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Into The Vault: Legends Cup V Finals – Nachos vs. Ice Warriors


Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – Today we bring you the third edition of into the vault! As Club Penguin’s end comes closer and closer we’re going to bring more of Into the Vault out so everyone from our community can look back and remember the good times. Today we look back at a seriously intense and fierce battle in the Legends Cup V Finals between the Nachos and the Ice Warriors.

Going into the  Legends Cup V Finals, the Nachos were the underdog. The Ice Warriors were known as a dominate army. Nachos had beaten the Chaos Army, Dark Warriors and Light Troops before they got to the finals.The Ice Warriors had beaten armies like the Doritos, the Army of Club Penguin and the Night Warriors to get into the final. Although the Nachos were the underdog people actually believed Nachos could win. It’s was getting ready to be an epic encounter.


The battle began in the Ice Berg. Both armies had sizes of over 25, however, the Ice Warriors seemed to have had the size advantage. The Nachos’ tactics were great but the Ice Warriors were doing just as well with their tactics. Both armies continued to battle not giving up and spamming as much tactics as possible. Neither army could be made victor in this room as Nachos managed to have the tactics side of things and Ice Warriors had size advantage.

After about fifteen minutes into the battle, they switched to a new room. This time it was the Snow Forts. The Nachos had size advantage and continued to run away with the tactical advantage as well. The Ice Warriors tried their best but the Nachos managed to get 30 people into the room and the Ice Warriors only managed 25. The Nachos were made victorious in this room making things start to look good for them and making things look bad for the Ice Warriors.

The next room was the Stadium. The room was made for larger sizes meaning both armies could fit more people into the room. The Ice Warriors peaked at 40 in the room while the Nachos only managed to get about 30 into the room. Although Nachos were trying to use their tactics to their advantage it was no match for the larger and more dominate Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors were crowned the victors of the Stadium which made things even between both armies. The battle continued to be a really close one.

Since the score was now 1-1-1 the judges decided overtime was needed. The next room was picked to be the Beach. This was a very big part of the tournament. From here it was every army for themselves and winner takes all. The armies were neck on neck. However, the Ice Warriors’ sizes manged to overtake the Nachos’ sizes. The Nachos managed to stay close to the Ice Warriors’ size though and tried to spam tactics as fast as possible. This room was the hardest room to pick a winner in because both armies looked really strong. However, eventually a winner was picked and the Legends Cup V tournament had came to an end.

Screenshot at Aug 23 15-49-28

The judges took over ten minutes to decide who won. It was a very close battle but eventually it was told that the Ice Warriors won with a vote of 3-2, which was a close vote. The Nachos were upset but knew the Ice Warriors were slightly better. The Ice Warriors celebrated winning the Legends Cup V. They had worked very hard to win it.


I personally feel like this was an amazing battle, especially between two great armies. I wish we could see more battles like this but with Club Penguin coming to an end, we might not ever see another battle like this again, which is unfortunate. Like every other tournament, the entire community had been watching, even leaders who had their armies knocked out in the earlier stages of the tournament. Some people say the Legends Cup is the biggest battle of the year as it is near the summer when almost all armies are big. There would’ve been a great atmosphere at this battle too which would’ve been better too, making the battle even more intense.

What do YOU think? Did the  Ice Warriors deserve to win? Did the Nachos deserve to win? Who do you think did better?
Here at CPAC we want YOUR opinions!

Epic Master

CPA Central Associate Producer


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  1. What a moment 😉

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