy to cp, so they returned to virtual penguin, and then kings and blue troops came and since they’re lame everyone killed them, then thugs showed up with hippos and they both maxed 1000000000000000000000000000000000+ and killed everyone except elmikey and his ex toysoldier

    elmikey and toysoldier ran away and illegally crossed into dcp territory like faggots, and they hid in the forest where they made out and had anal sex, then afterwards dcp troops found them with cum all over them and they deported them back to rpf where thugs and hippos killed them

    the end

  4. I was born in a small village. I was still a child when we were raided by soldiers. Nacho soldiers. Torn from my elders, I was made to speak their language, ese. With each new post, my masters changed. Along with the words they made me speak. With each change, I changed too… My thoughts, personality, how I saw right and wrong. Words can kill.

    -shredded remains of an rpf diary, with only the initials “LP” inscribed on the side

  5. rpf was having their last battle against nachos .rpf cat pulled the trigger on his gun and shot ay12 .ay12 died 6 seconds later.then verum shot rpf cat for revenge.rpf cat died 8 seconds later. rpf won the battle.before rpf and nachos left for there was a moment of silence .when they where on the ship to they where all attackedby bots and they all died.


  6. (oh god, I’m not sure what to think of this but here it is. Based off the Nacho-RPF shitpost war. Overdramaticazion is fun!)

    The sky was a flaming prawn hue and the air was full of fear. Screaming could be heard from all over the frozen island and panic spread like the plague. With the recent announcement that a giant asteroid was on collision course for Club Penguin and that no one would survive, the community was in chaos. As the giant space rock inched closer to the earth, the many armies of club penguin began to fight over land to see who’s flag would fly over the land in it’s dying days. Many soldiers were becoming sick in the head with panic and fled the island in attempts to save their own lives. Some were so deep in the hysteria they believed it was better to just end it all early instead of being swallowed up by the hellstorm that was to come. With soldiers falling left and right, the only armies who were really left to fight were the Nachos and Rebel Penguin Federation.
    It was only a matter of time before inevitable Armageddon. Pony Eee, a retired second in command lay hidden in the stolen capital of the Nacho army, Fjord. Before the mass panic, RPF had somehow managed to steal the city and put the citizens into labor camps to build their snowball guns and Mustapha’s robots. Pony, who had recently adopted the nickname “Till” when returning to the Nacho Army, looked up at the ebony flag that flew against the fiery sky in the center of town. “In my last hours I will ensure that the homeland belongs to my empire,” Pony thought to herself. With the city evacuated due to the hysteria, the task of removing the RPF flag should have been simple. But Pony was a smart girl, something that simple had to have tricks to it. She inched slowly out of the alleyway, Nacho flag tied around her waist like a belt. She looked left and right to ensure no one was around. As she drew close to the flagpole, a gunshot was heard.
    “Shit,” she cursed. Approaching the flagpole was RPF second in command Jason. “Step away, this city is ours. You can’t reclaim it now.” He taunted. Pony tipped her golden cavalier hat at him. “Greetings gentleman, but I do believe this land is MY land. Not your land.” she said, twirling her hair. “I was born and raised here this city. I enlisted with the Nachos as soon as I could and stayed as long as my education would allow me to. Now in it’s dying day I return to find my homeland in your filthy grips.” She put her hat back on. “Shut up, you geezer!” Jason screamed and shot his gun at the girl’s head. She ducked, the bullet grazing the tip of the feather on her hat. “Now now, Jason, don’t get too cocky. Though the rest of your army may be.” She reached behind her and pulled a shining rapier from the scabbard on her back. “Back in my day,” she laughed with a smug attitude, “we didn’t have any fancy guns. We play dirty.” She charged at Jason. He shot again, hitting her shoulder. Pony fell to the ground.
    “Get crunched, Till,” Jason uttered. He put his gun up to Pony’s head. Before he could pull the trigger to execute her, she used her unwounded arm to drive the rapier into him. “Viva los Nachos, bitch.” she whispered. The asteroid drew closer. She had to be fast! Mustering all her strength Pony crawled to the flagpole, and using her teeth and good arm climbed up to the top. Jason lay bleeding out on the ground. “You fool! No one is around to see the Nacho flag fly over this city and nobody will be in a minute or two!”
    “Well,” she yelled down at him, “With Death himself as my witness, I declare the city of Fjord returned to the Holy Nacho Empire!” She untied the flag from her belt, tore off the RPF one, and hung the brilliant orange flag from the strings of the flagpole. The RPF flag fell to the street below it and landed next to the fallen Jason.
    A cracking, fiery, angry sound filled the air. The ground in the distance was rising up as the large space rock slammed into the opposing end of the island. Pony watched from atop the flagpole, her uniform red with the blood from her shoulder wound, as the fireball edged closer to her and ultimately consumed her, the RPF overlord, and the city around them.
    Though swallowed by Armageddon, the Nacho Flag was the last to fly over Fjord. Viva los Nachos.

