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Doritos Declare War On The Nachos

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Capital – Due to the fact that Club Penguin Armies is expected to end next month, the Doritos have decided to declare war on their fellow army who share the fact that they’re both named after crisps. Nevertheless, the Doritos on the 18th of February, 2017, have declared war on the Nachos.

The Doritos, currently led by Bam117, Mustapha10, 13yearoldn00b, Brad and Xxtoysoldier, are currently the army to beat in terms of Top Ten positionings due to them achieving an impressive ranking of first. Last week, the Doritos were second, only needing to progress one step to reach the top. However, they only just managed to achieve first as they beat the Light Troops by 0.75 points to receive the first spot. Contrastingly, the Nachos, led by Dan101, Verum, Conno and Cookky, have been struggling lately by achieving seventh place this week and receiving the sixth spot last week. So far, the Doritos are on the ascent with the Nachos on the decent.

A Nachos’ Event Against The RPF

On the 18th of February, 2017, Doritos’ leader, Mustapha, issued a state of war against the Nachos as the Doritos are believed to want to “eradicate them before CPA ends.” Mustapha claims the war is due to their hate for the Nachos which has built up from the past. This hatred of the Nachos has led to the war between both armies. Below is a short excerpt of this post:

The Dorito Empire hereby officially declares war on the scum army called Nachos. We will eradicate them and their idiocy before Club Penguin ends. No more boring training sessions, this is real war and this is where the real rise begins.

The full post can be viewed by clicking here!


 Following the declaration of war, the Nachos are yet to publish a response to the declaration of war. This could possibly mean that the Nachos plan to ignore the invasions or simply haven’t had time to react to the war, suggesting that the Nachos could be unready for the war. Also, the Nachos haven’t added the defences to their schedule to notify their troops of the war and to notify them when the battles will be taking place to let the troops and leaders prepare themselves.


To get a better insight into how the Doritos plan to go into this war, CPAC has managed to contact, 13yearoldn00b, Doritos’ leader, to get a clearer understanding of the reasons behind the war.

Interview with Doritos’ Leader, 13yearoldn00b:

CPAC: Why did the Doritos declare war on the Nachos?

13yearoldn00b: Well, as an empire, we were simply getting bored. We found it really important that the last days should remain the most remembered, with that being said, we decided declaring war on the evil Nachos would suppress this boredom

CPAC: How do you plan on winning this war?

13yearoldn00b: Easy; we have dedicated troops and we plan on directing ruthless aggression towards the Nachos. Their suffering will not be spared under any circumstance. We intend on fully occupying their empire and their dignity.

CPAC: How long do you think this war will last?

13yearoldn00b: Personally, I believe this won’t last for more than two weeks, possibly a bit longer than that. This is considering the fact that we will show absolute no mercy towards the Nachos. We will aid RPF in obliterating the Nachos quickly and effective.

CPAC: Any final comments?

13yearoldn00b: Fear the shield.


From the interview, we can see that the Doritos believe that the war will be a short one due to the fact that they plan to be relentless and to show no mercy which will help the Nachos in this war. Also, the fact that RPF are at war with the Nachos is even better for the Doritos as the armies could possibly unite to attack the Nachos!

 What do YOU think? Will the Nachos win this war? Will the Doritos overpower the Nachos? Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central Vice President


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  1. Can you edit my last answer? Quickly and effectively*

  2. Cowardly move by the Doritos, gang banging Nachos.

  3. We. Do. Not. Care.

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