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The Golds Army Closes Their Doors || The Fall Of An Empire

FLIPPERS, Former Golds Army Capital – For years the Golds Army have been a consistent top ten army force in the community, producing some great leaders into Club Penguin warfare, the Golds Army finally decides to close its doors.

The shutdown was an inevitable faith for the Golds Army. The Golds have been on an unstable path in the last months following the leave of Golds Legend, Tilgen and the retirement of another Golds Legend, Antonio960. These two figures have spearheaded the Golds Army since the leave of the Tax1 and Lorenzo Bean, the dynamic duo that led the Golds to its success following the retirement of Golds revolutionary, Andrew24. The Golds Army have soared through the Top Ten countless times and had reached great heights in their rich history. Most notably, the Golds Army had reached its first ever placement as the top spot on the top ten during the leadership of Antonio, who then became recognized as an S/M Legend. One of the highlights from the Golds Army’s runs can be seen below:

The Golds Army has been on a rough trail in the last few weeks, just coming out of a lock down back in December. With all efforts, the Golds were unable to succeed and prosper under their current situation. Below, a snapshot of the most recent Golds event can be seen:

The Golds have been seeing the constant need of new leaders being cycled in and out of the army, trying out new things, sometimes even being successful for a short period, but it was never permanent. This then led to the point of no return and the realization of what the Golds was dealt with. The Leaders and Legends then realize that this was an inevitable never ending cycle which led to poor sizes and the fall of the Golds Army. On January 29th, the two legends who spearheaded the Golds Army, Antonio and Tilgen, have officially announced the shutdown of the Golds Army. An excerpt from Tilgen’s post can be seen below:

The main reason for Golds shutting down isn’t as obvious as most people would think. For at least two years, Golds has gone through a never ending cycle of leadership changes. There would be decent leaders that got the army to a decent and stable performance, after sometime there would be legendary/high skilled leaders rejoining for a few weeks and bringing the army to greater sizes and then after awhile when they left the army would be back to doing decent (or sometimes poorly).

That would repeat multiple times, and as soon as myself and others realized Golds was going through that cycle, we knew it would eventually lead to the fall of Golds, which is why it has come to this right now. It has come to the point where Golds can’t function even decently well without highly experienced leaders coming in.

I realize some people may be getting a pitchfork ready to blame someone for what’s happened. What everyone needs to know is that this was nobody’s fault. No one here is to blame, not the current leaders, not anyone in or outside of Golds. Ant and I came to this decision because we knew that it would be better to shutdown the army rather than to keep it going in it’s current condition. Trust me, even though the decision was pretty clear that it had to be done, this was not an easy one to make and follow through.

He goes on to say that the Golds Army have been facing hardships due to the reason of leaders and the instability they kept dealing with. The Golds were constantly faced with these issues and with a heavy heart, shut down the Golds Army. He also states that no single person was at fault for the shutdown of the Golds Army.

As for the Golds’ servers, they have transferred half of their nation to the Army Republic and the other half to the Army of Club Penguin, both notable allies of the Golds. The evidence of the transferring can be seen below:


As for the future of the Golds, many wonder if this shutdown is permanent. Only under the right circumstances would the Golds return be a possibility. But would have to be a unanimous vote between Golds Legends, Antonio and Tilgen. A statement from Tilgen regarding the possible return of the Golds Army can be seen here:

Some people might be thinking if Golds are going to come back in the future or not. While it is possible for Golds to make a return, I sincerely doubt that would happen. As you all know, CPA in general has been in a declining state. The highest score in the CPAC top ten for this week (1/29/17) is 65.48, that score used to get you a 5th or 6th spot on the top ten not too long ago.

The only way for Golds to return is that if a bunch of trusted people want to bring it back, they would have to get approval from both Antonio and I.  Right now I would not even consider approving the return of Golds for several months at the minimum due to CPA’s current climate.

The rest of Tilgen’s post can be viewed HERE. The Golds were placed on the top ten this week at 7th before their official shutdown.

Being alive for years since its return in 2013, the Golds have been around for nearly four years, despite the ups and downs they went through. The Golds still had many accomplishments during its lifetime, holding the top 3 spot for a while, clinching the top spot various times, and hitting major sizes on Club Penguin. Dating back to 2014 where the Golds breakout year began, the Golds Army have flourished under the rich leaderships of various Golds Legends. An example of this is when they received this placement just following the retirement of Tax1, the top ten description and placement can be seen below:

The Golds army managed to stay consistent and got ranked 3rd once again. The Golds have shown sizes never since the last 6 months previously under Andrew24. The Tax and Lorenzo Bean duo has been proven to be one of the best in the Golds History however, Tax had recently retired from the Golds after this event. The Golds however have went up 10 points in numbers.

Excerpt from the Top Ten Armies: 11/16/2014

It was after that point in time, Antonio officially took the helm of the Golds Army and became the main leader who then spearheaded to Golds to its success for months to come, leading with various other leaders, and during exciting times. Notable figures include Tilgen, Coquimichu, Miyls, Whats Up11, Spyguy, Flamez, and Jodie at one point. The rest of the Golds history and how it came to be can be seen below:

The Golds Army of Club Penguin was created on May 10th 2007, 10:30 p.m EST. by a boy named Johanwillfir. Johanwillfir led with his friend Fly4Life, who took the Golds to what it was known for. Johanwillfir, Fly4Life, and other leaders of Golds built the army up from the ground and put it as a top contender for the #1 army in Club Penguin. The first generation of Golds had troops who went on to become legends in other armies, including Orgulan, Shaboomboom and Lorenzo Bean. Things changed when Fly4Life made a pivoting decision in Golds history, promoting Dreamguitar to leader. Dreamguitar and Johanwillfir butted heads, causing Johanwillfir to leave GOLDS for good in mid 2008. Soon after, both Fly4Life and Dreamguitar retired, leaving Ambrosha, Shaboomboom, and Orgulan with the throne, ending the first generation of the Golds Army and, which lay dormant for several months. After they left, one of the Golds’ most important leader came to power.

From the Golds’ History Page

I would like to take this time and thank the Golds for what they have done for the community, showing that a small army can truly become a success through patience and hard work. Being a truly historic and rich army, dating back to 2007 under Johanwilfir, Fly4Life, and Dreamguitar, the great heights reached by Army Legends Shaboomboom and Saw, the pioneering of Andrew24 and Donut, the dynamic duoship of Tax1 and Lorenzo Bean, and the leadership of Antonio, Tilgen, and Coquimichu – the Golds stand where they are to this day.


What do YOU think about this shutdown? Was the Golds Army faith inevitable? Did YOU believe the Golds could’ve lasted longer? Did you just scroll down to comment and not read the 1437 words typed in this post? We want YOUR opinions! 


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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