  7. All of these posts are about the RPF, I’m humbled!! Here’s a good story though

    Ever since the ACP had fallen under multiple leadership changes, the Nachos were the top dogs of the community. It seemed like nobody could stand up to them until the RPF came back and hit amazing sizes, stretching the Nachos out in a very long war that crippled them. The dagger in the heart for the Nachos was the Legends Cup finals, where the RPF would earn a swift victory. Soon, many Nacho leaders retired until finally, the head honcho Puckley decided he too would retire. The Nachos soon faded into irrelevancy, and have not been big since 2013. They are now led by a tryhard who talks shit but can’t lead past 20+, and they also have a 23 year old who has to make all of their flame posts for them because they have no creativity.

    There was never a rule saying that the story couldn’t be non-fiction 😉

    “Peo peo!H-o-o-o-n-k!” The Battle of The Gods has begun. Fire raged out of all the sides. It has been 2 days since Thugs and Nachos join forces and became the Tiger army. Armies tried to defeat the Tiger but it seemed impossible, until on day. The Tiger where training in the iceberg when suddenly they heard an explosion. The mighty RPF appeared out of nowhere. “Who dares to face the Tiger?” Pony asked glaring at her boyfriend Mutee. “We the RPF dare to face you!” responded Lord Pain. Suddenly Mutee threw a bomb at RPF. All the RPF citizens turned into ashes. “That was an easy win.” Muttered Mutee. Without a warning, the ashes on the ice reformed. The citizens of RPF arose from the ashes. “Pony, turn and face me!” Shouted Elmikey. “But. But, how?” Pony replied with fear on her eyes. “We, the RPF, won’t fall or fade. Especially to you.” Jason replied with a smirk. Just when the fight was going to start again, a ghost came between the Tiger and RPF. “Greetings my friends.” The ghost chuckle. “It is I, the mighty Gary.” At that moment everyone’s jaws were open in aw’s. “I will be honered to help RPF defeat the Tiger if it’s okay with you.” Gary glanced at Chip. “You are welcomed to.” Responded Chip. At that moment, Gary swallowed all the Tiger army. “Yummy!” He exclaimed. From that day on, RPF was the most fearless army ever. Some even nickname RPF “The Phoenix” due to that they have arose from the ashes.

    Keep a lookout for “GARY THE GHOST 2, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.”
    What will happen if the Tiger army turn into the living dead?

