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‘That One Brave Man’ Save My Childhood – Petition released to Save Club Penguin

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As the emergency period rages upon to Club Penguin armies and Club Penguin players, some have decided to fight back and save their childhood. At almost 2 PM IST, I was notified by SpeedyCPPSHQ staff that there is a petition released on the well-known site, Let is move forward and see what happened.

Before moving on, I would like to tell our readers that or well-known as the Change Organization, is a website used by millions of people to bring change in the world. While this site was used for several governmental decision, now it seems to be the life saver of many kids also. Below is a picture of the petition:


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Today, I was notified that there has been a petition on to save Club Penguin from shutting down. Yes, this shocked me as well. This petition was created by Akoos Toik who belongs to the United States of America. Here is what Akoos said:

For 11 years, fans have gathered together to play this wonderful game online with their friends, or friends that they just haven’t met yet. I myself have played for 10 years, and have spent countless hours making new friends, playing with current friends, decorating my igloo, adopting new Puffles (pets), and overall having a great time. Now, Disney is replacing this beloved and worldwide-known game with an alternative, strictly for mobile devices. Although Club Penguin was also available for the mobile devices, playing it online provided the best experience, and now we can share it no longer. If you are a long-time player, or even a new one, please show your support to keep Club Penguin online going.

Akoos mention in the petition that how for almost 11 years people have gathered on to Club Penguin and played together. He also says that Disney will be replacing it with Club Penguin Island which is a sad thing to see. This something unbelievable to see, I must say.

Image result for i will fight back quotes

The Petition has 1,100 supporters right now. It still needs nearly 4o0 more signatures in order for the case to be passed upon to Club Penguin offices and the three creators to look into the matter.

I tried to reach Akoos via skype to have an interview with this brave man, however, I failed. Akoos went offline before I could even ask him any question. An interview with this brave man will be added as soon as I get in contact with him again!

This is truly something that we don’t see every day. Here, we can see a small kid, who is only 11 years old, fighting to save his childhood. It is no lie that we all here at the CPA Community have also done the same, but we have no ways to save Club Penguin.

So, what do YOU think? Can Akoos fight back and save Club Penguin from shutting down, or will he fail? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion, so comment down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


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