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Light Troops Take On The Ice Warriors On Ice Box

ICE BOX, Light Troops’ Nation – Today, after competition about who is the most superior army, a practice battle occurred between the Light Troops and the Ice Warriors. The Practice Battle comes after the Light Troops achieve first place in the weekly Top Ten to demonstrate why they’re the first place!

February the 14th, also known as Valentines Day, saw a disruption for the day where others are supposed to show love to others when the battle was rather competitive as both armies fought for superiority to win the practice battle. Both armies logged on for a UK Division Practice Battle which lasted roughly around 10 minutes with the Light Troops logging on fifteen minutes prior to the event with the Ice Warriors logging on only five minutes before the event, leaving the Light Troops to gain a slight advantage as they had more time to log their troops on. The clear winner of the Practice Battle was the Light Troops due to their superior size and tactics.

The battle was fought on the server of Ice Box which is owned by the Light Troops. The battle comes after the Light Troops achieve the first spot on the CPA Central Top Ten, leaving the Light Troops as favourites due to their higher ranking in the Top Ten. However, the Ice Warriors have been struggling recently and appeared on the fourth spot which is close to where the Ice Warriors wish to be. Like the Light Troops, the Ice Warriors made their reappearance on the Top Ten this week. Perhaps the Practice Battle was an opportunity for the Ice Warriors to prove themselves in a battle with the top ranking army.

Following the battle, the Light Troops published a post entitled “[UK] Practice Battle vs. Ice Warriors Results”, claiming their victory which was backed up by the non-existence of an Ice Warriors post claiming a victory. Below is an excerpt from the Light Troops’ victory post but you can read the full post by clicking here!

After almost a year of being in the grave, we returned to Club Penguin with a bang. I’m very proud of our troops from Virtual Penguin and the troops we recruited from Club Penguin over the past couple of days. We were meant to battle the ACP, Nachos and Ice Warriors, however only the Ice Wariors showed up. We dominated them in the battle and the battle was over in 10 minutes. Thank you, Ice Warriors, for at least showing up and putting up a fight.

As you can see from the post if you choose to read it or by looking at the picture below, you will be able to see that the Light Troops maxed 41 whilst averaging around 38. On the contrary, Ice Warriors maxed and average around 10 throughout the battle. Below is a picture of the battle:

The Battle Between The Light Troops And The Ice Warriors

The Light Troops started off this Practice Battle by inviting the ACP, the Ice Warriors and the Nachos to a four-way battle, however, both the ACP and the Nachos didn’t turn up leaving the Light Troops alone until the Ice Warriors turned up to try and battle the Light Troops. However, the Ice Warriors were no match for the Light Troops due to the fact that they were outnumbered massively which caused the battle to be one sided. It’s unfortunate that the ACP and the Nachos didn’t attend to make the battle more interesting.

The victory for the Light Troops could mean that they target the Ice Warriors in a war to gain more servers to build their empire but it could also mean that the armies become allies as it appears that the Light Troops have respect for the Ice Warriors as they actually showed up to the battle whereas the Nachos and the ACP chose not to.


What do YOU think? Do the Ice Warriors need to worry about the threat of a rising LT? Will the Light Troops declare war on the Ice Warriors after beating them in a Practice Battle?

Comment your opinions below!


CPA Central Vice President


3 Responses

  1. ACP won

  2. There;s an error, you said “battle between Nachos and Ice Warriors” when it should be Light Troops.

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