  9. There once was a person named Mustapha. He was of Mexican heritage and had a stocky build, rugged biceps, and a mustache. He owned a pet parrot that he fed crackers every day. On March 28, 2017, he was doing routine maintenance of his army base. The base belonged to an army known as the Doritos, of which he was the leader. The Doritos were bent on total conquest of Club Penguin, an island in the Southern Ocean. While walking towards his office, Mustapha received an urgent message from one of his top generals: “Boss, your cloning machine is firing out penguins at an alarming rate of 4 per 10 seconds. Our scientists believe that the rapid influx of penguins will make the island of Club Penguin sink into the ocean, killing everyone within an hour”. Mustapha asked, “Why won’t the machine stop?”. The general said back, “We believe somebody cut a wire inside the device, preventing its stoppage”. “Let’s consult Gary the Gadget Guy.”, said Mustapha. They hopped into Musta’s Bugatti and drove to Gary’s lab. Gary became reclusive after Club Penguin’s reformation in 2013, but still tinkered with gadgets every so often. Musta and his inferior entered the lab and told Gary the situation. Gary said that there was nothing he could do to stop the cloning device from making duplicates since the penguins getting cloned would experience sharp rises in blood pressure and die from heart attacks after being stationary in the machine for so long. Mustapha and his general drove back to the base preparing for doomsday. Their plan was to load an airplane with all the Doritos’ high-ranking officials, food, and survival items and escape to Antarctica. At approximately 11:06 that night, the soldiers were awakened by a violent rumbling noise. They rushed out of their sleeping quarters to find clones completely blocking the hallway. They jumped out a window and landed on some MORE clones. Everywhere they looked, they could see nothing but orange penguins covering the island. One general ran back inside and warned Musta about the shaking. They turned on a TV to a news bulletin: “Club Penguin is under attack by huge masses of orange penguins. Scientists believe that they are the cause of the island’s violent rumbling and estimate that the entire island will be underwater by tomorrow. Escape now while you can. This is Mii227X reporting. Goodbye….goodbye…”. Musta rose immediately and began loading supplies onto his large cargo plane. The other generals followed suit, and once they were finished, they took to the skies. Down below, businesses shattered, igloos were destroyed from the outside in, the lighthouse tipped over straight into the ocean; slowly but surely, the island began to sink into the sea; penguins loaded into boats in an attempt to escape. The military bases of the other armies were destroyed, the Dojo slid down the mountain, and the volcano behind it began to erupt. Mustapha and his men looked in horror at all the chaos before their eyes, but were grateful to be alive and escaping. But this gladness was short-lived. A mighty burst of lava spewed out of the volcano and melted one of the plane’s wings. The airplane descended from the sky and landed in the sea. Mustapha swam out of the fuselage surrounded by the bodies of dead penguins. He began to weep at his greed and might: his cloning machine, which was used to increase his number of troops, was the reason for all this destruction and the obliteration of a thriving island, where people lived, played, and laughed. He and the dead penguins were sucked underwater by a whirlpool, whereupon he drowned with the island he set out to conquer. An end to tyranny, and with it, an end to the happiness of so many.

  10. Once, the great Thugs Army was having some good training. All of our troops were energetic and we were having fun too. But all of a sudden some invalid ISIS army wearing blue shouted “ALLAH AKBER!” and started bombing us. The strong Thugs stood together and decided to face them. We burned most of the ISIS troops and captured some. The captured troops were sent into the chambers. Some troops retreated. But there was this one ISIS soldier who kept bombing and kept shouting “ALLAH AKBER!” “DIE YOU FOOLS”. Then he said something in an unknown language “ لكم جميعا لا قيمة لها. انا الأمن وسوف الملوك قتلك “ . We got to know that he was their autistic leader.We felt extremely sad for him as he was retarded and was handicapped. We took him to the borders of Tuxedo and abandoned him there. He was then adopted by great Elmikey. He was taken care of and was made RPF’s guard dog. He was a good dog except that he shouts “ALLAH AKBER” too often.
    THE END.
    Based on a real life incident……

  11. l thought l already made a comment, or did somebody delete my comment?

  12. War. War never changes. People live, people die, but war remains. It does not know gender, it does not know color, it does not even know species. For even a secluded frozen island of penguins became a breeding ground for the notorious, the courageous, and the victorious warriors that will remain in history forever. But don’t ask me, for you do not know my name.

    I couldn’t tell you when I first became involved in these famous clans of warriors. It must have been some time in 2010 when I was merely walking around the frozen tundra of Club Penguin and stumbled upon the snow forts in the legendary Mammoth. Boomer 20, Shaboomboom, Person1223 and so many more names I can recall stumbling upon. My orange appearance quickly gained me support from a group of people I would come to find were called, “The Nachos.” They commanded me to their side of the battlefield and I obeyed.

    So there I stood, finding myself instantly engrossed in a battle against a massive force calling themselves, “The Army of Club Penguin.” It must have been a good hour or two before the last standing soldiers finally ceased fire and went their separate ways. It was soon thereafter that I Googled both of these armies’ names and the rest is truly history.

    I came to find out that I was involved in the tail end of World War IV. I discovered a messaging board called “XAT” where I was introduced to many comrades. Naturally, I drifted to different sides of the community. I always preferred the high spirited and witty Nachos but also respected the brute force of the ACP and even became a moderating officer in both armies at one point. I witnessed the rebirth of a handful of deceased armies such as the Elites and also the Watex Warriors with some guy named Lucario. I met so many great people along the way and fought alongside so many caring individuals. I attempted to create armies, most of which were short lived and forgettable. But the impact that this community has had on my life will remain with me forever.

