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Nachos Army Raid The Rebel Penguin Federation || Possible War?

FJORD, Nachos Capitol Hill – The Nachos army raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation and both entering the stage of war. Both of these are not a new thing to that the community will see. Both armies relations have been flickering around since the creation of this community. However, both seem to be going against each other even during the last days. Nachos, in a shocking turn, decided to raid the Rebel Penguin Federation. Let us see what happened!

Both the Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation have entered war with each other approximately 16 times in the period of 2015 to 2017. However, they seem to be entering 17th war this time yet again.

The Battle

On the 12th of February, 2017, the Nacho’s army decided to raid the Rebel Penguin Federations event. This event was being held on Both the armies fought each other with great strength, however, Nachos army seemed to be lacking both size and tactics.

During this battle, the Rebel Penguin Federation achieved 25 troops, while the Nachos army managed to get 15 troops online. Below are a few pictures of this event:


Both armies did a great job during this battle. This is a game where some team will lose sometimes and some will win. During these end days, we shall not focus on hate and rather, enjoy these last days.

Result Posts

Both armies did great, from my opinion. However, as always, both will claim victory. I don’t decide who win, or who lost. In fact, it’s the job of our viewers to do! Below are the results post from both the armies:

Nachos Army:

Today, the Nacho Army logged on to to raid RPF. We maxed 16. The entire battle was in the beach. The tactics were not as good as they should have been but we had a lot of fun!

After we raided RPF on, we invaded Tuxedo. RPF didn’t come and we maxed 10.

The Rebel Penguin Federation:

RPF logged on for Operation: Bounce Back, not expecting for the Nachos there to meet us! We went to the Ice Berg and the Mine, before RPF Legend Silverburg discovered the Nachos were camping out at the Beach. Quickly, he ordered all RPF to move to the Beach, and together the RPF defeated the Nacho scum. So much for them being the top dogs of the community @CPAC

To know more about this battle, CPAC managed to interview RPF Leader, Elmikey. We asked Elmikey a few question about this raid and an upcoming war. This is what Elmikey said:

Interview with RPF Leader, Elmikey

CPAC: How do you feel about the recent raid Nacho’s held upon RPF?

Elmikey: I feel good. RPF crushed then. They had to crop RPF out of their result pictures because were double their size!

CPAC: Do you see a war upcoming with the Nachos anytime soon?

Elmikey: Yes, once the treaty expires on Wednesday, their invasions will no longer be invalid. RPF will respond!

CPAC: The Rebel penguin Federation didn’t make any post about the result of this event, why so?

Elmieky: We did. The Rebel Penguin Federation website is having issues. Updates to posts don’t show up for everyone right away.

CPAC: How do you plan to win the war if one strikes at your door?

Elmikey: By fighting the good fight, as always!

Positive, as always. This is what I like about a few leaders in this community. They’re always positive no matter what. Here, Elmikey told CPA Central that he feels great about this raid and that RPF managed to crush them. Later, Elmikey said that both armies will be entering the stage of war once the treaty is over. Well, I was right. 17th war coming up next.

So, what do YOU think? Who won this battle? Will RPF and Nachos actually enter war yet again? If they do, who will win? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion, so comment down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


9 Responses

  1. The pic you used isn’t from the raid.

  2. “Both the Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation have entered war with each other approximately 16 times in the period of 2015 to 2017. However, they seem to be entering 17th war this time yet again.”

    Where the fuck did you get this stat from?

  3. “Nacho is raid the rpf”. Great title, great grammar,

  4. Salute to the great RPF. I may be very inactive but I check on site always!

  5. Nachos v RPF will THIS BE THE BEGINNING OF THE FINAL WORLD WAR? Pain WARS mark the begging of the World War.

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