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Army Hopping for Dummies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Well, we’ve reached the time of the week where I write, explaining thee meaning of a word or words we use in the CPA Communituy. What is it this week? Well, you already know since you read the title already.

This week’s topic was chosen by Kyle103 and the seven people who liked his post. Without any further ado, let’s begin explaining.

What is army hopping? Well, army hopping is basically when you’re in one army for a short amount of time before jump shifting to another army. You then jump shift from that army not long after joining to another army. You then do it again and again never stopping until you reach the end of the road and retire from armies.

Image result for hopper

I googled hopper and this popped up. It will have to do.

People can hop for all different kinds of reasons. The main reason is to do with ranks. For example, if someone gets offered a better rank in a different army, they jump for it because they like to be owner instead of mod. Other reasons can include, getting bored in an army quickly, trolling the army or just because you feel it moving.

Army hopping is considered a bad thing. People in CPA tend to hate hoppers. However, even though they hate hoppers, a lot of people still allow them into the army. The reason people let them in, even though they hate them, is because they see a chance to get more troops. Funny enough, the troop they hire usually leaves and get banished from the army. Fun, am I right?

Image result for Welcome to the army

This is what army leaders tend to say to hoppers.

Hopping can be stopped. Rarely, the hopper joins an army that they really like. However, is this really rare, like REALLY rare. So rare that meet gets jealous. Okay, bad joke, I’m sorry.

In a way, we need to thank hoppers. They are the people who join new armies as their first troop. They are the people who make an army that we desperately need to keep this community fresh and alive. They are the people who annoy us and give us something to do by declaring war on the army the person joined after leaving ours. Without them, we’d probably be fine but they can help!

Like them or hate them, army hoppers do keep the community jumping by starting wars, making new armies and help lift a new army off their feet. Without them there would be less of a reason of half of the wars nowadays and less of a reason to rage at people, I mean, how else do we get our anger out? 

I was a hopper once, the hoppiest hopper in all of hopper kingdom. Although I still hop, I have relaxed. Some say a helpful witch came a cured me, others say I just came to a sense and stopped bloody hopping. I say, you’re all wrong! I am still a hopper underneath all this. Hopper for life!

What should next week’s topic be?

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What do YOU think? Do you like or hate hoppers? Would you allow hoppers into your army? Are you a hopper?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


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