    It was in the ACP that I began talking to a wise soul literally named, “Sol.” We discussed much more than video games and I’d like to say we became legitimate friends. We even branched off and attempted to make armies on a new platform game called “Pandanda” at one point. Sol taught me much about life and myself and introduced me to real life practices such as meditation and inward focus. I have long since lost contact with my old friend but I hope that one day I have the opportunity to thank him for what he introduced to me as a person. If anyone has any ties to him, I only ask that maybe you relay this message for my sake. I want him to know that I am a better person for having known him, even if it was just over a video game.

    I even worked on this very website, Club Penguin Army Central, at one point. A certain Pringy took over as CEO and gave me the job of being a reporter. Alongside a brilliant mind named Delcrux I wrote a handful of reports and even did a Top Ten once upon a time. It was because of this website that I originally began to take writing more seriously and look where I am today.

    Now you know pretty much everything there is to know about my history here. Eventually, I got a little older and began to drift away from this community. I checked it less and less and found myself disappearing from many of the rankings due to inactivity. But I never stopped checking in on these forums. I never forgot about all of you even if you never even knew my name. Now, here I am at nineteen years of age writing this to you as a token of my gratitude for the years of life lessons, friendships, and joy you all brought to me. A community this loyal, this friendly, and this harmonious deserves to be reckoned and remembered. Yes, I know we’re just penguins in a video game, but this community is so, SO much more.

    My name is Master Kyl, and for what may be the last time I am signing off.


  13. (Page found on what was formerly known as the server Blizzard.)
    (From Mario988’s perspective)

    I have always been on the run. Whether it be from some armies and even other penguins. My parents had died fighting for the Rebel Penguin Federation, but I knew that they had died in vain, courtesy of the corruption within. I quickly learned that the only way to avoid the fighting, was to avoid myself, and live a life off the grid. I honestly don’t know how I was able to live alone all of those years, but for all I cared I lived.

    I soon found myself within the boundaries of Blizzard. This was a huge change for me as I came from the corrupted server of Tuxedo. Big, bright, colorful, and friendly were all understatements of the atmosphere this beautiful server had. Being the wary penguin I was, I still was very cautious when it came to these new places. I never dared go into shops, as they could of been filled with prying eyes. But one day, my curiosity lead me into the best mistake of my life.

    I was starving. The only places that I could get food from were either the Coffee Shop or the Pizza Parlor. I couldn’t take the risk of being seen by the goons of the Rebel Penguin Federation. All of a sudden, a blessing occurred. A lemon, juicy and sweet, fell from the sky. I picked it up and peeled the rind off. I popped it into my mouth, and instantly all of my worries and pains went away. More fell, and soon I had realized that the lemons had formed an arrow. I would have been more wary of this arrow, if of course it did not provide the same level of joy for me. My curiosity and instincts told me to follow the arrow and I soon found my way to a Nacho Recruit Camp.

    I had paced around the outside, for what was at least 30 minutes, when a tall, majestic, god-like figure approached me. I fell over, scared, and cowered from the figure. He just chuckled and handed me a lemon. “Hi! My name is Puckley!” he said with a grin. “And you are?” he asked. I replied, quavering, “Umm, Mm-Mario-nn-988 sir”. He chuckled again. “I am one of the leaders of the Nacho Army!” He exclaimed. “Would you like to join us?” he said. “I guess it couldn’t hurt. After all, I am on the run from the corrupted clutches of the RPF .” I replied. “Great! You can head on inside and we will get you situated from there.” Puckley said with a caring smile.

    After I had been introduced to all of the leaders, it was time for training.
    A general named Beeky was the weapons instructor. “Now, you must NOT pull the trigger until I give the command” He stressed to the whole class. “AND FIRE!” Beeky yelled. I fire 3 rounds on to my target, which was shaped like an enemy soldier. The weapon I was using was the Nacho Standard Snowball Rifle. All of the rounds hit the target, all being quite accurate. “I’m impressed how accurate you are, especially since you are a new recruit” Beeky exclaimed. I took that as a compliment and went about my day, learning about special tactics, field surgery, and even learning how to operate a CatTank. In the barracks, we told stories about our lives before becoming a recruit, and told stories of our 𝘮𝘰𝘴𝘵𝘭𝘺 humble beginnings.

