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CPAC Comedy Central #3

KLONDIKE, CPA Central, Bam’s Closet – With the recent Bot Raids plaguing the community, the staff of CPAC’s “Comedy Central” have planned an amazing response that could perhaps save our community as a whole. Prepare to be offended and triggered as much as possible.

Due to my amazing satire being activated and the force known as “CPAC” have pushed me to show my true genius, i’ll be throwing out a everything in my comedic arsenal to blow you cucks away. Prepare to be severely disappointed because I put about 10 percent effort into this post.

// ========== \


Story Time

The Botting Enigma with Chip & Gar

It was a stormy night in the great plains of Tuxedo, RPF just became first once again on the Top Ten – ecstatic as always chip yelled about how he gloriously defeats the multilogs the community – as if he were the true Knight in shining armor. But suddenly he felt a presence – shocking at that, Night Warriors and Doritos were having events just a few servers over – seeing these old opponents worried Chip to the point he was sweating repulsively. He quickly called up his close ally Gar and informed him of the secret code “Lets watch Sharktail tonight.” this immeditially triggered Gar into relapsing into his former bot raiding self – quickly responding with “yes my lord”.

Together the two rushed over to any advancing armies specifically – the Nachos and went on to completely bombard them with their low processing and completely oblivious follow bots. While it was plain to see who it was – chip and gar were in complete denial ranting in these pc’s about how glorious they were, as if they had achieved god hood in the form of 25 bots shaped in a Nazi symbol.

To the two crusaders dismay this would completely back fire on them, as the world obliviously knew it was them many new raiders appeared out of almost thin air – attacking Not just other armies – but RPF as well. Elmikey was forced to go into hiding due to the stream of stress caused when his multilogs disconnected, while badbay quickly sprang into action and made 10 new CPPS.ME accounts for the next glorious NW event. Chip and Gar say in their 1 bedroom apartment disappointed and confused. “How could this have turned out this bad ?” signed Chip, “This isn’t what we wanted ” replied gar with tears running down his face.

Is this the end of is this just the beginning?

Who knows….





This is my most notable addition to my weekly installments, basically making the entire post worth it because I’m pretty sure no one ever reads the fan fiction I write about  because it isn’t sexual enough, but regardless here you go!

WOW! Congratulations Chip!


While I did use this penguin previously, I just thought it more fitting for when describing the Sharktank Chiptank himself! I thought this entire thing was pretty accurate from my perspective, NOTE*** I would have added in some WV stuff but the picture was already gay enough.


I literally hate my life

Please Kill Me

//===|| – Bam – ||====\

CPAC Associate Producer 

~ Words of Inspiration from my friends ~



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