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Bam117 Rejoins The Doritos Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – The Doritos have been a top tier army for the past month, until recently, they have fallen out of our Top Ten. With the recent arrival of Bam, will they rise back to the top?

The Doritos has had quite a rocky past, previously getting exposed for multilogging and other harmful acts. The Doritos recently saw the departures of several influential figures which include Mustapha10, Badboy and Wwe. After getting exposed, the Doritos began a new ‘era’ under 13 and Bad. But with several banishments and retirements, the Doritos slowly fell into inactivity which led them to fall off our top ten.

A few weeks later, Bam, who is currently serving CPA Central as an Associate Producer, has returned to the Doritos leadership. Bam is known for his work in the Army of CP and the Underground Mafias Army. Below, you can see an excerpt of his return post. You can see his full post here.

The title truly says it all, I Bam117 am hereby returning to the glorious Dorito Army in hopes of working with the remaining leadership and pushing DCP back up to its rightful place on top. I commend the hardwork and loyalty of the current ownership and give many thanks to all the loyal troops and moderators that have stayed loyal in this time of unrest. I’ll be doing my best to repay all of you who have put numerous days, months and even years into this army to get this far – It’s the least I can do.

~Bam, Doritos Leader

From his statement above, Bam aims to get the Doritos back onto the top. He then goes on and praises his ownership for their hard work and loyality. As we go further down into his post, Bam states that he wants the best for his army and he is hoping to make the Doritos the greatest army ever.

Since Bam returned to the Doritos, they have held several successful events, which helped the army to become more active. Just like many other armies, the Doritos have been affected by bot raids by the so called, Purple Republic so they moved to the CPPS in hopes that they won’t be anymore raids.


Doritos most recent event

To get an insight into the current status of the Doritos, Sammie, CPA Central Vice President, got an exclusive interview with Bam, the commander of the Doritos.

Interview with Bam, Doritos Leader:

CPAC: Why did you decide to rejoin the Doritos?

Bam: Well, DCP have always been my home, and if I were to ever have the opportunity to return, you know I would.

CPAC: How do you think the Doritos have been performing so far?

Bam: We’ve been doing good, considering the consistency in events that have been taking place.

CPAC: What plans do the Doritos have in store for the future?

Bam: Well, I hope to assist in getting the DCP tournament, possibly the March Madness.

CPAC: Do you think you can make a postitive contribution to the army?

Bam: Yes, I plan on helping the DCP rise in several ways.


From the interview above, you can see that Bam had a huge interest in returning to the DCP leadership, even calling the Doritos, ‘his home army’. He is also happy about the current performance of his army, notably the events. During his leadership, Bam also aims to win a tournament, notably the March Madness tournament, starting in 2 months. Bam is confident in rising the Doritos to the top, and he hopes that he can make Doritos the biggest army in the community.

To conclude, the Doritos have recently regained their position on our top ten. With a revamped leadership, they hope that they can reach world power status one day. With the change of platform,  the Doritos can hope that they won’t see anymore bot raids. Bam will definitely contribute to the success of the army and will bring change and motivation within the army ranks. With experienced leaders at hand, the Doritos hope that they can make a positive mark on this community.

What do YOU think? Will the Doritos become the number one army? Will Bam make a positive contribution to the army? Comment YOUR opinions below! All your comments are welcomed!


CPA Central Vice President


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