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Green Ninjas Chat Taken Over

Unknown Territory, GN Capital – After just recently returning to the community today the Green Ninjas chat was taken over by their own moderator who was given the chat password.

After first being created in 2014 by Flen and Wenny3. The army was getting sizes of 30+. After being shut down in late 2014 the site was deleted by Wenny and they didn’t return for years.

On February 5th the Green Ninjas returned under the leadership of Luke. They held two events getting sizes of three and six. Later that week they placed 10th on CPAC’s Top 10 Armies.


On Valentine’s day, people spotted a new main owner on the Green Ninjas chat. A moderator by the name of Charlie had been given the password. After speaking with him with him I found out that he was given the password to change the outer background on the chat. He also said that he was a Doritos member. After getting main owner, he soon made the background a Doritos of CP banner.

After asking him for the chat pass once he said it in the main chatroom. I changed the password and reset the chat. Later that night I gave the password to Flen, GN creator who reset and took back the chat.

Following that Flen released a post on the GN site announcing the Green Ninjas would be shutting down. He also talks about how he didn’t want Luke leading. He also said that Luke had made himself a legend and removed the other real legends. Below is Flen’s post on the GN site announcing their shutdown.

When I created this army alongside Wenny3 in 2014, our motto was to be the biggest and the best army. We achieved what we both aimed, Green Ninjas maxed 30 troops in 30 2014 and later the army was shut down. Our old website was deleted because of Wenny3. However, this website was a memory.

Luke asked me if he can reopen this army and I told him he can’t lead. Yet Luke asked Wenny3 to add him to this website and re-opened the army without telling me. I had a word with Wenny3 today, and we’ve both decided to remove Luke and shut down this army forever. With that said, Luke also added himself to the legends page and remove everyone else. Legends page will be restored shortly, and furthur more, Lukes’ legend status has been revoked.


~Flen, GN Creator

As you can probably tell Flen did not like this generation of GN and never wanted them back. He also talks about how Luke removed GN legends and added himself on.

So what do YOU think? Was the shutdown necessary? Why did Luke give Charlies the password? Comment your thoughts and opinions below.


CPAC Editor in Chief 


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  1. well, thats what happens when u give some random fag ur chat password

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