    Several weeks later, I had graduated from the Nacho Academy, and became a private in the Nacho’s grand army. Soon, the Nachos would face off against ACP in what would be a successful war. Thenext summer we faced off against a treacherous RPF army, but we would then demolish them with the latest advancements in Nachonnian Technology. I eventually rose through the ranks and soon I would become a high-ranking officer. Yada, yada, yada, now we skip to a present day, nearly apocalyptic, Club Penguin.

    A giant nuke had been hurdled at the island of Club Penguin. Panic, fear, and even spite were all common emotions during these final few days. Many people wanted to end themselves early, before having to succumb to a horrendous death by a nuclear bomb. In the Nacho boardroom, Conno, Dan, Verum and the other generals are meeting up to discuss how to stop our fate. “Any ideas?” Conno asks, very concerned. “Well we could try to fix the main shield generator, but it could back fire and ultimately leave us doomed” I piped up. “Hmm, I like that idea but not the risks” He replies. The other generals agreed, but they did decide that fixing the shield generator would be a start.

    With all Nachonnian Engineers being tasked with this fateful,
    high-profile assignment, the Nacho Army had no time to rest when it came to training, alliances and keeping peace and order. Treaties were extended, more battles were scheduled, and the Nacho Riot Force was patrolling the streets. It was the darkest time for all of Club Penguin, and it was about to become even darker. Despite our utter hatred for one another, Nachos, RPF and several other armies signed a last minute emergency order that was only to be used if no real solution was found.

    The engineers spoke of the bad news. The shield generator was beyond repair. Sirens blared, as the nuclear warhead plummeted down to the surface. “RUN!” one citizen screamed in terror! “HIDE YO KIDS AND HIDE YO WIFE” another citizen cried! The leaders from all of the armies grimaced as they realized what they must do. They had unanimously decided to initiate “Vacate and Abdicate” which was when all armies would join up as one, evacuate citizens from the island, and sacrifice all of the soldiers lives, for the greater good. The island has been completely evacuated by now. All of us are waiting. The brave soldiers of all Club Penguin military forces. We are all waiting for our inevitable sacrifice, one army next to another, shoulder to shoulder, like the brothers in arms we truly are…

  14. I decided that I wanted to share some memories of Club Penguin instead of a story. I don’t care if I win this contest because at least everyone would know the precious memories I had in this virtual fantasy.
    My penguin’s name is called Cheesyface. I was interested on joining a Club Penguin army. I was clueless of who I was going to become. I decided to join RPF and went by the name Cuty. From that day on, I tried to attend each event.
    As Cuty, I made a lot of friends. This was when Carlos was an RPF leader. I remember that one of my friends was called Chickennuggetbiscuit.
    Chickennuggetbiscuit would get into a lot of trouble, but she was a great friend. Eventually, she got banned for being kicked 294820 times.
    Later, I changed my name to RPF CAT. This became my offical username. During this time, I invented the salute in RPF. I eventually got promoted and membership. The leaders were so nice. They sometimes let me lead some tacts for events. I remember that one time one of them posted one of my paintings on the RPF site. For Halloween RPF had a costume contest and I was picked to be on of the judge. It was a hard decision because everyone had a good costume.
    One of my best memory of RPF was when the legendary Shiny was holding a contest to see who could come up with the best RPF 2017 catchphrase. I entered my catchphrase “WE WON’T BOW DOWN!” I was surprised when my catchphrase was picked.
    My favorite memory of all is the memory of when I would say “TACO TIME” in chat and post the url of the song “It’s raining tacos.” I became very popular with this.
    Although Club Penguin is ending, I think that we should enjoy it while it last. Remember the joy it brought you when you were a child? I bet Club Penguin Island will do the same to the other childrens. Have fun and enjoy Club Penguin.

  15. It’s March 28, 11:58 P.M
    “Elmikey, what are we going to do?” cried an RPF noob”
    “Patience my dear penguin” said Elmikey
    Elmikey realizes it’s 11:59, someone with a life devoted to CP armies has to sacrifice themselves to the satanic Disney
    Elmikey realizes his destiny and casts himself into the Lake of Fire, saving Club Penguin armies
    Damn it Elmikey

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