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DrFlen Retires From Ice Warriors… Again

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Ice Warriors Headquarters – In a move that has surprised no one, DrFlen, also known as Jazzer, also known as the Bluesockwa’s Head Speaker, also known as CPWorld2001 has decided to retire from the CP Army Community.

On February 16th, DrFlen was fired from CPA Central following inappropriate conduct and generally being annoying. Despite claiming that CPA Central could not fire him due to his status as the ‘Official Head Speaker of the Bluesockwa Brothers’, the Bluesockwa Brothers have claimed that they have not spoken to Flen “in months” and have no idea what he is talking about. Upon asking Flen about this, he linked me to a post published on the Ice Warriors.

The post was a blatant shot at CPA Central’s current Chief Executive Officer, Zing King To mimicking and quoting a segment of his inauguration post in his title. The post was entitled “For the People, or by the people? – The truth of this community // Retirement of DrFlen” in a title that is about as grammatically correct as the majority of his published works.

Hello, I am not going to make all those bloody long posts about retirement, because I am not one of those who wants to be dramatic. I am a straight forward person.

The community has changed and been filled with cheaters, losers, and idiots. If you ask me, these so called ‘End months’ or ‘End times’ are nothing to me. Club Penguin Armies died the say people brought bot recruiting into the community. If you ask me, I’ve played the biggest role in killing this community, and I am sorry for it.

As holy people say, sorry is nothing when it’s too late for it. Hopefully, if this community opens back someday, the new troops will watch this post by me and learn to never start walking on a wrong path.

For the last time, warriors.

Don’t Freeze UP

Fight the Good Fight

Burn the Light

and, Glory to Light


~CPWorld2001, Former RPF 2ic, IW 2ic, DW Leader, LT 3ic

As you can see from the above post, despite claiming not to be one for drama, DrFlen decided to call out everyone in the community believing that the body has become corrupted with cheaters, losers and idiots. Once again, the post was quite hard to understand as a result of frequent grammar and spelling mistakes. Flen then went on to mumble something about bot recruiting before taking credit for the death of the community.

In an extremely amusing turn of events, DrFlen then managed to show loyalty to four different armies in his retirement post showing how uneventful his career as an army hopper actually has been. He showed loyalty to the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors and Light Troops in one post – therefore not actually showing any loyalty as a result.

DrFlen apparently announced on chat that he had intentions of ending more than his CP career, and if this is true – CPA Central wishes him well with it. He has not been seen yet however times of rejoice have been reported at both the Ice Warriors chat and the CPA Central Staff Room.

What do YOU think? Do you care? Will he be back tomorrow?

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


6 Responses

  1. I am so happy that CPworld2001 aka ‘Legend Flen’ is finally retired. He has successfully achieved the title of Biggest Hopper in the CPA community(even surpassing Dunno, Justin Fortsa, Jonty99 etc.) also I am sure that nobody in this community is going to miss him(Thugs, Nachos and many others have already launched Anti-Flen petition so maybe he is quitting because of it). I would also love if CPAC makes a list of Biggest Hoppers in CPA ever, and mentions Flen in it for one last time Lol.

    May god help this kid, and once again nice post Zing 🙂

  2. Don’t Freeze UP

    Fight the Good Fight

    Burn the Light

    and, Glory to Light

    ok flen, whats with all of these mottos? are you hopping again? did you finally retired?

  3. When did this kid lead DW?

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