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“The Emergency Period”: Watching The End Times – CP Armies Release Statement

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Following the recent announcement from Club Penguin about shutting down, many CP Armies have released statements on what their thoughts on about the situation is and what we can do to keep armies going.

On the January 30th, 2017, CPA Central CEO, Zing King To, made a post regarding the Club Penguin’s plans to shut down. While many people were hoping to see a normal news post, this was something that shocked many in our community. Below is an excerpt from Zing’s post.

I am the unfortunate bearer of bad news at this time being forced to make an announcement that effects pretty much everyone who’s reading this site and on the ranks of a Club Penguin Army. CPA Central asks you all to stay calm and rational as we look to find the best approach to taking this news.

For those of you who do not know, Club Penguin has recently announced their breaking news update that as of March 29th, they will be discontinuing the game on desktop and mobile devises choosing instead to focus their efforts on the Club Penguin Island app that will be available on only some mobile phones and tablets.

From the time the CP Army Community saw this post on CPAC, many have panicked. However, we here at CPA Central are always positive and working very hard trying to figure out solutions for future.

The official date that Club Penguin has issued for its shut down is March 29th, 2017. Following this, we saw many armies making posts about how they plan to survive through this period of emergency.

Army Republic’s statement regarding the end times:

“As many of you know, Club Penguin’s future is cut short as of March 29th. Many question what will happen to armies – will we move to a different platform? The answer for AR is simply no. The Army of the Republic’s legacy will come to a fitting close when Club Penguin closes on March 29th. After a vote between myself, Burr, A, and Vinny determining the path we will follow, it was 4-0 in the direction of not letting AR’s name continue. This means absolutely no one can use the Army of the Republic’s name and history as their own. The army will officially be laid to rest.

On a more positive note, we invite all former AR troops to join us on Saturday, March 25th for a final event with all of us legends. Everyone, besides a select few, are invited to join us. This will be time to say goodbyes and wish each other luck, see you all then.”

Army Republic’s statement regarding this period of time was surely shocking. In this statement, Fury announced that after a meeting between AR legends, they have to come the decision that the army will not be moving to a different platform and that they will shut down when Club Penguin does.

Nachos Army statement regarding the final days:

“Well Nachos, This is it… this is the end. I was on Club Penguin tonight and I was waddling around and thinking to myself how many good memories I had here. Not just army battles and events and such, I mean having fun with friends. Going home every day after school calling your friends to get on and play, it was some great times. I remember when I first learned of this online game and I decided to give it a try and I fell in love with it! But alas I didn’t have a computer to play on so I used my friends and my families computers to play whenever I could. Then the day came when my same friend told me about this army call the Nachos. So I went on the website and signed up, but I couldn’t stay active so I took a few months off… until the day came when I got my very own family desktop. Then something happened on chat that uhhh lets say “killed my family desktop” (I will tell the story at my end of era post on March 28th) that kept me from coming on anymore (Again I will tell my full story on March 28th). Club Penguin has changed a lot and not for the better but at least they kept it alive and somewhat fun. Today I will admit a little part of me died today. Club Penguin was home to us all at some point of our lives. I am just happy that former leaders and legends are coming back to share the pain/enjoyment of our final days as a official Club Penguin Army. In these next two months, I want every Member, Moderator, Owner, Leader, Former Leaders, and Legends to remember the good times that we all have had on that virtual island, and to make our final months something to remember. Until my next post…”

This was yet another post I found that made me feel sad. The Nachos have also decided to close their doors once Club Penguin closes theirs.

Former Golds leader, Antonio’s, thoughts about the end:

“I think this would be the last time for me to get these things off my chest. I’m sorry for those who saw this unexpected turn of events and the troops who still saw the strength left in the army. This decision was in reality for the best, some of you might think that it doesn’t matter because this is just for fun and eventually things will get better, that’s happened multiple times but that’s not the case. We took a decision that was hard to make but it was to make sure this army’s legacy would remain legendary & great as it always was. Many people ended up agreeing and sadly this is what we’re at now. I wish you all luck and hopefully remember the great moments we’ve accomplished in this generation of Golds. Many leaders and legends have come from this generation, believe in what the golds leaders have taught you but also remember the funny moments we’ve had.”

Although Golds Army has already shut down, Antonio seemed very sad and shocked about CP’s decision to close.

The Rebel Penguin Federation’s statement about the impact:

“Today, Club Penguin announced they would be closing down Club Penguin’s desktop version and moving fully to the mobile version in order to promote the new version of Club Penguin called “Club Penguin Island”. This conclusively means the end of armies using Club Penguin for events, which includes the Rebel Penguin Federation. After March 29th of this year, RPF will no longer be on Club Penguin. Now, if you’re a soldier, moderator, owner or even a leader, you might not be able to comprehend the news. It will be a hard adjustment, but this is something RPF can easily accomplish. Through adversity, RPF is the strongest. When darkness falls and it’s the darkest hour, RPF always stands tall. RPF has always had it’s hurdles, but look at us, we’re still alive and stronger than ever. If you think this is the end of RPF, you don’t know our past, you don’t know what we’ve gone through together as an army. There’s still no end in sight, you must still fight the good fight soldiers. I will never give up on you, so please don’t give up on me or RPF.”

The Rebel Penguin Federation mad a very compelling and bright statement regarding the situation, and it seems they are the only one who has decided to keep going after Club Penguin’s shut down.

Before I move on, I would like to inform anyone who has read this post, that in no way was I trying to be negative regarding anything Club Penguin’s ownership has decided.

As I said above, this can be the end, or it can be just the new beginning of CP Armies. Personally, I would like to invite everyone. By everyone, I mean everyone who was once a part of this community. Let us all gather once again in a tribute to this community and in a tribute to our creators. Let us all make these two months the best months CP Armies have ever experienced. Let us all gather and hope for the best.

This is surely something that we didn’t plan to face. Well, we did, but at least not this soon. Again, be positive and be proud of whatever you have done. For these two months, no one is a hopper, no one is a multilogger and no one is a botter. Let’s forget all the negativity and gather with love. Peace Out!


“Together, we can build an Island, create a community, change the World – and even tip and Iceberg. Waddle On!”


CPA Central Reporter


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