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Statement Regarding CPA Central Administration and Policies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With armies moving into their final months and armies striving to achieve sizes not seen since the Golden Ages of CP Armies, it’s only right that CPA Central is at its peak as well. Within the past weeks, the quality of the website has undoubtedly taken a hit and several changes have been put in place to ensure that the website returns to the quality previously seen before recent events.

I’ve been involved in the website for nearly seven years now, and I know that quality and quantity of posts are the two most important aspects of the website. Other people sometimes focus on other parts of the website, but the production of posts and the supplying of news and discussion points are the most relevant things, and ultimately why this website is here. Since the defacing and announcement of CP’s closure, some motivation seems to have been lost, but that is changing today. After a discussion with the Chief Executive Officers, it has been agreed that I will return to join them and, for my third official time, be CEO. I hope that my experience during my time at the website before will help to provide the foundations needed for a successful website – because ultimately CPA Central doing well is good for everyone involved in the community. 

There are several key aspects to the website that I will address, including policies on the legends page and Top Ten events which I find key to those concerned. The key topics, apart from post quality and staff structure which I will announce privately to my staff, are listed below with a brief description of my thoughts. 


CPPS Events & The Top Ten

Putting the discussion about CPPS events simply, it is obvious to me that we are CP Armies and not CPPS Armies, so the decision to allow events on other platforms is incorrect and one I strongly disagree with. The use of CPPS can easily be manipulated, such as armies owning their own servers and the increased possibility of multilogging, but even without these things attached the idea of not having events on CP goes against our ideology. Therefore, with agreement in this stance from fellow CEO Zing, all events must be on Club Penguin ONLY to count towards events

Believe me when I say that this is not an attack on those particular armies that use CPPS, but a stance that I have always held throughout my time in armies. Only when, and of course if, we move to a different platform will those events be included. This has been announced today in accordance with the Top Ten, to allow for armies to plan their week and use the correct platform for their events. 


The Legends Page

This is not a project that I should or will get involved in at all, given my position in the situation, but it is something that I can talk about. Zing has made it very clear on his attention to take over the project of restoring the Legends Page to what we, and the community, feel is what it should be in these closing months. The Legends Page has always been a shrine to celebrate only those who have made the most impact on our community and, particularly in the last induction, several names should evidently not be on there. Therefore, I agree and support Zing’s push to alter this page and the process of electing Legends to the page.


Tournaments & Events

We plan to have many posts, events and tournaments going on over the next few months, to celebrate and commemorate our community. Many of these events have already been announced, but I would like to clarify a few of the things that I will ensure on CPA Central hosting and completing over the next month or so.

  • Legends Cup VIII – Seedings and Battles to be announced after the next top ten.
  • Final Battle – Details of a massive final battle before CP’s closure to be announced closer to the date.
  • Top Thirty Most Influential – A list of the most influential leaders, assembled by the community, Iceyfeet and others.
  • Other Commemorative Posts – Details of other posts to be confirmed.

We hope that all of these events and plans are what you would like, but we would still like any ideas you have, either in comments or directly to a Chief Executive Officer, and we may be able to accommodate them into our plans.


With these being the last weeks, it is important that we all join together to make sure that these are some of the best that we’ve had to date. I have decided that I wanted to be a part of this and that this was the ideal role for me, one that I could give my best to. I hope that everyone is behind the plans and structure of the website – we are open to any comments and feedback to improve upon our website and how we run. We are here for you, and we would like to provide the quality that you deserve.


CPA Central CEO


11 Responses

  1. Armies, particularly RPF, are unable to have events on Club Penguin due to the fact that many people are bot raiding us. You’re only doing this because the Light Troops got good sizes on CPPS. RPF demands that we stay on the Top Ten despite having CPPS events, it’s our only option.

    • Almost every army doesn’t use CPPS and is fine
      If the Light Troops can get 100+ then bot raids would be ineffectual anyway.
      But the fact that this particular army uses a CPPS which they own and can divert users directly onto to help their events is a distinct disadvantage.

  2. Thanks for getting rid of armies for us~
    Sick of getting gay emails from fatasses like this

    • I love it when people put up fake emails and claim that it was me. Because I obviously never sent that email and I have proof.

      Also, I still have all my powers except for gold which I sold to get stuff on minecraft. And I also don’t start conversations with hey there and my grammar isn’t good enough to write like that.

      And I’m not that retarded enough to spend money on armies in the last 3 months.

      So go fuck yourself and shove that email up your ass.

      • It wasn’t you? You sure buddy? So in another email you didn’t tell me to email you back on *CENSORED? So you’re trying to tell me that *CENSORED*isn’t your number too? A few lessons should be learned from you splashing your money pal. Take notes and understand that we don’t like your multilogging asses on our servers.

        I’ll be releasing a blog post on detailing the multiple account usage of armies on our server within the next day or so.

  3. I’d like to know: what are your plans for CPAC after our game goes away? Will CPAC be shut down too?

  4. There is not much time left to shine with multilog

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