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30 Most Influential Army Leaders Of All Time: #30-26


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – One of the much debated topics in Club Penguin Army history is that of “Most Influential Leader” calling for a multitude of different opinions. The newer troops would not find themselves exposed to some of the faces embedded in the older generation’s minds believing the likes of Olimad or Super Edwin would be on the list. For an entire existence, we have seen many great leaders come and go but only some have had unmatched influence in their time within the community. For the purpose of this list, we have taken every leader into account since the dawn of armies. Thus, we bring you a six-part series that we are very excited to begin: The Top 30 Most Influential Leaders of All Time.

As this is the first post, I thought I’d start by introducing the process on how this will work. Each Sunday for the next six weeks, including today – a new installment of this list will be published counting down the Top 30 Most Influential Army Leaders of All Time. Each post will feature five individuals. This list has been devised using the knowledge of multiple army veterans as well as the recommendations and nominations from the Army Community. We’ve only focused on one thing for making this list, influence. While influence does generally go hand-in-hand with leadership ability, this list does not show the Greatest Army Leaders in the community, it shows those who are the most influential. It cannot be said enough that so many of the ranks in our list of 30 are easily interchangeable, which made narrowing this list down a lot harder.

We completely invite feedback of all kinds to this post and we look forward to the guaranteed discussion that this list will bring about. Without further ado, please allow me to present to you the #30-#26 rankings on the Most Influential Army Leaders of All Time list.


30. Pochoma123


One of the finest graphic designers in the community was Pochoma123, whose graphics are still admired today for their messy and ‘in-your-face’ style that even CPA Central benefited from. Not only were his graphics often regarded as influential, his Club Penguin Cheats Site aided him in recruiting troops into the armies that he was in, who would otherwise have been simply casual Club Penguin players. While his graphics were used by many, and he did have a hand in recruiting several people to the community, his achievements in armies possibly outrank that of his blogging or graphic achievements, even if they are somewhat forgotten and more of an afterthought.

Pochoma was mainly involved in the Roman Fire Warriors. The army later changed its name to simply the Fire Warriors and Pochoma remained loyal following the name change. He played a prominent role in Fire Warriors’ rise in the ranks and their subsequent gain of status as a Major Army. He was also known for his time in the Ninjas Army in 2012.

The Ninjas was an army that consistently took the fight to the Army of Club Penguin, still achieving large sizes on Club Penguin. Pochoma’s ability as an army leader was evident with his tournament successes seeing them finishing just short of victory in many CPA Central tournaments, as well as contending for the top spot within Club Penguin Armies with the ACP on multiple editions of the Top Ten. Pochoma allowed for many upcoming graphic designers to be able to show off and also make a name for themselves in this community through the use of their art.

– Zing King To, CPA Central CEO and SM Army Legend



29. Batista1822


Batista1822 usually is not mentioned without World War IV following somewhere closely along by. Batista was known for what he did as part of that war; more specifically, for what he created. Batista was responsible for the creation of the Grand Alliance which featured the Underground Mafias Army, the Nacho Army and the Ice Warriors – a force that was extremely strong throughout the war. He was viewed by some as the leader of the Grand Alliance, although this has been a point for debate for many years.

The very first coup d’état in the history of Underground Mafias Army can be traced back to Batista1822. The now Major Army Legend instigated the coup during his second term as UMA leader, overthrowing what he claimed to be a “poor leadership”. This action paved the way for takeovers to become more universally accepted within the community, and within the UMA. Had he not made the choice he did, UMA’s legacy could surely have lessened under the poor leadership. His actions triggered more seizures of power to occur in the community, and was a key demonstrator of how good they can be for an army.

While full credit can not be awarded for the development of this arrangement, Batista did help to develop formations such as the ‘L’ shape, which is still used today when a line down is simply not enough to sustain the sheer sizes of an army. He used this to insult his opposition – to refer to them as losers. Batista is the first leader in recorded history to use a formation to insult his opponents, something that was later adopted by armies such as the Purple Republic. Batista therefore changed the nature of formations forever. He is also credited for reasserting the influence held by the Underground Mafias Army in modern armies.

– Zing King To, CPA Central CEO and SM Army Legend



28. Gu Gu Pengu

Image result for club penguin gpr

Our community has seen many antagonists over the last few years. However, among them sits the first real army antagonist in the community, Gu Gu Penguin. In May 2007, he created Gugu Pengu’s Romans (GPR) which was a United Kingdom army, and the first significant one of its kind. This was very important for the establishment of the United Kingdom as a dominant division and a move away from the generic United States of America biases that armies had. The army went so far as to show heated levels of aggression against American Armies, such as the Army of Club Penguin.

