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13YearOldN00b’s Final Departure From Armies

SUMMIT, DCP HQ – After leading the Doritos for months, 13YearOldN00b has decided to retire for good. How will this impact the Doritos? Read on to find out more.

It was only in late 2016 when we saw 13YearOldN00b return from retirement and become a key figure in this community. He immediately joined the Doritos as it was his home army throughout most of his career. The Doritos quickly rose under his leadership, and became a dominant force in CPA. After being kicked out of the army, he started a revolt to cleanse DCP of any cheating, and was successful alongside Badboy. Together, they and others led DCP to its first tournament win ever, the Christmas Chaos VI. Shortly after, he was named DCP legend.


13’s Leadership Highlights

After leading the Doritos for months, 13 has finally decided to call the quits. He explained why he decided to resign from CPA his retirement post, which can be seen below.

There comes a time where one must depart from their home, whether it be a reality or simply metaphorical. I have simply become enveloped in school work and other things relating to my real life. With that being said, I must resign from the DCP and the CPA community as a whole. DCP has done so many great things throughout my time here, and I thank every single one of you for letting me be a part of the prosperity, It’s truly been amazing seeing this army grow under certain circumstances, and I salute all of those who helped us prosper as an army. Back in December, I will forever quote December, we became a top contender in the army community, especially for the Christmas Chaos Cup, which we ended up taking home, shocking many. We were a world power, and we kicked ass while remaining the best for weeks. This is of course in reference to December, and some of January, where we remained a world power for several weeks. Unfortunately, this changed, as several people went inactive, including myself. I’d like to issue an apology to the DCP for my unexpected inactivity, I regret every second of it, as it did no good for the empire. I’d go in to another 4 paragraphs of general background about myself, but I don’t feel it’s necessary.

13 explains in his post that he had stepped down due to school and life related issues. He continues by talking about what he accomplished and how thankful he was to be apart of the Doritos again. The Doritos are very saddened by his retirement, but his legacy will live on.

Who will replace 13 in the Doritos? There has been speculation that Redemption Force creator, Reacon, will be joining the leadership. Reacon is known for multilogging in his own army, the Redemption Force. He has also been threatening to kill people in CPA. Although this will come as a surprise to many, it still has not been confirmed.

What do YOU think? Will 13YearOldN00b return? Will the Doritos fall? Comment YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Vice President


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