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Nachos Declare War On RPF

FJORD, Nachos Empire – As CPA is expected to end next month, the Nachos Army have decided to bow out of armies in style. Igniting an old rivalry, the Nachos have declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation in what could possibly be the last war.

The Nachos are currently the top dogs of this community under the leadership of Verum, Dan and Cookky. They have been constantly placing on top on the top ten. The army has recently celebrated their anniversary and also a quick victory in the ACP war. On the other hand, the Rebel Penguin Federation has recently entered a state of inactivity. With leaders busy and the recent retirement of Bounce, the RPF only managed to squeeze in one event this week. In terms of leadership, Chip and Lord Pain has stepped down to advisor and Tom is on leave leaving Elimkey the only active leader. The army has recently moved to and they are optimistic about carrying on after March 29th.

On the 8th of February, Verum, Nachos Emperor, posted a statement on their website regarding a declaration of war. You can an excerpt of the post below, or view the full post here.

The Nachonnian Empire hereby declares war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. Elmikey decided to steal one of our troops and we’ll retaliate. According to the treaty, RPF receives all our servers which stands at none right now, so congratulations.

~Verum, Nachos Leader

From the above, Verum states that the main reason for declaring war was due to the fact that Elmikey, RPF leader, was accused of stealing troops. Even though there’s no evidence, Elmikey denied all the accusations. As we go further down this post, the Nachos have pledged to take every single server of the Rebel Penguin Federation as well as to ‘eradicate them’ from the community.

The Rebel Penguin Federation gave a rather interesting reply to this declaration. Silverburg, Former RPF leader and legend, gave an official statement regarding the war. On his statement, he stated that the Rebel Penguin Federation will be ignoring all invasions and will not be attending any battles. The RPF claims that they have ‘moved to CPPS’ and that they ‘don’t care about CP servers anymore’. Due to copyright issues, CPA Central cannot give you a preview of the post.

The war is currently in favour to the Nachos. Since the 8th of February, the Nachos has invaded Cozy, Beanbag, Iceland, Alaska, Cloudy, Yeti & Half Pipe. In all of these battles, the Rebel Penguin Federation failed to show up. Instead, the Ice Warriors have decided to raid a couple of events. The Nachos have decided to organise their battles so they invade 4 servers per day. The RPF only has a special operation scheduled as they claim to be ‘ignoring’ all invasions.


Nachos Invade Iceland

To get a better insight into how the Nachos are coping with the war, Sammie, CPAC Vice President, have managed to contact, Dominus, Nachos 2nd in command to get a better view into the Nacho vs RPF war.

Interview with Dominus, Nachos 2ic:

CPAC: Why did the Nachos declare war on the RPF?

Dominus: A) Elmikey is a man child. B) RPF has a bunch of servers. C) It’s RPF; we have always been enemies.

CPAC: How do you plan on winning this war?

Dominus: I mean, technically, we already won. RPF is a CPPS army (which in of itself is a stupid concept), we’re basically slowly annexing their nation without resistance.

CPAC: How long do you think this war will fast?

Dominus: The war will probably last a few weeks, since RPF claims so much servers.

CPAC: Is there any final message that you wish to express to the community?

Dominus: RPF is the textbook definition of a ‘cancer’ army in this community.

(Due to the RPF leaders being afk, an interview couldn’t be held.)

From the above, you can see that Dominus is exceptionally confident in his army and he is hoping for a swift victory for the Nachos. Dominus tells CPAC that his army is slowly taking the empire of the Rebel Penguin Federation, something that the RPF administration denies. To conclude, the war between the Nachos and the RPF seems one sided. The Rebels refuse to show up to any battles which helps the Nachos take their nation with ease. The war seems to lack excitement and action, something that we definitely need for these final days. The war continues with the invasion of Hot Chocolate at 4pm EST. CPA Central will keep you updated on the latest regarding the war.

What do YOU think? Will the Nachos win this war? Will the RPF make a comeback? Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central Vice President



11 Responses

  1. You forgot that Conno also leads Nachos.

  2. The Nachos break their treaty everytime they invade.

  3. CPAC forgot to update the feeds this week. RPF was ranked #1 six days ago. You claim Nachos are the top of this community. Sammie your bias is too clear.

  4. Nachos break their treaty every-time they invade. If only the treaty ended a week earlier 😉

  5. As far as I’m concerned, RPF are the top dogs of the community as we’re #1 on the most recent Top Ten.

    Bias post to make RPF bad, this is why I refused to let you use anything from RPF site in this post. You also had terrible grammar and sentence structure as well! You should be fired.

  6. Good post. Too bad the manchilds are whining.

  7. Lord Jesus… Nachos, how always… Nachos never changes.

  8. Yea, I also lead The Nachos…

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