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YouWrite: Does Leaving Club Penguin Ruin Armies?

Disclaimer: This post was sent to us through the use of our ‘YouWrite’ feature. It is a Philosophy Post that features the ideas of the author alone.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Not long ago, I posted an article on this news site detailing why we, the Army community, should move to NationStates in the following philosophical editorial article, The Ragnarok of Club Penguin Armies. This post is a follow on from that.

The article got three comments in total as of this post, but there are two in particular that I want to centre my attention around in the present time.

Lmao, but how about no? I do not quite understand what the deal is with people trying to take a Club Penguin community and transform it into something it is so clearly not. When it dies, it dies; enjoy this place while it is still around definitely – this game has brought a lot of good times to most who have experienced it. But you are going to have to move on someday, and I do not see any real benefit of extending this community’s life beyond Club Penguin’s.

– Beeky128778, Former Nacho Army Leader

I agree, it is my opinion that the second we move away from Club Penguin, this is not the Club Penguin Army community. It is the Minecraft Army Community. The Club Penguin Army Community dies when it dies – it physically cannot continue elsewhere otherwise it is not a Club Penguin Army Community.”

– Zing King To, SM Army Legend and Current CPA Central Executive Producer

The deal here is that the people of Armies take pleasure in this Army Community and do not want it to whither away into the dust as it is doing right now. That is why there are so many articles about the death of the Club Penguin Army Community, the predicted doomsday of the Club Penguin Army Community, philosophy articles about if we could do Armies on other platforms (my article is not the first), so on, so on, and so forth.

Switching to NationStates would preserve many of the Army activities, pursuits, and goals simply because it has the great potential for being so monumentally similar to our current Army community. It simply does not matter if we are no longer the Club Penguin Army Community, all that matters here is that it is the same community in every other aspect of the switch to NationStates.

Saying that we will no longer be the Club Penguin Army Community of the present time is, in the most essential respects, a cop-out and an excuse, you see. If you retain that conservative attitude of yours, why should any progression, change, or advancement happen at all?

Change is but a fact of life, and you need to accept it or you will not be able to survive in the world. It may certainly be hard and difficult in the beginning, but it will definitely not stay that way my friends. The simple secret of change is not to fight and battle it off, it is to direct and focus all your energy on building and building the new.

Do not focus on what you have to give up, but rather focus on what you have to gain. Then you can see the true beauty in change.

What do YOU think? Should CP Armies even consider a change of platform? Or does that simply defeat what we are, who we are and our history?

Onlooking Snow

CPA Central Viewer


8 Responses

  1. let it gooooooooooooooooo
    let it gooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    can’t hold it back anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. We need change. We have no reason to stay here. The game was fun before, yes, when we were children. But children no longer have fun playing this game and neither do we. While we’re all getting older and so are our troops, we deserve to switch to a more popular game for older troops and leaders. This game is meant for children but there are little to no children left here. Why would we stay? We need to rebuild from the ashes that is this community and switch to a game that is more our maturity.

    Let’s look at this way. When you’re born you wear baby clothing, and as you get older you grow out of that clothing and have to get something more and new. Club Penguin is our babies clothing for this community and it’s starting to outgrow the clothing, but we’re to afraid to buy it new clothes.

    This comment won’t matter, the question this post is based off of is as old as this community, “What are we going to do when we die.”. I do NOT believe that we should just leave it. Tell me this, if you saw a child on the streets crying and homeless would you walk away or would you find it a new home? You can’t look at this community like it needs to be in it’s baby clothing for it’s entire life. We are not Club Penguin Armies, we’re a family. We’re all here for the same thing, we aren’t here for Club Penguin. We’re here for the people that are here and that’s why we haven’t left yet, we don’t want to leave our friends and the people we interact with everyday. So why do people keep saying that we should let this community die. Obviously nobody wants to leave what we’ve created and there is no reason that we should have to either.

    Obviously the biggest problem we’re trying to fix is looking for a game that fits all the needs we need as well as Club Penguin. But as time moves on, games are getting more intense and Club Penguin is that game that was very basic, which fitted our needs. We wanted basic, fast and easy. Games like that are running low and even better ones are coming out. That’s why we can’t keep looking for something LIKE Club Penguin. We need move on. Look for games that is fun for everybody.

    Sure, leaving the past behind is something none of us want to do. Club Penguin Armies, if you want to say it or not, is one of the best things that ever happened to our lives. We come here everyday to talk to each other and we simply battle it out on a game we grew up on. Change is never easy. You fight to hold on and you fight to let go..

    Club Penguin should be the first of the many games this community has gone through. It doesn’t need to be one game, we can evolve into something more. Obviously what we’ve done here isn’t going to go anywhere. It will be in our minds forever throughout our life. But I want to keep this going as much as anyone else. Club Penguin isn’t working, change games.

    Summary: I’m emotional over Club Penguin because I’m a loser. We should change games, none of us want to leave this behind.

    Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

  3. You talk about this as if there’s more progress to be made. What you’ve witnessed over the past four years or so – that’s the extent of this community’s development – and from what I’ve seen during my visit here, there is no going back to that, let alone beyond it. Putting yourself under this illusion that moving to a different platform somehow constitutes as “advancement” is dangerous because I’m not entirely certain you understand what “advancement” means here; it seems as if you define it as simply extending this community’s existence for the sake of extending it. You wouldn’t and couldn’t apply that logic elsewhere; if your veterinarian recommended euthanizing your animal as opposed to forcing it to live in spite of its suffering, your response probably wouldn’t be in favor of letting its life continue.

    While I know that the state of this game doesn’t compare to losing a pet in the slightest, what I can conclude from this post is that you’re not encouraging progress at all by suggesting a new platform – you are just unwilling to let go of a community you’ve grown fond of.

    *Also, you’re allowed to use contractions when writing an informal opinion piece such as this. I noticed you explicitly removed them from my quote.

  4. You just answered your own question.

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