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Top Ten Armies: 01/15/17

Last updated on December 9th, 2019 at 12:47 pm

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In a relatively decent week for several armies, we see two armies fight for the top three spot and multiple armies moving up in this week’s edition of the top ten.


Week of the 8th – 14th January 2017 


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [75.13] [+0]

2. Night Warriors [66.50] [+0]

3. Nacho Army [58.54] [+2]

4. Wild Ninjas [57.10] [+2]

5. Army Republic [51.36] [+2]

6. Doritos Army [50.50] [-2]

7. Thugs Army [45.44] [+3]

8. Golds Army [43.50] [+3]

9. Army of Club Penguin [42.97] [+0]

10. The Penguin Army Force [33.00] [+2]

<>Close to Top Ten<>

11. Heat Warriors [24.50] [NEW]

Was your army not included but should have been? Comment on our Top Ten Register page to ensure you are considered in future! Please note that the descriptions are not always filled with every event your army may have had that week.

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a pretty busy week with a total of nine events. It all started on Sunday where RPF’s AUSIA division invaded the server Alaska from the ACP with sizes of 20. This was followed by another invasion later that day where RPF saw sizes of 37 respectively. This was followed by their UK invasion of Half Pipe on Monday where they saw sizes of 17. Their US division also held another invasion later where they achieved sizes of 29. On Tuesday, RPF began by taking ACP’s last server, Ice Cold, at UK times with sizes of 30 before re-taking the server Cloudy from AR at US times with sizes of 30+. RPF finished their week with two events on Saturday, one being a practice battle against the Nacho Army where they claimed sizes of 40+, and a recruiting session where RPF saw a max size of about 35.

2. Night Warriors: Due to consistent bot raids, the Night Warriors were only able to hold a total of three events this week. They started by having a practice battle against the Nachos on Sunday where they got sizes of 30. On Tuesday, they held a recruiting session which saw sizes of 35, which was followed by a training event the next day where they were able to yet again achieve sizes of 30.


3. Nacho ArmyThe Nachos started their week with a UK tactics session on Tuesday with sizes of 25. Two days later they held another UK tactic session which saw the same size. The next day they held yet another UK tactic session where they again got sizes of 25. On Saturday, the Nachos held an AUSIA U-Lead event on the server Fjord with sizes of 11 before finishing their week by raiding RPF/NW’s practice battle with a max size of 25.

4. Wild Ninjas: Wild Ninjas had a busy week. To start off, they logged on for a training session event where they maxed 16 people. At their next event, they managed to hit even higher numbers, this time maxing 18. They then logged on for another training session maxing a total of 15 people. At their next training event, they managed to hit good sizes of once again, 15 people. Once again, they logged on for another training session maxing a total of 13 people. Following that, they had another training session, this time dropping a bit in size only hitting sizes of 12. At their next event, they maxed similar numbers getting a total of 12 people. At their next event, they then getting better numbers maxing 17. However, they then fell slightly once again maxing a total of 12 people to end their week.

5. Army RepublicThe Army Republic began their week by invading the server Oyster with sizes of 13. This was followed by their invasion of Caribou on Tuesday with sizes of 6, and their defense of Oyster with sizes of 11 on Wednesday. They also invaded Hibernate back from the Nachos with sizes of 11 later on Wednesday before invading both Snowboard & Christmas with sizes of 15 and 7 on Friday. They finished their week by invading the server Icicle with sizes of 12 on Saturday, facing no opposition.


6. Doritos Army: The Doritos Army have had a rather slow week, only holding two events and one of which was a practice battle against the Nachos Army where they got sizes of 15.

7. Thugs Army: The Thugs began their week by invading the server Arctic from NR with sizes of 10, facing no opposition. This was followed by their invasion of Abominable three days later where they achieved sizes of 9. Then, on Saturday, the Thugs held a surprising seven events, where they saw sizes of 11, 7, 6, 7, 6, & 8 before maxing sizes of 6 yet again at their victory march on North Pole.

8. Golds Army: After not holding an event for six days, things picked back up for the Golds, starting with a special training event held on the Monday with sizes of 8. This was followed by a practice battle vs ACP the next day also with sizes of 8, before maxing 11 at a US U-Lead event on Friday. The Golds finished their week with a training session on Saturday where they saw a max size of 11.

9. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin began their week with a UK training where they maxed sizes of 13. This was followed by an AUSIA event held on the server Snow Fort two days later where ACP got around 5. Later that day they held a US event with sizes of 10, which was followed by a UK training with sizes of 9 on Thursday. ACP then finished their week by holding a UK/US event with sizes of 13 on Saturday.

10. The Penguin Army Force: The Penguin Army Force only had two events this week, a training session with that saw sizes of 7, and a celebration event with sizes of 8, both held on Friday.


This week we asked you about our brand new columns. Here are the results we got back:



So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


CPA Central Reporter


CPA Central Reporter 


14 Responses

  1. Flexes Muscles

  2. Fact check: Night Warriors scheduled 3 events until Saturday, where they scheduled two back to back events just to get first on the top ten, those which got raided by who they claim was Tobercold. The Night Warriors did not lack events because they got bot raided, but because they chose not to have events.
    Fight the Good Fight.

    • Someone’s mad their plan to get Nachos to second didn’t work, including pussying out of the practice battle we were going to have.

      That you were the ones who in fact “backed out of”, due to the “bots”.

      That you yourself just tried to downplay our lack of events from, in order for us to not get top ten points and give nachos more.

      How about being an army and hold your word and fight who you schedule PBs with instead of worrying about who places where in the top ten. 😉

      Lol what a meme.

      • I actually care less what another army gets on the top ten, as long as it doesn’t involve the Rebel Penguin Federation. On the other hand, I will not order the great soldiers of RPF to head to a room filled with bots just so I can battle one of two armies; so I simply chose to battle the nachos, who were indeed bigger than the Night Warriors, so if anything, RPF took on the bigger challenge.
        On the other hand, the CPAC top ten clearly does not reflect the real top ten armies of the week, and I assure you that the Nachos completely beat you guys in stability and activity, however fell short to the great RPF.

        While I typed all this, I wondered to myself: “why did I even bother responding to someone whose been in 5-6 armies these past few months.

        • So you say we are at fault for not having events because of bots, but then you don’t stand to your word because bots were with us??? Contradictory……

          And we had around 20-25 troops, while Nachos only managed to max around 19, and you had around 30 or so, so either army would’ve been around the same.

          Idk why you keep responding either, maybe because you do care about the top ten as much as you like to shout to the world that you don’t.

          cmon man learn to just chill, top tens not everything

        • You know when you have a top ten obsession when you get first and still have something to bitch about XD




  4. When your army sucks so bad that there’s only 11 armies in existence and you still can’t make the Top 10

  5. This is TERRIBLE faker than CNN and Buzzfeed. You guys should be ashamed of how fake you are. This top 10 is shit.

  6. Is this the top ten with the least comments?

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