These levels of aggression allowed for Gu Gu Penguin to be cemented in history as a Club Penguin Major Army Legend. Early on into his career as an Army Leader, Gu Gu Penguin found himself to be a fierce rival of the Vikings Army, who, following a frequent prolonged war that often looked as if there was no end in site, he managed to defeat. Despite being a UK-based army, Gugu Pengu’s Romans were able to match the Army of Club Penguin soldier-for-soldier in battles following Oagalthorp’s declaration of war.

Gu Gu Pengu was the first prominent army leader in the community to find themselves coveted in high amounts of controversy. Without him, it’s likely that the idea of controversy being good would not have existed, or would have at least taken longer to be discovered. He paved the way for many United Kingdom leaders and troops, and exercised the importance of the UK as a division within the community, proving that it wasn’t simply just America who could play a vital role.

– Zing King To, CPA Central CEO and SM Army Legend



27. Watex/Fever


Watex, also known in the community as Fever50, is of course famous for being a member of the Watex Warriors. What people do not realize however, is that Watex didn’t actually create the Watex Warriors, but did lead the army multiple times – including throughout the Watex Wars, better known as the Tundra Wars. The Tundra Wars were a massive part of our history with battles that have been recorded to last up to 9 hours. A nine-hour battle was an example of these wars, referred to by some as World War Four. This was also a war that I was lucky enough to serve in.

The thing that Watex is also associated with, perhaps chiefly by some, is his blog website, ‘The Club Penguin Cheats’. This was a website that Watex managed to attract casual Club Penguin players with. His blog was intended as a cheat site for Club Penguin, showing things such as where the newest pin is or how to win at a game. Once the casual fans of the game had found his site, Watex was able to use it as an effective tool for recruiting – in essence, making the community bigger. The Watex Warriors’ leader revolutionized recruiting this way showing that cheat sites could be effective, strategies later adopted by other leaders who failed to find the same measure of success that Watex did.

The official CPA Central Legends Page currently lists Watex as a Major Army Legend. As his biography states, Watex managed to bring in hundreds to the community with his site being one of the most popular of all time, third perhaps to only Chrisdog97 and Mimo777. Watex’s effect and influence on the size of the community simply can not be argued with as he then attempted to emulate the success he had with blog recruiting, onto his forum.

– Zing King To, CPA Central CEO and SM Army Legend



26. Db Penguin


Sports, politics, national services, and the army are only some of the fields which have begun to smash down the figurative glass ceiling preventing women from succeeding in the world. You need look no further than Db Penguin to find the woman who broke through this ceiling for women in armies. Db Penguin is one of the most famous women to ever grace the army community, also holding the honour of being the first woman on the Legends Page. She paved the way for many female soldiers to find their place in the army community.

She is also responsible for the creation of the Club Penguin Air Force, becoming the first female in armies to make an army that gained relevance. Following the February 2007 creation of the Club Penguin Air Force, Db Penguin and the army played a key part in World War III, jumping to the aid of the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation to take down the Underground Mafias Army in what people still regard the most important war in the community’s history.

The Air Force eventually merged with the United Penguin Army. Following a leadership vote, Db Penguin managed to win the election in a very impressive fashion with a landslide majority. Without Db Penguin, the status of females in the community would have remained lower with the glass ceiling not being broken when it was. As the Air Force played a key part in World War III, without her it’s possible that UMA could have won the war which, would have surely changed the landscape of the community altogether.

– Zing King To, CPA Central CEO and SM Army Legend

That concludes the first installment of our list with #25 to #21 being posted next Saturday. As always, CPA Central invites you to discuss our choices below in the comments. As a random bit of trivia, the number 30 spot is currently the fourth most swapped spot since we made this list, spotting only three other ranks more so than we did to finally arrive at who we did. We invite you to check back next weekend to find out five more people who will be added to the list.

What do YOU think? Who do YOU think will be in the next batch of people on the list? Who will be #1?

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


17 Responses

  1. Hopefully RPF gets #1

  2. I wouldn’t even consider Watex a leader tbh, instead use Luc or Bri(Scampi Bri) or Wii Mountain.

  3. When you’re compared to the likes of olimad.

  4. It’s nice to see Bat get the credit he deserves. Hands down my favorite leader to server under and I surely wouldn’t have stayed in this community if not for him recruiting me back into UMA right before RUMA.

  5. Good thing you wrote your name and “SM ARMY LEGEND” after every entry lol

    • It’s because there were 30 bios, and about 7 staff members meant to be working on them, so we put our names on.

      It just so happened that 30-26 were in the bios that I had done.

  6. thugs will be number 1

  7. When or If I ever see dbpenguin (Dani) again. I will show her this so she can see how important she was to the army community.

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