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Mustapha10 & Brad Rejoin Doritos Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire- After being unbanished and removed from the Doritos Hall of Shame by Bam117, Mustapha10 has rejoined DCP along with Brad. Will Doritos thrive under this new leadership, or will they continue to be stagnant in the Top Ten?

The news came about Mustapha rejoining the leadership in a short post he released on January 30, 2017. His return came as a shock considering only a few months earlier, he was banished from the army for multilogging. In this post, he apologized for allowing the multilogging to occur but claimed he had nothing to do with it. Here is an excerpt from Mustapha’s return post.

I have finally returned to the Doritos, after my not-so-good departure. I have returned to fulfill the legacy of Bam117 and 13yearoldn00b, long time childhood friends of mine. We’ve been through it all together and these guys are like my brothers. So I can assure you that together – as an army – we will prosper greater than ever before! Are you with me, Doritos? Lets do this!


In this post. he talks about Doritos being a family and making sure their legacy stays alive. He talks about everyone coming together to make the army great again. In another post, he apologized for allowing leaders to multilog and said it was his fault because he simply didn’t care. Many people think this is false because of the extent of DCP’s multilogging throughout 2016 and 2015 which led to them being exposed countless times and a petition to not recognize them as an army.

Since Mustaphas, return the army has been able to max 25+ in only a few days, and when Brad returned to the army, they surprisingly just jumped up to getting 33+. The army seems like it is heading into the right generation, but will multilogging creep it’s way back in, that’s the question?


Recent Doritos event.

Furthermore, Wwebestfan, announced that the army was closing down on March 29, 2017 along with Club Penguin. In this post, he says that CPPS’s are not a reliable platform to have events on, and calls all people who think they’re worthy of legend status to rejoin the army. You can find an excerpt from Wwe’s post below.

“With the end of Club Penguin coming on March 29, 2017 also marks the official end of the Doritos of Club Penguin.

We continuously hoped that this day would never come, but Disney gave us no choice. I have decided to end DCP because we have no other option; CPPS’s are not a reliable source since they can be shut down at any time.

It tremendously saddens me to see the army community fall apart, with years of dedication and loyalty put in by the thousands that have entered the community. Having things such as Club Penguin armies exist made the game far more fun, and it by far revolutionized the game itself. With myself being part of armies I have gained great knowledge. I have developed and improved my grammar and my leadership skills as well as create long-lasting close friendships. I have also lost friends and created enemies, but all of this came with making myself a better person in general.

Interview with Brad, Doritos Leader

Why did you decide to rejoin the Doritos Army?

CP is about to die in 2 months so why not rejoin.

What are your future plans for the army?

I want DCP to average 40-50 until CP ends. When CP ends, I’m going to be retired.

Will this leadership stay committed to stopping multilogging like under 13yearoldnoob?

Yes, but there might be one more DCP Legend rejoining DCP.

Any final comments?

Fear The Sheild

 Brad seems confident that the Doritos will have a massive surge in sizes and start to dominate the community once again. He also talks about being committed to stopping multilogging and another legend rejoining the army. will not be permitted in the army. Personally, I don’t know if they’ve learned from their mistakes and they won’t multilog, but I hope they go down the right road of being legitimate. Only time will tell. if Mustapha and Brad have changed their ways.

What do YOU think? Will Doritos be legitimate? Will they become a world power? Will they dominate the community once again? Comment Your Opinion Below


CPA Central Associate Producer


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