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SWAT Return To The Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SWAT’s Nation – With the end of Club Penguin inevitable, we see a plethora of armies either returning to the community or being created for the leaders to get “last minute fame”. So like the other armies, the SWAT army has been recreated to show their alleged superiority over armies but will their plan succeed?

The SWAT army, first created by Ganger90, are arguably one of the most well-known armies as they’ve had many generations which have been mostly successful. The previous generation of the SWAT was very short and ended abruptly; this generation only held two events with both events getting sizes of 20. Caused by inactivity, the SWAT army shortly died. Below is a picture from the previous generation of SWAT:


A Previous Returning Event For SWAT.

However, almost a year later, the SWAT returned on the 10th of February. Led by multiple leaders including Badboy and Taco, the SWAT published a statement which talks about their return which can be seen below. In the following post, it says that SWAT are the finest army which suggests that the leaders have strong, passionate beliefs about the army’s success and with the return of the army we could see the leaders trying to prove this.

We’re here because we’re the best. Club Penguin is closing and we will be on top when that happens. We are the finest army. Hell Will Be Unleashed. 

After the initial post by Taco, SWAT legend, Badboy, wrote a statement calling for all the SWAT veterans, old members and old leaders to return to the army for one final ride. In the post, Badboy says that SWAT are returning for their last generation following the announcement that Club Penguin will be closing in March. Below is a short excerpt from this post where Badboy goes in detail about how wants this generation to work.

I don’t really care what sizes we get or how we will be viewed by the rest of the community. All I want to get out of this last generation is to reunite with my brothers and just have fun. I want to log on for events and feel like I’m a little kid again waddling around Club Penguin in 2009. This isn’t meant to be a popularity contest, this isn’t meant to be a place where 24/7 work is required to get massive sizes and ruin the idea of fun in this game. SWAT is the best & most ruthless army ever created, and I don’t need a top ten to tell me so. This time around we will have events for fun and only fun. If you are someone who will only focus on top ten & overall performance, then this isn’t the army for you.

I am calling on all SWAT legends, veterans and anyone who was in SWAT past or present. This is the final showdown, there won’t be another chance at this. Spend CPA’s final days where it all started for you, I guarantee this is one ride you won’t want to miss. Hell will be unleashed.

If you wish to read the full post, click HERE

It’s very clear that SWAT leaders alongside Badboy want the generation to be fun with the army not worrying about their sizes too much but for everyone to focus on having fun whilst they can due to the undesirable end to Club Penguin Armies which has been despised by everyone in the community.


Although events were scheduled to take place, none occurred which could indicate that the SWAT won’t be as active as they’ve been in other generations. Also, like previous generations, there could be a reluctance to hold events which will make the army extremely inactive and could cause a premature death to the army.


Personally, I think that if SWAT don’t hold any events soon, they won’t carry on with their return and will abandon the idea. However, if SWAT choose to hold some events soon which are fun, they’ll manage to recruit lots of people which will cause a massive ascent in the number of troops in events etc.

What do you think? Will the SWAT hold any events or will they abandon their plans for their last ever generation?

Comment your opinion below!


CPA Central Vice President


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